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GREEK COINS etc., listed alphabetically

1 AINOS Diobol, 5th cent BC, Hermes hd r/Goat stg r, vine tendril at rt, as S1567 (£175);

AVF/F, sl crude, obv sl off-ctr but head complete. (Same variety, GVF with granular surfaces

brought $2,040, CNG eAuc 5/21.) Starting Bid $60

2 AMISOS, Æ20, c. 100 BC, Dionysos head r/Cista mystica, S3640; AEF/AVF, smooth dark patina

with dramatic earthen hilighting, head nicely detailed and of fine style. Very attractive.

(A VF+ realized $91 on $120 bid in my 3/07 sale.) Starting Bid $45

3 APAMEIA, Æ16, c.88-40 BC, Artemis-Tyche hd r/Marsyas stg r, playing Aulos, magistrate

AXAI...; S5122; VF+/VF, dark greenish-brown patina, rev sl crude, obv head quite sharp & bold.

This magistrate seems quite rare. (Same type (diff magistrate) VF, brought $360, CNG 6/21.)

Starting Bid $40

4 ARMENIA, Tigranes II, 96-56 BC, Æ21, Bust in high tiara r/Tyche std r; S7208; F-VF, well

centered, glossy dark green patina with sl roughness, earthen hilighting, clear portrait.

(A VF sold for $875, Kunker 9/17.) Starting Bid $30

5 ARMENIA, Tigranes VI, 60-62 AD, Æ14, Bust r in high tiara/Club & bipennis; VF, tiny bit

off-ctr, smooth dark brown patina with sl hilighting; portrait bold. Good quality for this.

(Nicer than a VF with encrustation bringing $1,319 Leu 2/19.) Starting Bid $100

6 ASPENDOS, Stater, 370-333 BC, 2 Wrestlers, M-Lambda betw/Slinger rt, triskeles in field,

S5396; VF-EF, sl off-ctr but devices complete, good strike for this, trace of overstrike on rev,

excellent metal with rich old toning. Apparently unrecorded & very rare with these obv letters,

which I didn't know when I bought this. Such is the fun of ancient coins.

(Same variety, NEF, brought $690, Heritage 4/14.) Start Bid $220

7 ATHENS, Tet, c. 455 BC, Transitional Style, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2521; Starr

Group V (distinguished by owl head tilted rt); Choice EF, nrly centered & quite well struck,

with several edge splits due to the strength of the hammer blow; Athena's hair waves sharp;

excellent metal quality. (A GVF brought $9750, Kunker 10/12; EF $21,000, Rauch 4/13; GVF.)

Starting Bid $1250

8 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/Owl stg r, S2526, Superb EF+, virtually mint

state, perfectly centered & beautifully struck with Athena's hair waves totally sharp.

Particularly attractive style; excellent metal with lt tone. (At least equaling the one in my 12/21

sale bringing $3601; An EF realized $9200, Triton 1/12; GEF $17,000 NAC 10/08.)

Starting Bid $1200

9 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2526; Choice EF, virtually as made,

obv centered somewhat left, very deeply struck in high relief; excellent bright metal. Again the

hair waves exceptionally sharp. Minor die rust around profile. Another great example.

(Compare a GVF bringing $4600, CNG 9/12.) Start Bid $950

10 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2526; EF, well centered on sl unround

flan, couple edge splits, good metal; boldly struck with again fully sharp hair waves; a few tiny

die flaws on obv. Starting Bid $700

11 ATHENS, Drachm, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/Owl, S2527; Strong F+, perfectly centered

& struck, quite unusual for this; good metal. Choice for the grade.

(A GF/F brought $489, F&S 6/09.) Starting Bid $130

12 BAKTRIA, Agathokles, c.171-160 BC, Copper-Nickel 22 mm, Dionysos head r/Panther,

S7557 (£250); F-VF/VG, surfaces partly smoothed but still notably porous; obv not bad with

good detailed head, rev features misty; distinct bright silvery pale beige color. Rare; the world's

first nickel coinage! (A F brought $805, Gemini 1/11.) Start Bid $50

13 BAKTRIA, Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Tet, Helmeted bust r/Dioscuri on horses, monogram at

lower rt, Bop.6E; Choice EF, well centered & struck, superb portrait; obv has a bright minty look;

rev a touch of smoothing on outer field. (A Near EF sold for $4500, CNG 10/15.)

Starting bid $1000

14 BAKTRIA Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Obol, Helmeted hd r/caps of the Dioscuri, S7578;

EF, centered, deeply toned, well struck, detailed portrait in high relief.

(A Ch. EF brought $500 in my 9/22 sale; VF $885, Gorny 3/11.) Starting bid $140

15 BAKTRIA Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Obol, Diademed hd r/caps of the Dioscuri, scarcer

monogram K below, Bop 3C; AEF/VF, a little off-ctr, bright, with very sl roughness, portrait

well detailed. (Same variety, VF, brought $292, CNG eAuc 8/08) Starting bid $60

16 BAKTRIA, Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Drachm, Helmeted head r/Dioscuri on horseback,

N at rt, S7573, Bop 7E; Ex Roma as GVF, it is VF, rev closer to EF tho tight flan with lgnd partly

off at top & obv sl mushy strike. Eukratides drachms consistently sell for surprisingly strong

prices in relation to the Tets. (A GVF of the type brought $3585, NAC 5/18.) Start Bid $160

17 BAKTRIA, Heliokles, c.145-130 BC, Drachm, Helmeted Bust r/Zeus std l, F+/AF, well

centered, good metal, bold & decent for grade. Ex Pars Coins as Choice VF. Rare.

(A GVF realized $4310, Roma 8/19). Starting bid $60

18 BAKTRIA, Menander, 160-145 BC, Tet, Helmeted bust r/Athena stg l, Pushkalavati mintmk

rt, Sigma left, S7597; EF, well centered & struck, on oval flan, ltly toned, scratchlike flan flaw at

rev lower left, few other insignificant surface perturbations; well detailed.

(Same variety, NEF, brought $2375, Leu 5/21.) Starting Bid $550

19 BAKTRIA, Apollodotos II, c.110-80 BC, Drachm, Diademed head r/Athena stg l, S7672, Bop2A;

Ch. EF/VF+, nrly centered, some lgnd crowding, sharp high-relief portrait, good metal with lt

tone. Unusual quality for a coin mostly seen well worn.

(A Ch. VF brought $185 on $230 bid in my last sale; AEF $485, Kunker 3/18.) Starting Bid $125

20 BAKTRIA, Hermaios, 40-1BC, Drachm, bust r/Zeus std l, monogram at left, Bop 3G; AEF, rev sl

off-ctr, a little crude, but portrait of reasonably good style with strong detail; silver color with

lt tone. (A VF realized $160, Emp. Hamburg 5/14.) Starting Bid $45

21 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes VI, 130-116 BC, Drachm, Bust r/Athena stg l, T-Lambda, Yr 2;

VF, nrly centered, some crudeness, especially rev, good metal & portrait.

(A VF brought $279, Emp. Hamburg 11/12.) Starting bid $60

22 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes IX, 101-87 BC, Drachm, Bust r/ Athena stg l, Lambda over N

monogram, Year 13, S7297; EF/VF, centered on large flan, good metal with lt tone, excellent

sharp portrait. (An EF/GVF realized $475, Kunker 9/09.) Starting bid $160

23 CAPPADOCIA, Ariobarzanes I, Drachm, bust r/Athena stg l; Year 31; AVF/F, obv centered left

but head complete, good metal. Older portrait. (A F+ brought $106 in my 3/13 sale.)

Starting Bid $28

24 CARTHAGE, Æ15, 3rd cent BC, Tanit head l./Horse stg r, palm tree behind; AEF/VF, well

centered, dark brown patina, faintly grainy obv, strong detail on head. Was in my collection since

1988. (A Ch. VF+/VF brought $311 on $340 bid in my 2/21 sale; GVF $719, CNG 5/08.)

Starting Bid $90

25 CARTHAGE, Æ22 (Shekel), Tanit hd l./horse stg r, head back, Punic "S" in front; AVF/F, sl

unround flan, obv centered, rev somewhat off-ctr, dark brown patina with some earthen hilighting.

(A VF, "wild style" realized $180, Davisson 4/16.) Starting Bid $25

26 COMMAGENE, Æ28, Antiochos IV, 38-72 AD, His head r/Scorpion in wreath, F/VF, centered,

tan patina with some darker accentuating tone, obv lgnd wk with lt roughness in field but

portrait strong, rev quite bold & pleasing. Scarce (A VF sold for $1,127, Gorny 4/21.)

Starting Bid $25

27 EGYPT, PHARAOH NEKTANEBO II, 361-343 BC, Æ16, Leaping ram/scales; VF, dark

greenish patina, glossy on obv, rev is minimally rough & a touch off-ctr. The only non-gold

coin attributed to Pharaonic Egypt — tho a more prosaic Syrian attribution may be likelier.

Take your pick. (A VF sold for $5423, Gorny 3/07; F-VF $371 in my last sale.) Start bid $125

28 EGYPT, Ptolemy II, 285-246 BC, Tet, Ptolemy I head r/ Eagle l, betw monograms; identified

on flip as "BMC 1871, 0702.47 var online Jaffa mint" but I could not verify that or indeed find a

single other example anywhere on the web (or in Svoronos); Choice VF, good metal, obv well

centered & struck with excellent detailed portrait, rev lgnd partly off at left. VERY RARE!

Starting bid $350

29 EGYPT, Ptolemy V, 205-180 BC, Æ22, Ptolemy I hd rt/ Libya bust rt, cornucopiae in front,

Sv.871; VF/F-VF, nrly centered, greenish brown patina, minor surface imperfections, centration

dimple on rev cheek; much detail.

(A VF with similar centration mark brought $311, CNG 9/07.) Starting Bid $50

30 EGYPT, Cleopatra VII, 51-30 BC, Æ12, of Paphos, her head r/Double cornucopiae, F+,

dark greenish patina with sl hilighting, obv off-ctr, portrait reasonably clear; tiny rev lgnd typically

wk. Ex Roma as NVF. (A F-VF/AF brought $561 in my 12/20 sale.) Starting Bid $60

31 ELAIA, Hemiobol (.39 g), 450-400 BC, Athena hd l,./ empty wreath; sim. S4197 (£90); VF,

well centered & struck, lt tone, quite strong features. Really good for this

(A VF sold for $160, Gorny 10/10.) Starting Bid $45

32 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires V, 54-36 BC, Ar Tet, Bearded bust l., star above anchor/lgnd &

bearded bust l, Alr. 464; Choice EF, well centered & struck, particularly the rev, with virtually full

clear lgnd & detailed bust of good style — most unusual for these. Good bright silver too.

A coin to kill for. (An EF brought $2,280, CNG 5/19.) Starting Bid $850

33 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires V, 54-36 BC, Ar Drachm, Bust l./Bearded bust, lgnd around,

GIC-5885 (£150); Nice VF, well centered & struck, rev with clear portrait & lgnd, good silver.

Scarcer than the Tets. (A VF brought $399, Peus 10/07.) Starting Bid $70

34 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires VI, c.100 AD, Tet., Bust l., star & crescent & anchor/Male bust l, in

lgnd, GIC-5888; VF+/F-VF, medium brown patina,. obv well centered, quite bold & choice;

rev typic4499, Peus 4/06.) Starting bid $75

35 ELYMAIS, Orodes I, Æ Drachm, GIC-5892, bust l., anchor/ Artemis bust r, VF+/VF, rev sl

off-ctr, hilighted green patina with strong contrast, bold portrait.

(A Nice VF brought $67 on $100 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Starting bid $15

36 ELYMAIS, Orodes II, Æ Drachm, GIC-5905, Facg bust/ Dashes, AEF, well centered &

struck, medium brown patina, exceptional quality for this.

(A VF+ (I grade AVF) brought $130, Pegasi 11/09.) Starting Bid $30

37 ELYMAIS, Orodes III, Æ Drachm, GIC-5910, Facg bust/ dashes, EF, well struck, brown

patina, exceptionally detailed portrait. (An AEF brought $170, Gorny 5/00.) Starting Bid $35

38 HERAKLEIA, Didrachm, 281-268 BC, Athena head l./ Naked Herakles stg r with club, crowned

by Nike flying above, PHILO, HN Italy 1429; AEF, obv sl off-ctr but head complete, rev well

centered with complete figure; possibly slight smoothing with hint of underlying porosity but

nice blue-grey toning. Rare. Ex Econompoulos $1550.

(Same variety, VF with sl roughness brought $749, VAuctions 8/08.) Start Bid $500

39 HIMERA, Æ17, 420-408 BC, Hemilitron, Nymph head l, 6 pellets/6 pellets in wreath,

S1110; Choice VF-EF, obv well centered & struck on broad flan, rev sl off-ctr, glossy deep olive

patina. (A GVF sold for $374, CNG 5/08.) Start Bid $80

40 HIMYARITES, (Arabia), Tha'ran Ya'ub, 2nd cent AD, Ar Quinarius, Male hd r, monogram behind/

Head r, lgnd around, GIC-5721; Choice Mint State, well struck with no wkness, both heads

well detailed, good bright metal. (An EF realized $235, Peus 6/20.) Starting Bid $130

41 INDO-GREEK, YUEZHI (Central Asia), Arseiles, 1st cent BC, Ar Hemidrachm, Bust r/Lion stg r,

cresc & Lambda bove, NANAIA left & rt, Alram 1259; F-VF, sl misty surfaces, sl crude, rev partly

wk, much of obv lgnd visible, portrait clrear. (A VF brought $885, CNG 2/17.) Starting Bid $20

42 ISTROS, Stater, 2 Facg heads, right inverted/eagle on dolphin, COPY, struck in silver, EF, lt

tone, looks like Slavei's excellent workmanship. Starting Bid $20

43 KAMARINA, Æ12 (Onkia), 420-405 BC, Facing Gorgon head/Owl stg r hldg lizard, 1 pellet,

S1064; Ex-Roma as VF, I suppose it is, sl off-ctr on elongated flan with casting sprue, dark

brown patina, rev crude, strong facial detail. (A VF brought $300, CGF 6/07.) Starting Bid $30

44 KRANNON, Æ17, 400-344 BC, Horseman r/Hydria on 2-wheel cart, S2073; VF, rev sl

off-ctr, darkish brown patina, decent coin.

(An EF but ""weak strike" [looks VF to me] brought $1220, Kunker 10/22.) Starting Bid $35

45 KUSHANO-SASANIANS, Vahram I, 330-365 AD, GOLD Dinar of Boxlo (Balkh), struck

under Kidarite King Kidara, 35 mm, 7.60 grams (around .22 oz AGW) King stg/Siva stg with bull,

ANS 2424; EF, virtually as struck, cupped fabric with sl bend at top edge & edge crack, rev

crudely struck & garbled looking. (An EF, "typical double strike on rev" [looks just like mine]

brought $2040, Triton 1/21.) Starting Bid $500

46 KYZIKOS, Hemiobol, c.500 BC, Head of tunny r, pellet above/4-part incuse, EF, centered,

well struck, good definition with fish's eye bold, decent metal. Excellent for this.

(Same but head left, Near EF brought $278 + buyer fee, Savoca 9/18.) Starting Bid $50

47 LARANDA, Obol, c. 324 BC, Baaltars std l./wolf forepart r, crescent above; VF, nrly centered,

trace of graininess but quite decent; wolf shows much fur detail!

(A GVF brought $437, CNG 5/13.) Starting Bid $35

48 LARISSA, Æ18, Hd of Nymph Larissa r/Horse rt, head down; VF, glossy dark brown patina,

obv perfectly centered, rev sl off-ctr crowding horse head; with the obligatory BCD tag.

(A GVF brought $617, CNG 5/14.) Starting Bid $35

49 LEONTINI, Litra, c.470-465 BC, Facg lion head/ barley grain, S828 (Obol, £120), Choice VF,

obv well centered & struck, rev a little off-ctr, good metal with lt tone. Ex Naville auction as AEF.

(A VF [looks grainy] sold for $275, Berk 2/21.)

Starting Bid for my wonderful customers a mere $70

50 LESBOS, 1/12 Stater or Diobol, 1.15 gram, c.500-450 BC, 2 boar hds face-to-face,

LEC above/incuse square, F-VF, centered, ltly toned, clear. A nice little Lesbian coin.

(An F-VF brought $216 in my 12/91 sale.) Starting Bid $40

51 MACEDON, Philip II, 359-336 BC, 1/5 Tetradrachm, Apollo head r/Horseman r, club

below, EF/AEF, well centered & struck, decent metal, good detail.

(Same variety, VF, brought $587, Naumann 1/22.) Starting Bid $170

52 MACEDON, Alex the Great, 336-323 BC, Posthumous Tet, of Aspendos, Herakles head r/

Zeus std l, Pr.2896, Seleukid Anchor c/mk in oval on Alex's helmet; F-VF/F, centered on broad

flan, almost invisible rev scrs & area of flattening from c/mk; darkly toned.

(Same var., with c/mk on rev, VF, brought $510, CNG eAuc 9/20.) Start Bid $125

53 MACEDON, Alex the Great, Drachm, Lampsakos, Pegasos forepart at rev left, HP

monogram, Pr.1391; Nice VF-EF, well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone.

(Same variety, GVF brought $348, Roma 8/20.) Starting Bid $100

54 MACEDON, Alex the Great, Obol, of Ake, Herakles head r/ Zeus std l, at rev left Phoenician

letter above date, Pr.3253; F-VF, obv off-ctr to top, rev only sl off-ctr, sl crudeness, decent metal

with lt tone. Rare! (Same variety, VF, realized $1,920 (yes), CNG 9/21.) Starting Bid $75

55 MACEDON, Autonomous, 187-168 BC, Tetrobol, MAKE around club in center of shield/

Helmet betw N & Delta-I, below monogram & thunderbolt (unpublished variety); EF, nrly

centered, well struck, good metal with lt tone. (Same variety, AEF brought $288, Agora 9/14.)

Starting bid $135

56 MACEDON, Autonomous, 187-168 BC, Tetrobol, Macedonian shield with swirling

crescent center/Star above prow; S1383; EF, nrly centered, minor chipping at one edge,

otherwise good metal with lt tone. (An EF brought $577, Nomos 10/18.) Starting Bid $100

57 MASIKYTES, Hemidrachm, Apollo head left/Lyre, palm frond & star, in incuse square; EF/VF,

rev somewhat softly struck, well centered, good bright silver. Ex Roma as EF. Rare with head

left. (Same variety, VF, somewhat rough & with lt scrs, brought $410, Leu 12/21.)

Starting Bid $100

58 MESEMBRIA, Æ18, c.245-215 BC, Crested Thracian helmet/Lgnd around shield,

SNG Cop 658); AEF/VF, centered, well struck, dark brownish patina with touches of green,

Sharp helmet detail. Distinctive, rare, and choice! (A VF-EF/EF brought $602, Hirsch 2/15.)

Starting Bid $165

59 METAPONTUM, Æ14, c. 300-250 BC, Athena adv l./Owl stg r, on barley ear; AEF, obv nrly

centered with figure virtually complete, rev sl off-ctr with owl's head off; light olive brown.

Ex Roma as EF. (Same variety, VF with some roughness & rev off-ctr brought $108,

CNG eAuc 5/22.) Starting Bid $40

60 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th cent BC, Lion forepart, head left/ star pattern in square,

S3532 (£65); EF, well centered & struck on odd-shaped flan, strong detail; good metal with deep

tone. Earliest coin in a modest price range. This piece actually has just lion head, not forepart,

style a bit unusual, possibly barbarous?? (An AEF brought $301 on $340 bid in my 1/19 sale.)

Starting Bid $120

61 MILETOS, Same as previous; F, not badly centered, lion head clear, decent metal, rev partly

weak. Starting Bid $15

62 MYRINA, Æ13, c.4th cent BC, Athena head r/Amphora, MY-PI; VF, well centered,

aqua-green patina, nice strong features. Starting Bid $25

63 NABATAEA, Aretas IV & Queen Shaqilath, 9 BC - 40 AD, Æ18;, Conjoined heads r/

crossed cornucopiae & lgnds, GIC-5699; AVF/F+, centered, dark greenish-brown patina,

minor roughness, portraits strong. (A VF brought $145 on $200 bid in my 9/09 sale.)

Starting Bid $20

64 NABATAEA, Rabbel & Queen Gamilath, 71-106 AD, Æ15, Conjoined heads r/crossed

cornucopiae & lgnds, GIC5706; F-VF, smallish flan, dark patina with some earthen hilighting,

both portraits clear. Scarce. (A F realized $54 in my last sale.) Starting Bid $15

65 NEAPOLIS (Macedon), Hemidrachm, 424-350 BC, Facing Gorgoneion/nymph head r, lgnd

around, S1417; EF centered, well struck, fine style, with excellent detail. Good metal with lt

tone. Lovely quality. (A GVF brought $879, Kunker 3/11.) Starting Bid $200

66 PARTHIA, Phriapatios (or Mithradates I), 185-170 BC, Drachm, Sellw. 10.1, bust l.,

in bashliq/Archer std r; Choice AEF/VF+, nrly centered on large flan, decent metal with only very

sl surface quibbles, darkish tone in fields, portrait unusually well struck in good style. Rare this nice.

(A GVF sold for $863, Triton 1/13.) Starting Bid $250

67 PARTHIA, Same as last, F-VF/AVF, nrly centered, good metal, obv sl crude, rev bold.

(An F-VF/VF realized $270, Munz Zentrum 1/08.) Starting Bid $65

68 PARTHIA, Mithradates I, Drachm, Bust l., reel-&-pellet border/Archer std r, Sellw. 11.1;

Choice EF, perfectly centered on large flan, well struck, good metal, moderate tone. Exceptional

for this. (A GVF with sl porosity brought $823, CNG 5/13.) Starting Bid $250

69 PARTHIA, Mithradates II, 123-88 BC, Drachm, Bust l./ Archer std r, Sellw.24.9, Choice EF,

nrly centered, well struck, good metal with lt tone. So nice it will get your pecker up.

(A VF sold for $554, Kunker 4/22.) Starting Bid $150

70 PARTHIA, Mithradates II, Æ16, bust l., monogram behind (indistinct)/bowcase &

lgnd, Sellw.27.12; F-VF, darkish brown patina, somewhat thick, features clear. Ex Pars Coins as

Choice AEF. (A Near VF brought $84, CNG 11/22.) Starting Bid $25

71 PARTHIA, Mithradates II, Drachm, Sellw.28.1, Choice Mint State, perfectly centered &

sharply struck with superb portrait detail; good bright silver. It's a lot of work for me to make coins this

good. (An EF brought $867, Gorny 10/21.) Starting Bid $150

72 PARTHIA, Sinatrukes I, 93-69 BC, Drachm, Sellw 33.3 (Gotarzes I), Mint State, obv only sl

off-ctr, rev centered; well struck with superbly detailed portrait; bright metal, a hint of smoothing.

(An EF brought $460, Triton 1/10.) Start Bid $160

73 PARTHIA, Sinatrukes I, Æ18 (Tetrachalkon), Bust l, in tiara with stags/Pegasos within

lgnd, Sellw.33.9-11; VF, centered, dark greenish patina, sl roughness, sharp portrait detail,

most of lgnd clear, quite good for Parthian bronze. (A VF realized $448, CNG eAuc. 2/17.)

Starting Bid $50

74 PARTHIA, Mithradates III, Æ17 (Tetrachalkon) Bust l./Pegasos r, as Sellw 41.18-19 but

M below Pegasos; VF/F, medium brown, obv well centered with quite strong portrait detail;

rev sl off-ctr with a large maroon patina blob. (Better portrait than on a VF (no M) with "

patina stripped" bringing $158, Leu 5/21.) Starting Bid $35

75 PARTHIA, Orodes II, Drachm, Rev Archer std r, Sell.47.9; Choice EF, only sl off-ctr, quite

sharply struck with great portrait detail; minor rev crudeness; good bright silver.

(An EF brought $318, Lanz 12/17.) Starting Bid $100

76 PARTHIA, Orodes II, Obol, Bust l./Archer rt, as Sellw 48.15 but clear Mithradatkart

mintmk, unlisted; EF/VF, moderately off-ctr, portrait complete & very sharp, minor hint of

roughness, deeply toned. RARE! (Same mint, GVF [looks sl rough] brought $552, Triton 1/04.)

Starting Bid $200

77 PARTHIA, Phraates IV, Drachm, Sellw 52.10, AEF/VF, nrly centered on sl small flan,

good metal with lt tone, sharp portrait detail. (Some maniac paid $585 for a GVF, NY Sale

1/15; another GVF $276, Triton 1/10.) Starting Bid $60

78 PARTHIA, Phraates IV, Drachm, Sellw. 54.9, EF, only sl off-ctr, well struck, good bright silver,

very nice for this normally crude base issue. (An EF realized $407, Peus 4/21.) Starting Bid $85

79 PARTHIA, Phraatakes, 2 BC - 4 AD, Drachm, Sellw.56.7, VF+/VF, somewhat off-ctr, decent

metal with lt tone. Scarce. (A VF sold for $204, Rauch 9/08.) Starting Bid $50

80 PARTHIA, Phraatakes, Tet., Sellw 57.5, bust betw Nikes/ King std r, hldg bow; AEF/VF+,

nrly centered on smallish unround flan, Nikes crowded, rev edge irregularity; but good metal &

sharp bust detail. Rare type. (Same var., GVF with minor scrs brought $1309, CNG 5/17.)

Starting Bid $150

81 PARTHIA, Artabanus II (or now IV), Drachm, Sellw.63.6, EF, somewhat off-ctr as usual on a

large flan, good bright silver, portrait fully sharp. (An EF brought $546, Triton 1/04.)

Starting Bid $60

82 PARTHIA, Artabanus II, Æ Drachm, as Sellw. 63.13, F/AVF, obv off-ctr to bottom as always,

fully bronze appearance, dark brown patina with orangy hilighting. Unusual. Start Bid $20

83 PARTHIA, Gortarzes II, Drachm, Sellw 65.33, Choice EF, only sl off-ctr, nice bright metal,

portrait very sharp with forehead wart visible (often it's not).

(A GVF brought a crazy $702, NY Sale 1/15; EF $260, Peus 11/06.) Starting Bid $65

84 PARTHIA, Vardanes II, Tet, Rev Tyche giving wreath to std King, Sellw Type 69, Year

unlisted; Choice VF, well centered, bold two-toned appearance, usual trace of graffiti in obv left

field. (Same variety, VF-F, realized $309, Bruun-Rasmussen 7/21.) Starting Bid $150

85 PARTHIA, Pakoros II, 78-105 AD, Drachm, Sellw.77.8, Bust in tiara with hooks, EF/VF+, only

sl off-ctr, well struck, excellent metal with medium tone. Very nice quality & quite scarce.

(A VF brought $290, Peus 11/05.) Starting Bid $110

86 PARTHIA, Vologases III (now he wants to be called Pakoros I), 105-147 AD, Drachm, Sel. 78.3,

EF, obv centered only sl low, good bright silver, portrait very sharp.

(An EF brought $320, Hess-Divo 10/08.) Starting Bid $55

87 PARTHIA, Vologases IV, Drachm, Sell.84.131, EF, nrly centered, obv well struck with

sharp portrait, rev typically somewhat crude; good metal with lt tone.

(An EF brought $184, Triton 1/10.) Starting Bid $55

88 PARTHIA, Osroes II, c. 190 AD, Drachm, Sel.85.1, Choice EF, nrly centered & well struck,

rev less crude than usual, portrait fully sharp; good bright silver with sl tone.

(An AEF brought $376, Kunker 10/20.) Starting Bid $60

89 PARTHIA, Vologases VI, Drachm, Sellw.88.19, EF, somewhat off-ctr as usual on sl ragged flan

with sm edge crack; good bright silver; portrait very sharp.

(An EF, rev double struck, brought $245, Kunker 3/08.) Starting Bid $60

90 PARTHIA, Artabanus IV, 216-24 AD (The last Parthian King), Drachm, Sellw.89.1,

Choice EF, virtually as struck, obv well centered & quite sharp; rev sl off-ctr, less crude than

most; good metal with lt toning. Exceptional quality for this rare coin. (A "somewhat porous" EF realized $1076, Leu 12/22.)

Starting Bid $400

91 PERGAMENE Kingdom, Philetairos (the Eunuch King), 282-263 BC, Æ12, Athena head r/

bow; Choice VF, smooth dark greenish-brown patina, good detail. (A GVF with few tiny flaws

brought $106, CNG eAuc 10/17.) Starting Bid $35

92 PERSIA, Siglos, c. 450-330 BC, King stg r with spear & bow, S4682 (£75); F, well centered

& clear, with some detail; round banker mk behind king.

(A F brought $66 on $83 bid in my last sale,) Starting Bid $30

93 PERSIS, Darios I, c. 140-80 BC, Obol, Head r in satrapal headgear, eagle atop/Fire altar,

S6200; VF+, well centered, minor crudeness, good metal with lt tone.

(A VF realized $200, Peus 4/06.) Starting Bid $45

94 PERSIS, Napad (a/k/a Kapat), 1st cent AD, Hemidrachm, Bust l., in Parthian tiara/Bust l.,

Alr.613; Choice EF/VF+, good metal, lt tone, well centered & struck, full lgnd, great obv portrait

detail. (A VF-EF sold for $248, Hirsch 9/13.) Start Bid $60

95 PHOKAIA, Diobol, c.521-478 BC, Archaic female head l./ incuse square; VF+, well centered,

only sl crowded at obv top, decent metal, nice detailed archaic head.

(A "somewhat granular" GVF brought $420, Leu 5/21.) Starting Bid $60

96 RHODES, Hemidrachm, c.170-150 BC, Radiate Helios head facg 3/4 r/ Rose in incuse

square, Magistrate Dexikrates; VF, nrly centered, well struck, good metal with lt tone.

(Same magistrate, VF, brought $204, Savoca 2/23.) Start bid $65

97 SELEUKIA PIERIA, Æ19x22, Time of Titus, Tyche head r/ Winged thunderbolt on throne;

VF, medium brown patina, insignificant graininess, a nice bold & scarce coin. Start bid $35

98 SELGE, Obol, 350-300 BC, Facing Gorgon head/Athena hd r, astragalos hehind; VF/F-VF,

obv minimally off-ctr but complete, rev well centered, insignificantly grainy, lt tone. Good strong

obv face of nice style for this. (A Ch. VF realized $324, Tauler & Fau 2/22.) Starting bid $35

99 SICULO-PUNIC, Tet, 405-380 BC, Female head r/dolphins around/Quadriga l, Nike above,

Punic lgnd below, S885; Nice AVF, centered on a tight, sl ragged flan, excellent metal with

medium tone; quite bold. (A GVF brought $3815, Roma 9/12.) Starting bid $1000

100 SMYRNA, Æ21, c. 105-95 BC, Apollo head r/Homer std l, magistrate Apollonios; VF, obv a

little off-ctr to SW, smooth medium brown patina, much detail & rev lgnd present.

(A VF brought $308, Solidus 9/21.) Starting Bid $60

101 SYRACUSE, Ar Obol, Hieron, c. 475-470 BC, Arethusa head r/4-spoke wheel; AVF/VF,

well centered, bright silver with only faint granularity, sm edge split.

(A VF realized $306, Roma 9/12.) Starting bid $60

102 SYRIA, Seleukos I, 312-280 BC, Hemidrachm, Zeus head r/Athena in biga of elephants,

Delta (weak) above, as S6840 (£175); F-VF, a touch off-ctr, mild surface roiughness, decently

strong features. Rare! (Same variety, VF, worn obv die, brought $472. CNG eAuc 9/18.)

Start Bid $60

103 SYRIA, Antiochos IV, 175-164 BC, Tet, His head r/Apollo std l, Lyre at left, monogram below;

sim S6976 (£350); VF+, well centered & struck, minor hint of smoothing under deep tone.

Fine style portrait, very nice & quite rare. (A VF brought $561, CNG 5/18.) Starting Bid $260

104 SYRIA, Antiochos IV, Æ15, Head of Laodike IV/elephant head l., prow; F+, nrly centered,

smooth near-black patina with some orangy cover. (A GF brought $78, CNG eAuc 12/13.)

Starting Bid $12

105 SYRIA, Alexander I, 152-145 BC, Drachm, His head r/ Apollo std l, 2 monograms below,

SC1785; VF-EF, obv just sl off-ctr, rev centered, good metal with contrasty tone, portrait quite

bold. Very rare with these monograms.

(Diff monograms, GVF, worn obv die, brought $330, CNG 7/18.) Start Bid $90

106 SYRIA, Tryphon, 142-138 BC, Æ19, His head r/Spiked helmet, S7089; F-VF, obv sl off-ctr,

dark patina with orangy hilighting, minor roughness, decent portrait, most of lgnd clear.

(A VF sold for $291, CNG eAuc 4/09.) Starting Bid $25

107 SYRIA, Antiochos VI, Æ22 serrate, Radiate hd r/Elephant l, S7081; VF/AVF, centered,

smooth dark patina with contrasting orange cover in recesses.

(A VF realized $468, Gorny 10/14.) Starting Bid $60

108 SYRIA, Antiochos VII, 138-129 BC, Tet, His head r/ Athena stg l, wreath around;

VF/F+, well centered & struck, good metal, pleasantly toned with bold appearance.

(A VF of the type brought $995, Kunker 3/14.) Starting Bid $130

109 SYRIA, Antiochos VIII, 121-96 BC, Tet, His head r/Zeus stg l, date below H9P = 115/14

BC, Damascus; Choice EF, well centered & struck, quite sharp detail on portrait & rev, nice

medium tone. Rare date!!

(EFs of the type sold for $2100, Kunker 10/12, and $2037, Rauch 9/14.) Starting Bid $450

110 SYRIA, Aulus Gabinius, Proconsul, 57-55 BC, in name of Philip Philadelphus, Tet., Philip's

head r/Zeus std l hldg Victory, Gabinius monogram at left; EF, centered, well struck, a bit of

roughness around Phil's face, ltly toned. (A VF+ brought $585, CGB 2/13.) Starting Bid $165

111 THASOS, Stater, 463-411 BC, Naked ithyphallic Satyr & struggling nymph/4-part square,

S1746; Choice VF, well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone, sm edge split; a very bold coin

of vigorous archaic style. Note that the Satyr is not getting the nymph's consent.

(A VF brought $755 on $850 bid in my last sale; VF $4500, Peus 10/07.) Start Bid $300

112 THESSALIAN League, Æ20, 1st cent BC, Athena head r/Athena stg l, magistrates

Philokratos, Italou & Petraios; F+, well centered, medium brown patina, a little rough & grainy.

Rare! (This exact variety, GVF, realized $1248, Nomos 5/11.) Starting Bid $30

113 THYATIRA, Pseudo-Autonomous, Æ15, c.2nd-3rd cent AD, Herakles head r/lion rt; F-VF,

dark greenish patina, sl roughness. Rare. (A VF brought $90, CNG 5/14.) Start Bid $20

114 TYRE, Æ16, 2nd cent BC, Tyche head r/Palm tree, lgnd around, date ZM-C; VF, well centered,

lt brown patina, minimal graininess. I couldn't find a high realization to quote, you can fill that

void by bidding. Starting Bid $20