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GREEK COINS etc., listed alphabetically

1 AKANTHOS, Tetrobol, 470-390 BC, Forepart of bull kneeling, above PE, sim S1369; VF, well centered & struck, clear eye on bull, good bright metal. Nice. (A GVF, same variety, brought $368, Freeman &Sear 11/04.) Minimum Bid $100

2 AMASTRIS, Æ20, 85-65 BC, Æ23, Gorgon face in Aegis/Nike adv r, S3675; VF/F-VF, nrly centered, smooth tan, rev somewhat crude, trace of adjustment marks, but Gorgon face boldly clear, making this better than the usual piece of crap. (A Near VF “with some roughness” bringing $67 in CNG eAuc 2/10 might fall in the latter category. Mine much nicer.) Mininum Bid $25

3 AMISOS, Reduced Drachm or Siglos (3.90 gm), 4th cent BC, Tyche hd r./Owl facg, "AT" monogram at lower left; See S3634, but this later reduced issue not listed & actually quite rare. VF, centered, minimally grainy with lt tone, but bold & decent for this. (A similar VF-EF in my 11/13 sale brought $301.) Min. Bid $100

4 Æ21, c.100 BC, Dionysos hd r/Cista mystica & monogram, S3640; EF, well centered, smooth brown patina, excellent detail on head; very nice quality bronze. (An EF brought $413, Tradart 12/85; VF $193, NFA 3/93.) Minimum Bid $110

5 AMPHIPOLIS, Tet., 158-150 BC, Artemis bust r within Macedonian shield/club in oak wreath, 3 monograms, S1386, SNG Cop 1314; VF-EF, well centered & boldly struck, very sl scallopy edge to flan; excellent metal with lt tone; pleasing style. (GVFs brought $920, CNG 9/11 and $942, Kunker 3/10.) Minimum Bid $275

6 APAMEIA, Æ15, 133-48 BC, Artemis bust r/Marsyas stg on maeander pattern, S5122; VF, a touch off ctr, types complete

(no lgnd at rev left), smooth 2-toned green patina, pleasant.

(A VF brought $184, CNG eAuction 3/09.) Minimum Bid $25

7 APOLLONIA Pontica, Drachm, 450-400 BC; Anchor with crayfish & A/Facg Gorgon head surrounded by snaky ringlets; S1655; EF, rev centered low but head complete & well struck;

obv well centered; nice bright silver. (A VF sold for $488, CGB 4/10; and if you think that was high, a GVF realized $920, CNG 5/11.) Minimum Bid $75

8 ARABIA, QATABAN, Yad'ab Dhubyan Yuharib, 155-135 BC, Ar Hemidrachm, Bare head r/Bearded hd r, symbols; VF/AEF,

obv well centered, rev centered high crowding top of head; ex-cellent metal. Rare and nice. Better than photo. (An EF, not much better with same rev centering brought $705, CNG 5/13.) Minimum Bid $110

9 ARGOS, Triobol, 120-80 BC, Wolf forepart l./Large A, club below, Phi-A, in incuse square, as S2794; VF, nrly centered on a large ragged flan, good metal with medium tone, nice clear wolf.

(A GVF, this exact variety, brought $431, CNG 9/09.) MB $100

10 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena hd r/owl, S2526, AEF/EF, perfectly centered on a large flan, head complete with part of crest visible; good detail, with a particularly sharp owl. Good

metal quality with lt tone. The classic owl; rather more expensive than they were not so long ago. (Compare a GVF bringing $4600, CNG 9/12; AEF $7050, CNG 5/14.) Minimum Bid $950

11 BAKTRIA, Euthydemos I, 230-190 BC, Tet., Youngish head r/Herakles std l on rock, PK monogram, S7515 (£500); AEF/VF, well centered, lt porosity which has been carefully smoothed mainly on rev, only traces visible on obv; lt pinkish-grey tone; obv particularly bold with a terrific portrait. (A VF brought $3425, Peus 11/09.) Minimum Bid $475

12 Agathokles, 171-160 BC, Tet., His bust r/Zeus stg, S7552 (£2000); VF, sl unround flan at top, obv has some lt roughness & smoothing with uneven dark patination, fairly ugly; rev bold & nice with only a trace of porosity. (Comparable to an overall rough VF bringing $747, M&M 5/11.) Minimum Bid $275

13 Euthydemos II, Nickel Dichalkon (23 mm), Apollo hd r/tripod, S7540 (£350); F+/F, centered, clear features & lgnd, lt porosity, good fully nickel color; the world's first nickel coinage. (A VF with "typical rough surfaces" brought $1035, CNG 5/14.) Min Bid $85


14 Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Obol, Helmeted bust r/Caps of the Dioscuri, "W" monogram; S7578; AEF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, excellent metal, very nice for this. (A VF brought $885, Gorny 3/11; VF+ $259, CGB 4/12.) Minimum Bid $110

15 Antimachos, Drachm, Nike adv l./Ruler on horse r, S7546; Choice EF, perfectly centered & sharply struck, full clear legends & exceptionally crisp detail; good metal with lt tone; ass-kicking quality. (A GVF sold for $345, CNG 5/08; EF $415, Peus 4/10.) Minimum Bid $150

16 Apollodotos I, Square Drachm, elephant/humped bull, S7591; Choice VF+, well centered & sharply struck with full crisp lgnds, much detail on critters; good metal with medium tone. (An F-VF brought $312 in my 1/11 auction; VF $385, Peus 4/10.)

Minimum Bid $120

17 Menander, 160-145 BC, Drachm, Helmeted bust r/ Athena stg l, S7601; VF-EF, nrly centered, lgnds complete with a little crowding, decent metal with tone in recesses; nice sharp portrait. (An AEF brought $161 on $300 bid in my 10/08 sale; VF+ $165, CGF 11/04.) Minimum Bid $50

18 Hermaios, Ar Tet., bust r/Zeus std l, S7736; VF, sl off-ctr on smallish flan, lgnds partly off, good silver color with medium grey tone in fields, minor crudeness, portrait shows strong detail. (A VF realized $414, CNG 6/05.) Minimum Bid $60

19 BRETTIAN LEAGUE, Ar Drachm, 282-203 BC, Nike hd r/, prow behind/Dionysos (or River God) stg, monogram at rt, as

S-514; VF-EF, a little off-ctr, good metal with medium tone, teensy die break on obv, minor flatness on Dionysos's head. (A GVF brought $1035, CNG 1/13.) Minimum Bid $285

20 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes V, 163-130 BC, Drachm, His hd r/Athena stg l, Yr. 33, S7286; VF+/EF, sl off-ctr but complete on large flan, decent metal with only wisp of porosity; lightly toned. Technically EF but hair somewhat softly struck, hence my super conservative grading. (A VF brought $236, Rauch 9/09; VF-EF $269, Gorny 10/12.) Minimum Bid $75

21 Ariarathes IX, Drachm, Young head r/Athena stg l, S7297; AEF, obv centered to left but complete, rev well centered, minor crudeness, bright, excellent detailed portrait. (A GVF brought $368, CNG 9/06; VF $245, Varesi 4/07.) Minimum Bid $100

22 Ariobarzanes I, 96-63 BC, Drachm, His hd r/Athena stg, Year 31, S7302; VF/F-VF, nrly centered on sl unround flan, uncleaned smooth dark patina, nice strong portrait. (A F+ brought $106 in my 3/13 sale; VF $290, Lanz 11/06.) Minimum Bid $40

23 Archelaus, 36 BC - AD 17, Drachm, His bust r/Club, M=Year 40, S7307 (£125); AVF, centered on oval flan, full lgnd, moderately grainy surface, lt grey tone. Nice portrait of this rare final king of Cappadocia. (A F brought $172, CNG 9/02, the only one in CNG archive; VF $492, NAC 5/05.) Minimum Bid $100

24 CARIAN SATRAPS, Maussollos, 367-353 BC, Tet., Apollo hd 3/4 rt/Zeus Labraundos stg r, S4954 (£1500); AEF/VF, well centered, minor porosity traces on obv, rev has had porosity mostly smoothed out, with a little crudeness at top; name partly weak; good detail on Zeus; obv head very nice & in remarkably high relief with nose fully sharp, Medium grey tone. (A GVF brought $1725, Coin Galleries 12/09; VF rev scrape $1200, Astarte 12/02.) Minimum Bid $750

25 Hekatomnos, 395-377 BC, Trihemiobol, Lion head l., E above nose/4-part floral pattern. Not to be confused with similar Miletos coins, the rev is actually different. Not always found with the "E" on obv, but on this coin it's fully clear. VF/AEF, obv centered sl low, rev well centered; decent bright metal. Ex European auction as AEF. (A GVF brought $1,100, CNG 3/00.) Minimum Bid $75

26 CARTHAGE, Æ16, Tanit hd l./Horse stg r, palm behind, caduceus in front (rare variety!); F-VF, centered, olive-brown patina with sl hilighting, good hair detail on Tanit. (A VF (no caduceus) sold for $261, CGB 6/11.) Minimum Bid $25

27 Æ17,Tanit head l./horse running r; VF, obv nrly centered, rev centered somewhat high but complete; glossy dark green patina; nice strong Tanit head. (A VF brought $297, CGB 4/10; GVF $466, CNG 5/08.) Minimum Bid $35

28 CELTIC, BRITAIN, Durotriges, Ar Stater, 65 BC - 45 AD, Abstracted head /hoirse, VA 1235-1, Spink 366; Choice EF, obv well centered, rev a little off-ctr, good strike, excellent metal quality with luster hints & lt tone. Ex Isle of Wight hoard, Ex CNG as EF. (An EF brought $748, Triton 1/10; NEF $575, CNG 5/04.) Minimum Bid $160

29 CHALKIS, Drachm, 340-294 BC, Hera hd r/Eagle & snake r, S2483; Strong F+, well centered, decent metal, bold features. Said to be ex-Wallace collection & ex-BCD, and recovered from the ruins of Plato's Bar & Grill. (A F+/F brought $96 in my 6/92 sale; GF $170, Downie 6/03.) Minimum Bid $50

30 CHERRONESOS, Hemidrachm, 400-350 BC, Lion forepart/

4-part square, pentagram in one sunken quarter, in the other an E monogram with pellet; EF, well centered & struck with strong detail on lion; good silver with lt tone High quality for these. (Different symbols, NEF, brought $397, Noble 7/11; EF $675, Gorny 10/04.) Minimum Bid $110

31 Another, pellet in each sunken quarter; AEF, nrly centered with lion forepart virtually complete and detailed; good bright silver. (A Near EF with this same reverse brought $363, Noble 7/12; VF $206, Peus 11/12.) Minimum Bid $80

32 DELPHI, Amphictionic Stater, Demeter hd l./Apollo std l; COPY, struck in silver, a lovely piece in high relief with deep old tone, EF. Minimum Bid $25

33 EGYPT, Ptolemy I, as Satrap, 323-305 BC, Tet., Head of Alexander in elephant scalp r/Athena Alkidemos adv r, to right monogram, helmet & eagle, as S7750, SNG Cop 25; VF/VF+, well centered, good metal with lt tone, almost invisible graffiti at rev top; tiny edge crack. Rarer variety with this monogram. (Diff variety, GVF $2990, Coin Galleries 4/10; VF with lt marks & porosity, $2760, Triton 1/13.) Minimum Bid $750

34 Ptolemy II, Æ28, Laur Zeus hd r/Eagle stg l, shield at left, VF/F, well centered, brown patina, touch of crusting or roughness on rev, nice strong detail on Zeus head. (A VF brought $316, Peus 11/12.) Minimum Bid $45

35 -- Æ24, Zeus Ammon hd r/Eagle stg l, club; Nice VF, centered, medium brown, practically no porosity, much good detail. (A VF of this type (but Æ20) brought $246, CNG eAuction 1/14.) Minimum Bid $60

36 Ptolemy IV, Æ35, Zeus Ammon hd r/Eagle stg l., Delta-I betw legs; Choice VF/AVF, well centered & struck, glossy smooth medium brown surfaces, unusual for this. (An AVF sold for $250, Berk 9/11.) Minimum Bid $120

Please bid early, it helps to combat global inequality.

37 Ptolemy IV, Æ41, Zeus Ammon hd r/Eagle l, looking back at cornucopiae, Lambda betw legs; AVF/VF, well centered, medium brown, generally smooth surfaces with only a hint of roughness mainly on rev. Pleasant large coin, accompanied by very old tag. Actually quite a scarcer issue. (A VF with minor porosity ("very rare") brought $276, CNG 9/07.) Minimum Bid $120

38 Ptolemy V, Æ20, Head of Cleopatra I as Isis r/Eagle stg l,

with open wing; VF/F-VF, nrly centered on a sl ragged flan, brown patina, sl roughness, strong detail on head. Actually much scarcer than the larger version. (An AVF of the usual larger type brought $131 in my 7/12 sale.) Minimum Bid $30

39 Ptolemy VIII-X, Æ25, Zeus Ammon hd r/2 Eagles stg l, Isis crown, Svor.1843; F-VF or so, typically crude with flat striking at bottoms, Zeus portrait actually quite nice; dark brown patina. Very scarce. (A VF with some roughness sold for $196, CNG 9/06.) Minimum Bid $30

40 Cleopatra VII, Æ11 of Cyprus, Her bust r/double cornucopiae; F+, nrly centered, dark greenish-brown patina, rev lgnd typically crude but it's present, clear portrait. Better than usual. (A F/AF brought $151 on $175 bid in my 3/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $60

41 ELYMAIS, Another nice run of these cute little coins in much better than usual condition, catalogued by Sear, Greek Imperial:

Kamnaskires VI, 1st cent AD, Tet., GIC-5888-89, bust l., anchor, star & cresc/Male bust within lgnd; VF, obv well centered & boldly struck, rev very crude as always; what is unusual about this piece is good silver color for the most part, with some reddish-brown tone at peripheries. Rare like this! (A comparable VF brought $276, Triton 1/04.) Minimum Bid $100


42 Orodes I, Æ Drachm, GIC-5894, rev Artemis bust r with cornucopiae. VF/F, obv well centered, rev somewhat off-ctr to bottom, nice patina with strong pale green hilighting. Rather scarce type. (A VF brought $59 on $90 bid in my 3/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $20

43 -- GIC-5895, Rev anchor & dashes; Choice VF, well centered & struck, smooth medium brown. (A VF+ brought $56 on $85 bid in my 6/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $20

44 -- GIC-5896, rev dashes, Choice VF, nice smooth two-toned green & brown patina, centered & bold. (A Ch. VF brought $42 on $47 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $20

45 Phraates, GIC-5898, Æ Drachm, Facg bust/Artemis stg r; Nice VF-EF/VF, centered with fuill rev lgnd, pale brown. (A VF+ [but rough] brought $145, Pegasi 4/11.) Minimum Bid $30

46 –- GIC-5900, Facg bust/Eagle stg l, F+/VF, nrly centered on irregular flan, lt brown patina, obv somewhat crude, rev bold. Much scarcer type. (A VF brought $95 on $175 bid in my 3/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $20

47 -- GIC-5902, bust l./dashes, Choice VF, well centered, attractive 2-toned green & brown patina; bold & nice.

(A VF brought $120, Peus 4/13.) Minimum Bid $20

48 -- Same but variety with crescents instead of dashes; VF, smooth dark patina with strong hilighting. Minimum Bid $20

49 -- GIC-5905, rev Dashes, VF+, strongly hilighted green patina, obv bold & nice, rev a little crude. (A VF+ [looks F-VF] brought $130, Pegasi 11/09.) Minimum Bid $20

50 Orodes III, GIC-5907, Facg bust/Facg Artemis bust; VF-EF/VF lt brown, obv well centered & struck, rev sl off-ctr & a bit crude.

(A VF/F brought $34 on $75 bid, FSR 11/12.) Min Bid $20

51 -- GIC-5910, Æ Drachm, Facg bust/dashes, VF-EF, smooth lt brown, nice strong face on portrait. (A VF brought $48 in my 3/04 sale; GVF (rev very wk) $101, M&M 11/13.) Minimum Bid $25

52 HERAKLEIA, Nomos, 281-278 BC, Athena hd r with Skylla on helmet, K behind; Herakles stg facg, hldg club, bow & lion

skin; pitcher at upper left, S391; AVF, quite well centered with Herakles' head complete (often it's off flan); good bright silver;

just a mite soft on face; still very nice. Ex Pergasi auction 4/11 reported sold at $595. (A VF+, this exact var., brought $1605, CGB 6/05.) Minimum Bid $325

53 HIMERA, Æ15 (Hemilitron), 420-408 BC, Nymph hd l./6 pellets in wreath, S1110; VF+, obv centered with all 6 pellets & "IM" visible behind head; rev somewhat off-ctr; glossy deep green patina with minor roughness. Much hair detail on head. (A VF sold for $57 on $71 bid, FSR 8/03; VF $173, Ponterio 4/08.) Minimum Bid $35

54 HIMYARITES, (Arabia Felix), Ar Quinarius? Amdan Bayyin, around 100 AD, bust r, monogram behind/tiny bust r, lgnd, monogram, GIC-5718; VF/EF, strongly cupped fabric, good silver with lt tone; obv head somewhat crudely engraved. (A VF sold for $150, Berk 5/03; EF $410, Gorny 10/05.) Minimum Bid $40

55 HISTIAIA, Tetrobol, 3d cent BC, Nymph hd r/nymph on galley, as S2496; AEF/VF, well centered; bright, very sl grainy surfaces; detailed head of quite fine style for this. Nice. (A VF brought $335, Lanz 12/10; GVF $230, Gorny 4/01.) Minimum Bid $40

56 INDO-SKYTHIANS Azes II, 35 BC - 5 AD, Ar Tet., King on horse r/Athena stg r; AEF, obv centered with full lgnd, rev sl off-ctr with a little of lgnd flat, bright lustery silver. (A Ch. VF brought $177 on $300 bid in my 11/06 sale; VF $280, Kunker 3/04.) Minimum Bid $65

57 ISTROS, Stater, 2 male heads, left inverted, as S1669 (£225); F, centered, good clean metal, just worn with some facial details visible. Some scholars believe the heads represent Castor & Pollux; others say Itchy & Scratchy. (A F brought $201 on $233 bid, in my sale, 12/91.) Minimum Bid $55

58 Æ10, cast, Wheel/I-Sigma-T; EF, a little crude of course but better than usual with the three letters fully clear; sage green patina. (A VF sold for $151, CNG eAuction 9/07.) Min Bid $30

59 JUDAEA, Pontius Pilate, Æ Prutah, 3 bound grain ears/sim-pulum, Hend. 1341; F-VF, nrly centered, grey-brown patina, a little crude with sl roughness but much of lgnds visible and devices complete & bold. Pontius Pilate is mentioned in the Bible, he was the one who rescued Jonah from the Whale, I think.

(A F-VF, off-ctr & crude brought $113 on $124 bid in my 5/00 sale; F/VF $380, Kunker 9/06.) Minimum Bid $60

60 First Revolt, Æ Prutah, Amphora/vine leaf, Year 2, Hend. 1360; VF, well centered for this, a little flattening of lgnds but strong detail on both amphora & leaf; hilighted green patina.

Nicer than usual. (A VF, part weak, brought $305, CGF 6/04; GVF $506, CNG 5/08.) Minimum Bid $50

61 GAZA, Obol (7 mm, .50 gm), Athena hd r/owl stg r, leaf (copying Athenian types); VF, uncleaned darkish patina, somewhat off-ctr, most of obv head on flan, right side of owl off, but much detail visible; good for this & quite rare. (A VF, very similar, with minor roughness (very crude looking) brought $1,150, CNG 6/06.) Minimum Bid $70

62 KALLATIS, Octobol, after 281 BC, Herakles hd r/lgnd, corn ear & club above, bowcase below, S1659 (£225); AVF, centered, decent metal with lt tone, only a hint of graininess; lgnd partly weak on rev, otherwise strong features. (An F-VF brought $116 on $125 bid in my 9/00 sale; VF fourree $285, CNG eAuction 9/09.) Minimum Bid $75

63 KAULONIA, Stater, 530-480 BC, Apollo adv r, stag/incuse of Apollo & stag; Archaic style, but somewhat crude on rev; F, decent metal with only slightest graininess & lt tone. Ex Fred Shore tag $650. Minimum Bid $180

64 KIERION, Trihemiobol, 400-344 BC, Zeus hd r/Nymph kneeling, playing with astralogoi (dice), S2066 (£150); F+, centered (top of head crowded on rev), slightest trace of graininess, nice strong features. Rare. (A VF brought $1293, CNG 5/14; GVF $6325, Triton 1/12.) Minimum Bid $150

You can bid with a budget limit or alternate choices.

65 KIOS, Hemidrachm, 350-300 BC, Apollo hd r/galley prow, magistrate MILETOS, as S3757 (£100); Choice VF-EF, nrly centered, chin sl crowded, rev essentially complete; excellent metal quality, lustery with lt golden tone. (A VF-EF brought $1334, Gorny 10/11; GVF $453, Noble 4/10.) Minimum Bid $135

66 KLAZOMENAI, Diobol, 6th Cent BC, Forepart of winged boar rt/4-part square in millsail pattern, S3503 (£150); AVF, nrly centered & complete, minor graininess, lt tone, fully clear. Scarce. (A VF with minor porosity brought $202, CNG eAuction 1/14; VF $236, Peus 11/12.) Minimum Bid $50

67 KOSON, Ar Drachm, mid 1st cent BC, Roman consul & 2 lictors, monogram/eagle hldg wreath l; this unpublished silver version of the famous Brutus-related gold coins is much rarer, was unknown till a few years ago. EF, well centered, sl crudeness on obv lgnd & some striking softness on lower part of eagle.

Good metal with lt tone & luster hints. (An EF, also slightly crude, realized $1,760 on $2,525 bid in my 3/13 sale; EF, also crude on obv lgnd, $2390, Lanz 6/14.) Minimum Bid $400

68 LARISSA, Drachm, 400-360 BC, Youth restraining unruly

bull r/horse leaping r, S2111 (£225); F-VF, obv centered a touch low but essentially complete & bold, rev a bit high crowding horse head; good bright metal. (A VF brought $350 in my 3/06 sale.) Minimum Bid $125

69 Æ19, 380-337 BC, Nymph Larissa hd 3/4 left/horseman r; sim. S2132; VF, well centered, dark brown patina, minimal granularity, nice strong face of good style. Accompanied by a laminated David Sear certificate. (A Nice VF brought $230, CNG 9/02.) Minimum Bid $55

70 LETE, Trihemiobol or 1/8 stater, 530-480 BC, Naked satyr squatting r, pellet befopre & behind/Large X in incuse square, S1301 (£125); VF, nrly centered on unround flan (possibly minor chipping), good metal with only slightest crudeness/graininess; satyr with strong detail in good archaic style. (A VF, this exact variety, brought $315, Rauch 11/09.) Minimum Bid $60

71 MACEDON, Philip II, 1/5 Stater, Youthful head r/Horseman rt, E below, as S6689; EF, nearly centered & complete, good metal with medium grey tone, excellent head with great hair detail. Very nice. (A VF-EF of this type brought $630, Gorny 3/08; EF $810, Lanz 6/10) Min Bid $220


72 Alex. the Great, Tet, of Babylon, Herakles hd r/Zeus std l, M at left, Lambda-Y below throne, Pr.3692; VF/F-VF, obv sl off-ctr to left but head complete, rev nrly centered with a few insignificant surface faults. (This exact variety, VF brought $448, CNG eAuct 7/09.) Minimum Bid $160

73 Tet., of Amphipolis, types as last, cornucopiae in rev field, Pr. 108 (Phil.III); VF, perfectly centered & well struck, very sl mark on obv before mouth, otherwise good metal with nice old collection toning. (AVF brought $374, CNG 5/02.) Minimum Bid $170

74 Drachm, Kolophon, struck by Antigonos I, Herakles hd/Zeus std, K at left, cresc below throne, Pr. 1825; EF, obv nrly centered, head complete, rev well centered; good metal quality, nice detailed style. A wholesome sharp coin. (A Near EFF, this exact variety, brought $443, CNG 5/09.) Minimum Bid $160

75 Kassander, Æ18, Herakles hd r/youth on horse r, dolphin below, as S6754; F-VF, nrly centered, good deep green patina, nice head with much detail. (An AVF realized $51 reduced from $107 bid in my 6/93 sale) Minimum Bid $18

76 Demetrios Poliorketes, 294-288 BC, Æ14, Poseidon hd r/ Prow r, BA; Choice VF, well centered & struck, smooth dark brown patina, good detail. Very nice, & RARE with Poseidon! Poor photo.

(A VF brought $325, CNG eAuction 4/11.) Minimum Bid $45

77 Antigonos Doson, 229-221 BC, Tet., Poseidon head r/Apollo std on prow, trident & A monogram below, S6789; VF/F-VF, sl off-ctr but types complete, touches of roughness with some lt smoothing marks principally on rev; darkish tone in recesses; obv bold & pleasant. (A VF with lt corr on rev brought $2170, Kunker 9/10; VF $3140, Gorny 10/11.) Minimum Bid $500

78 MASSALIA, Drachm or Tetrobol, 130-121 BC, Artemis head r/lion with raised paw r; AEF, obv sl off-ctr but pretty well struck, rev more noticeably off-ctr & somewhat ill struck; good metal with lt tone; edge split. (A VF but with significant flattening brought $263, CGB 6/06.)Minimum Bid $95

79 MARONEIA, Obol, 398-385 BC, Facg Gorgoneion/grape bunch in incuse square; VF, well centered, slightest granularity but decent metal with tone in recesses, quite bold & detailed.

Very rare. (Clearly nicer than a VF-EF/VF, more grainy, bringing $430, Elsen12/07.) Minimum Bid $50

80 MELITA (Malta), Æ27, 2nd-1st cent BC, Isis head l., wearing Uraeus, Tanit symbol at left/winged Osiris std l, S6588; conser-vatively graded overall F-VF, nrly centered, sl flatness at bottoms, moderately grainy green-brown patina, VF detail on Isis & Osiris. Rare & desirable. With Fred Shore tag as VF. (A VF brought $4313, CNG 5/12; F $730, CGB 6/11) Minimum Bid $100

81 MEGARA, Æ15, after 307 BC, Prow/2 dolphins, dots around; F+/VF, centered, dark brown patina, obv a trifle rough & crude, rev nicer (ethnic betw dolphins is weak). Pedigreed to Wallace collection. (A VF brought $403, CNG 5/09.)Minimum Bid $35

82 MESEMBRIA, Diobol, Facg helmet/wheel, S1673; EF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone, nice. Genuine, from a major reputable auction. (An EF brought $470, Helios 10/09.) MB $110

83 METAPONTUM, Stater (or Nomos), 520-500 BC, Barley Ear, MET & grasshopper/incuse barley ear; medium size (23 mm); VF, centered, minor traces of roughness on obv, a little more on rev within the incuse, bright & decent overall. Poor photo of rev.

(A Similar piece with grasshopper, VF with areas of corrosion, brought $3915, NAC 3/09.) Minimum Bid $275

84 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th century BC, Lion hd l/ star pattern in square, S3532 (£65); VF/AEF, obv just a touch off-ctr & sl crowded at top, rev nrly centered; good metal with no porosity. From a European auction as EF. One of the earliest coins that's affordable without selling your children. (An F-VF/VF brought $126 on $144 bid in my sale 3/07.) Minimum Bid $50

85 MYRINA, Tet., 2nd century BC, Apollo head r/Apollo stg r, amphora, within wreath, S4216 (£350); AEF/VF, centered, typically flat strike around the periphery, part of rev wreath weak, attractive head with strong hair detail; good metal with lt tone. Rev photo distorted, coin not really oval!

(A VF+ brought $1520, iNumis 10/09; NEF/VF $1265, Noble 3/14.) Minimum Bid $350

86 NABATAEA (Arabia), Aretas IV, 9 BC - 40 AD, Æ17, Conjoined hds of Aretas & Queen Shaqilath/crossed cornucopiae & lgnd, GIC-5699, Choice VF+/VF, centered, smooth dark green patina with dramatic earthen hilighting, very bold and highly attractive, with excellent portraits. (A VF brought $145 on $200 bid in my 9/09 sale; GVF $551, M&M 5/11.) Minimum Bid $50

87 Syllaeus & Aretas IV, Æ11, Laureate hd of Aretas r/Veiled female hd r; F+, well centered & fully clear, dark patina with strong hilighting. A rare little coin from this brief joint reign.

(A VF brought $241, CNG eAuction 7/09.) Minimum Bid $20

88 Rabbel II & Queen Gamilath, 70-106 AD, Æ16, Conjoined busts r/lgnd in wreath, GIC-5706; VF, sl off-ctr on unround flan,

2-toned brown patina, portraits complete with good detail. Nice for this. (A Nice VF brought $212 on $250 bid in my 9/09 sale.) Minimum Bid $40

89 NEAPOLIS (Macedon), Obol (9+ mm, .74 gm), 500-480 BC, Facing Gorgoneion/4-part square with 9 pellets in each quadrant; VF, well centered, only a touch of horn silver on rev, Gorgon face fully clear. Rare, much more so than with plain square. (A GVF, about equal, brought $185, CNG eAuction 10/09.) Min. Bid $50

90 Hemidrachm, 5th-4th cent BC, Facing Gorgoneion/Nymph head r, S1417; EF/VF-EF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, good metal with pleasant tone; sharply struck with great detail on Gorgon face. A choice coin. (An AEF/VF brought $870, Helios 4/08; AEF $1438, Goldberg 6/10.) Minimum Bid $250

91 ODESSOS, Æ15, 2nd cent BC, Youth head r/The Great God reclining l.; F+, nrly centered, sage green patina, minor granularity, bold features. I've always felt that if you must worship a God, it might as well be The Great God. (A VF, sl rough & hardly better, brought $67, CNG eAuct 6/14.) Minimum Bid $12

92 OLBIA, Arrowhead shaped coin, 41 mm, around 2nd cent BC, VF, green patina, sl crusty, a decent well-formed piece, not mis-shapen as many are. These were clearly money as they could not work as arrowheads. (A VF brought $315, Lanz 6/93.) MB $18

93 Dolphin shaped coin, c. 2nd cent BC, as S1684 (£200) but smaller 25 mm; Nice VF-EF, brown & green patina, well-formed with bold eye on each side. Much above average. (Better than a crappy F+ bringing $293, iNumis 3/11.) Minimum Bid $22

94 PANDOSIA, Litra, 375-360 BC, Herakles hd 3/4 r/Pan std r; VF, centered, lt tone, very nice. Assumed to be a COPY, mainly because I got it cheap in a lot, but it sure looks good. MB $10

95 PARION, Ar 3/4 Drachm, c.480 BC, Facing Gorgoneion/ cruciform pattern, as S3917 (£200); but this is not the type usually seen with wide face, it's a much rarer earlier version, quite dist-inctive with eyes close together; VF, nrly centered, somewhat mushy strike as always, but the face is fully clear. (Much nicer than a NVF bringing $236, CNG eAuction 5/12.) Min. Bid $50

96 Hemidrachm, 350-300 BC, Gorgoneion facg/bull stg l, looking back, PA above, P below, wheel on groundline, as S3922; VF/F, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, decent metal with lt grey tone & traces of earth in recesses; bold Gorgon face. (A VF realized $353, Peus 11/12.) Minimum Bid $70

97 PARTHIA, Mithradates I, 171-138 BC, Drachm, Bust left in bashliq/Archer std r, Sellw. 9.1, Shore 7; F/AVF, centered on a large flan, minor scrs & crudeness on obv, lt tone, actually pretty decent for this & quite scarce. (An F-VF/VF sold for $210, Elsen 7/94.) Minimum Bid $60

98 Artabanus I, 127-124 BC, Drachm, bust l./archer r, Sellw. 20.1; AEF, well centered & struck, good bright metal with sl tone in recesses, sharp & very nice for this. (A VF with sl pits & scrs brought $920, CNG 9/11; GVF $633, Triton 1/10.) Min. Bid $175

99 Mithradates II, 123-88 BC, Drachm, Sellw. 28.7, bust in tiara/archer r; AEF, centered, minor crudeness but sharp portrait detail, good bright silver. (An EF realized $775, CGB 11/09.) Minimum Bid $75

100 Gotarzes I, Drachm, Sellw. 33.4, bust in tiara of stags; AEF/VF, obv considerably off-ctr to SW, rev has die bulge on archer; decent metal with lt grey tone. (A VF brought $242,

Gorny 3/12.) Minimum Bid $35

101 Phraates IV, Drachm, Sellw 51.44, VF/AVF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, decent metal with lt tone, some very sl scrs. This type is actually very rare as a drachm. However, it's possible that it's a common Sellw 52.10 with the eagle behind head removed; there are signs that could be so interpreted. The Parthians did such things officially, like removing the anchor from Sinatruces coins, but why do it here? Anyhow, you be the judge; sold as is. Minimum Bid $40

102 Vonones II, Drachm, Sellw 67.1, Facg bust betw stars/ archer; VF+, usual low obv centering, excellent metal with lt grey tone, well struck with a sharp face. Nice. (GVFs brought $725, Spink 3/09 and $374, Triton 1/10.) Minimum Bid $80

103 Vardanes II, Drachm, Sellw. 69.13, scarcer type with 5 diadem ribbons; AEF, usual low obv centering, rev centered, nice metal quality with medium gunmetal toning. Sharp & pleasing.

(A VF sold for $200, Peus 11/06.) Minimum Bid $75

104 Artabanus III, Drachm, Sellw. 74.6; EF/AVF, well centered for this, obv very sharp & accentuated by interesting tone; rev a little soft & double struck. Another scarcer type, not to be confused with the very similar & much commoner Artabanus II. (A GVF sold for $345, Triton 1/10.) Minimum Bid $60

105 Mithradates V, Drachm, c. 140 AD, Sellw 82.1, scarce distinctrive type with only 2 diadem ribbons; AEF/EF, quite well centered for this, good silver, very minor obv crudeness. Ex Fred Shore. Until recently this guy was known as Mithradates IV & is so listed in Sellwood. By calling him Mith V, I lay claim to being not totally an out-of-date dinosaur; but I sure wish they would stop changing these attributions and confusing us. (A NEF brought $299, Triton 1/10; EF/VF $405, Peus 11/06.) Minimum Bid $100

106 Vologases VI, Drachm, Sellw. 88.19, Choice EF, nrly centered & well struck with sharp portrait & rev rather less crude than usual; modest edge split; good metal with lt tone.

(An EF brought $275, Peus 11/06.) Minimum Bid $70

107 Sanabares, Æ Drachm, bust l./archer r, Sellw 93.3; Choice VF+/VF, centered on usual narrow flan, smooth 2-toned brown, portrait very bold & detailed. Exceptionally nice for this. The last coin listed in Sellwood, tho this was not the last Parthian king, in fact not Parthian at all but Indo-Parthian. Nevertheless, you need this. (Stronger portrait than on a VF bringing $149, CNG 5/13.)

Minimum Bid $60

108 PERGAMON, Cistophoric Tetradrachm, after 133 BC, snake slithering out of Cista mystica, in wreath/bowcase betw snakes, snake-entwined staff at rt. S3948; AEF, obv a touch off-ctr but fully complete, rev well centered, both sides well struck; good metal, tone in recesses on rev. Nice for this. Quite a lot of snakes here, thus a good item for the ophiologist. (An EF brought $355 on $700 bid in my 2/05 sale; GVF $460,CNG 9/09; EF $7350, Gorny 10/10.) Minimum Bid $130


109 PERSIA, Siglos, 450-320 BC, The Great King adv rt, with spear & bow/incuse punch, S4682; Choice VF, quite well centered & struck with good bold detail (though bow is weak); nice metal quality with lt tone. With a leading dealer's tag as EF+. That's a bit optimistic, but it is really nice for these. (A Near VF brought $560, Astarte 12/02; VF $488, CNG 9/11.) Min. Bid $175

110 PERSIS, Darius I, 2nd cent BC, Obol, King’s hd r in satrapal head-dress topped by eagle/Fire altar, S6200; EF, virtually as struck, well centered, good bright silver; portrait nicely detailed, rev somewhat softly struck as usual. Couple teensy edge splits. (An EF with sm flaws brought $323, Lanz 6/11.) Min. Bid $110

111 – Drachm, types as last, S6194, AEF, obv centered low with beard partly off, but otherwise good detail; the eagle atop headgear is (unusually) clearly an eagle. Rev centered & less crude than most. Good silver with lt tone. (A VF brought $730, Elsen 2/94.) Minimum Bid $85

112 Darius II, c.70-60 BC,Hemidrachm, Bust l, in tiara/king stg l, at altar, S6207 (£55), VF, well centered, decent metal with grey tone, nice strong portrait, rev somewhat crude. (A VF realized $260, Peus 4/06; VF with scattered porosioy $81 on $95 bid in my sale, 3/08.) Min Bid $35

113 Oxathres (a/k/a Vahsir), Obol, Bust l. "8" monogram behind/King rt at altar, Cf S6211 (Hemidrachm), Alr. 584; VF-EF, centered, bright metal, rev typically somewhat crude, portrait nice & strong. Minimum Bid $40

114 Artashir (Artaxerxes) II, c. 60-50 BC, Obol, Bust left in tiara/ King at altar l, S6215; VF, well centered, decent metal. (A GVF with lt porosity brought $81, CNG 5/12.) Minimum Bid $30

115 Vadfradad IV, 120-130 AD, Obol, Bust left in tiara/bust l., lgnd, Alram 625; EF, centered, obv well struck with sharp portrait, rev somewhat crude but still has much detail. Lightly toned & good for this. (A GVF brought $182, Gorny 3/05.) Min Bid $40

116 Ardashir IV, Drachm, Bust l., monogram behind; Bust l., rays around, Alr. 652; AEF/F, nrly centered, obv nice with much sharp portrait detail & lt tone; rev sl grainy & softly/crudely struck. (A VF brought $194, Peus 11/05.) Minimum Bid $40

117 PHISTELIA, Obol, C. 300 BC, Young male hd facg sl right/ barleycorn, mussel, dolphin, Oscan lgnd, S316; EF/VF, centered, somewhat unround flan, types complete, good metal with lt tone; face quite strong. Ex European auction as AEF. (A VF brought $285 in my 6/04 sale; GVF $450, Birkler-Waddell 12/80; that I have this in my records shows how long I've been doing this.) Minimum Bid $110

118 PHLIOUS, Obol, 280-270 BC, bull forepart l./Large Phi with

4 dots around; VF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone, bold features. Ex BCD with his neat tag. (A GVF, termed "Very rare" brought $345, CNG 5/09.) Minimum Bid $100

119 RHODES, Hemidrachm, 304-189 BC, Helios hd facg sl rt/ Rose & bud, magistrate ANTAIOS, symbol winged caduceus, within incuse square, as S5065; EF/VF, obv nrly centered, rev sl off-ctr, bright metal, strong face of good style (not deformed as often occurs). Interestingly, both the magistrate's name & symbol appear re-engraved (in the die) over something different. I hate to tell you how long I spent puzzling over them before figuring that out. But that's what makes numismatics stimulating. (A VF+ of this type brought $185 in my 6/04 sale.) Minimum Bid $90

120 SIGEION, Æ13, c. 350 BC, Helmeted Athena hd facg sl rt/Owl & crescent, sim. S4144; Strong VF, centered, dark green patina with pale orangy hilighting, good bold face on Athena (and owl too, for that matter). Very nice. (A VF brought $279, Peus 11/12; GVF $230, CNG 9/06.) Minimum Bid $60

121 SIKYON, Obol, 430-320 BC, Apollo hd r/dove flying r, Sigma-I above tail, S2776; VF, well centered, rev sl crowded, faintest granularity with lt tone, obv particularly nice with strong detail. Ex BCD with his tag, and ex my 2/14 sale at $132 on $175 bid, but not paid for by the high bidder (no, it was not that notorious Arab sheik.) (A GVF, this exact variety, brought $546, CNG 5/09.) Minimum Bid $80

122 SINOPE, Drachm, 480-450 BC, crude eagle head l./4-part square, the 2 sunken quadrants granulated, pellet in one corner, S3688 (£150); VF-EF, obv nrly centered on thick unround flan, rev sl off-ctr; good metal quality; as Sear says, the obv is of very crude style & hardly recognizable as an eagle's head -- looks more like a slug's head, but with spikes all around. Those are very clear on this specimen, which also has much "detail" (feathers?) on the head, thus actually very nice for these. (A GVF brought $805, CNG 9/11; VF $544, Peus 11/12.) Minimum Bid $100

123 SMYRNA, Tet., 190-75 BC, Kybele hd r, Legend & monogram (of Menakrates) in wreath, as S4556; VF-EF, centered, well struck with strong details; surfaces smoothed with some minor imperfections remaining; lightly toned. This is a big rarity. With an old (early 20th cent?) British tag with price £22/10/-; a huge amount then!!) (A GVF with sl porosity & lt marks brought $2312, CNG 5/07.) Minimum Bid $1000

124 SOLOI, Stater, 385-350 BC, Athena hd r, Griffin on helmet/Grape bunch in incuse lozenge, S5606 (£350); VF/AEF, obv a tiny bit off-ctr with small edge splits, very sl granularity; rev somewhat off-ctr; strong detail both sides; really quite good for this difficult series. Ex Pegasi auction 11/10, realized $750.

(A slight var, VF brought $2502, Peus 11/12.) Minimum Bid $400

125 SPAIN, CELSA, Æ29, Male hd r, 3 dolphins/Horseman r; S22; F+, but a really choice F+, well centered & struck, with perfectly smooth & 2-toned brown patina, very bold & attractive (more so than photo.) (A VF, not much better, brought $207, CNG 5/03.) Min. Bid $60

126 SYRACUSE, Tet., the Kimon masterpiece, Arethusa hd 3/4 left/Nike above quadriga, sim. S944; COPY by Slavei (his initial Sigma at obv left), struck in silver, EF, lightly toned, a beautiful piece of fine workmanship. Minimum Bid $30

127 Agathokles, Æ14, Athena hd rt/thunderbolt, sim. S1204 (head left); VF/F, nrly centered, brown patina, head strong, rev lgnd wk. Very scarce type, especially with head right. (A VF,

head left, brought $225, Peus 11/08.) Minimum Bid $25

128 Hiketas, 288-279 BC, Æ22, Zeus Hellanios hd r/Eagle stg l, as S1212; EF, dark green-brown patina; obv nrly centered, rev somewhat off-ctr & crowded at top; overstriking noticeable on rev, as often for these; obv nice with super hair & wreath detail.

(A VF, overstruck, brought $425, Kunker 3/08; EF on small flan [I'd grade AEF/VF] $906, Hirsch 5/13.) Minimum Bid $90

129 Hieron II, 275-215 BC, Ar 16 Litrae, Veiled hd of Queen Philistis/Nike in quadriga, S988; AEF, centered & well struck; a few nearly invisible spots of surface flaking suggest possible fourree, yet the style is lovely & 13.06 gram weight is perfect for this. Very pleasing coin. (A GVF/EF sold for $2720, M&M 5/09; GVF $2530, Triton 1/09.) Minimum Bid $475

130 – Æ28, Hieron's hd l./Horseman r, S1221; AEF/VF, centered, smooth glossy dark brown patina, a small flan flaw at obv left edge is the only imperfection and hardly worth mentioning. Beautiful portrait detail. (GVFs brought $690, CNG 4/08 and $570, M&M 10/08.) Minimum Bid $150

131 SYRIA, Seleukos I, 312-280 BC, Drachm, Zeus hd r/Athe-na in quadriga of horned elephants, S6836 (£225); AVF, a little crudely struck mainly on rev, pretty good metal, but holed at bottom. Still a rare coin. (A GVF of this type with minor porosity brought $3,360, CNG eAuct 4/09.) Minimum Bid $40

132 Seleukos III, 226-223 BC, Æ15, His head hd r/Apollo std l, monogram at left, Hought.63; VF, nrly centered, smooth dark greenish patina with hilighting, portrait well detailed & quite nice. Very scarce. (A GVF, same monogram, realized $173, CNG 5/02.) Minimum Bid $40

133 Antiochos III, 223-187 BC, Tet., His head r/Apollo std l, monogram below, sim. S6935 (£250); VF/F+, obv well centered, rev nrly so with lgnd somewhat wk; decent metal with sl uneven tone on obv. (A VF brought $1100, Peus 4/04.) Min. Bid $130

134 Antiochos X, 94-88 BC, Tet, bust r/Zeus std l, monograms at left; as S7182; AEF, well centered, smoothed surface on obv with sl roughness remaining; medium tone in fields; sharp hair detail; overall appearance nice. Scarce. (A VF+ brought $890, CGB 11/11; VF+/EF $1685, iNumis 3/11; but both are French, and you know how those Frenchies are.) Minimum Bid $135

135 Roman rule, in name of Philip Philadelphos, Tet., his hd r/ Zeus std l, with XAT monogram, as S7214, Virtually mint state, nrly centered & well struck on a sl oval flan, bright lustrous silver; Fantastic hair detail on portrait. (Well, where else would it be?) (EFs brought $720, Elsen 3/04 and $815, Hess-Divo 6/07.) Minimum Bid $250

136 TARAS, Nomos, 302-231 BC, Naked warrior on horse r/ Taras on dolphin, hldg small dolphin; VF/AVF, well centered, some very minor surface imperfections, lt tone. I've frankly never understood this "naked warrior" thing. My mother always told me never to go into battle naked. Minimum Bid $225

137 Diobol, Fourth cent BC, Athena hd l, wreath on helmet/ Herakles wrestling lion, Vlas.1344; F-VF, well centered (full helmet crest!), sl grainy surface with a somewhat soft appearance on rev. Moderately toned. Seems to be quite rare with wreath on helmet rather than the usual Skylla. (A similar type, VF, brought $291, CNG eAuct 1/10.) Minimum Bid $35

138 TEOS, Diobol, 320-294 BC, Griffin std r/Lyre, magistrate ALYPION; VF, well centered & clear, good metal with lt tone. (A VF+, same magistrate, brought $175, Pegasi 5/12.) Min. Bid $60

139 THASOS, Stater, 463-411 BC, Naked ithyphallic satyr hold-

ing nymph/4-part incuse square, S1746 (£425); AVF, well center-ed on sl oval flan, minor crudeness, good metal with signs of cleaning, dark tone remains in recesses. The ithyphallic feature is remarkably bold. As one of my customers once said, "What good is an ithyphallic type if you can't see the thing?" The thing in question being an erect penis. (An AVF realized $510 on $560 bid in my 9/98 sale; VF $4500, Peus 10/07.) Minimum Bid $275

140 Trihemiobol, 411-350 BC, Satyr running left, with kantharos/ amphora, S1755 (£75); F-VF/VF, very well centered, bright with only slightest granularity; bold features. (A VF/AVF brought $211 in my 7/12 sale.) Minimum Bid $50

141 Tet., after 148 BC, Dionysos head r/Herakles stg l, M by club; S1759; F+/F, well centered, good metal, lt tone, nice. Possibly a high-end Celtic product, but pleasant style. (A F+/AVF brought $308 on $456 bid in my 8/90 sale.) Minimum Bid $90


144 THRACE, Lysimachos, 305-281 BC, Tet., of Pergamon, Alexander head with horn of Ammon/Athena std l, monograms

left & below; EF, centered, obv left edge just slightly flat-struck, not affecting portrait, which has sharp detail; rev has some very slight surface imperfections. The lone sale record I could find online was an EF (same obv die) in Triton 1/03, listed as apparently unpublished, bringing $2530. Minimum Bid $550

145 TYRE, 1/12 Shekel (or 1/24? .49 gm, 8 mm), 450-400 BC, Dolphin over waves/Owl with flail & crook in square; as S5909 (no waves, £85); F/AVF, rev a touch off-ctr, ltly granular surfaces, clear features. Seems to be quite rare with waves. Better than photo. (Same but no waves, VF [looks grainy] brought $246, CNG eAuc 9/12.) Starting Bid $30 (What's the difference between a minimum bid & a starting bid? None, I'm just messing with you.)

146 VELIA, Didrachm or Nomos, 400-350 BC, Athena hd l, with griffin on helmet/Lion walking r, Eagle above, A below (very rare variety, I couldn't find a single sale record); as S454 (£275); VF/EF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr but virtually complete; minor touch of crudeness on obv, otherwise good metal with lt tone.(Same type, diff variety, GVF, brought $2585, Triton 1/14.) Minimum Bid $325


147 BRONZE, Sextans, Mercury hd r/prow, 2 pellets each side, Cr. 56/6, Sy.143d, 16 mm, AVF/F, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, brown patina, some crudeness mainly on rev. (A VF with lt rough-ness, hardly better, brought $202, CNG eAuct 9/09.) MB $17

SILVER (All Denarii unless noted, by Crawford & Sydenham #s):

148 Quadrigatus-Didrachm, 225-212 BC, Cr.28/3, Sy.65, Janus head/Jupiter in quadriga r; EF, well struck with strong detail, but rev a little off-ctr tho complete, obv more off-ctr to SE cropping chin on right-hand face; nice metal quality with mellow tone.

(A GVF brought $2879, Triton 1/14.) Minimum Bid $300

149 C. Maianus, 203/1a, Sy.427, Roma hd r/Victory in biga r; in NGC slab as Choice XF, Strike 5 out of 5, surface 5 out of 5; it is EF, obv well centered & struck, rev a hair off-ctr with a hint of softness, good metal with nice golden-grey toning.

(An EF realized $562, NAC 10/11.) Minimum Bid $225


150 L. Antestius, 219/1e, Sy.411, Roma hd r/Dioscuri rt, cute puppy below; Nice VF, well centered & struck, good 2-toned metal. Ex Stack's auction 1978 with envelope. (A VF brought $237, Gorny 3/10; GVF $470, Triton 1/14.) Minimum Bid $100

151 P. Paetus, 233/1, Sy.455, Roma hd r/Dioscuri r; F, well centered on a full flan, dark tone in recesses thus bold features with some detail. (A F brought $61 on $85 bid in my 3/08 sale.) Minimum Bid $35

152 M. Baebius Q.f. Tampilus, 236/1, Sy.489, Roma hd l./Apollo in quadriga r; Mint State, sl ragged-edged flan, obv well centered, rev a hair off-ctr; quite sharply struck; excellent lustrous metal. Nice. I don't throw around the term "mint state" lightly (unlike certain dealers who won't be named). (A GEF brought $473, ArtCoins 5/13.) Minimum Bid $250

153 L. Antestius Gragulus, 238/1, Sy.451, Roma hd r/Jupiter in quadriga r; VF, rev well centered, obv nrly so, good bright silver. (A VF brought $175, CGB 1/06.) Minimum Bid $75

154 Q. Fabius Labeo, 273/1, Sy.532, Roma hd r/Jupiter in quadriga, prow below; VF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, on large flan, very sl obv crudeness but good detail; nice metal with lt tone. (A VF sold for $207, CNG eAuc 3/12.) Minimum Bid $80

155 M. Fannius, 275/1, Sy.419, Roma head r/Victory in quadriga r; VF, perfectly centered (unusual for this), good metal with medium tone, sl scrs visible if you look real hard, but why do that? (A VF with sm flaw brought $161, CNG eAuction 5/14.) MB $75 Minimum Bid $120

156 M. Furius Philus, 281/1, Sy.529, Janus head/Roma crowning trophy etc; Better type. VF, obv well centered, rev minimally off-

ctr, very sl crudeness but bold features, strong detail on Janus; ltly toned. (A VF realized $492, Gorny 3/12; VF $420, Argenor 4/04.) Minimum Bid $110

157 Appius Claudius & T. Mallius, 299/1a, Sy.570, Roma head r/ Victory in triga; EF/AEF, nrly centered, well struck, good metal with pleasant light tone; sharply struck, full of sugar and spice

and everything nice. (A GVF sold for $291, CNG eAuction 11/11; EF $748, Gemini 4/11.) Minimum Bid $140

158 L. Flaminius Chilo, 302/1, Sy.540, Roma head r/Victory in biga; VF+/VF, sl ragged flan, obv a tiny bit off-ctr, rev sl more so

& crowded at left; bright silver with lt goldy toning. (A VF brought $175, Pegasi Auc. 5/13.) Minimum Bid $75

159 L. Memmius. 304/1, Sy.558, Male head r/Dioscuri stg with horses; VF, centered on a round flan, and well struck with good detail. Nice metal with lt tone. Rev has figures and horses complete with no weakness, quite unusual for this. A goody.

(A VF was sold for $350, Berk 5/12; VF $431, Triton 1/06.) Minimum Bid $135

160 L. Scipio Asiagenus, 311/1c, Sy.576b, Jupiter head l./Jupiter in quadriga r; serrate issue; VF, nrly centered & decently struck, nice bright metal with lt tone, problem-free and titillating. (A VF brought $215, NAC 3/09.) Minimum Bid $100

161 C. Allius Bala, 336/1c, Sy.595, Diana hd r, H below/Diana in biga r, symbol quiver below; VF, centered, minor scr on cheek, figure of Diana on rev partly weak. (A VF brought $246, Gorny 10/11.) Minimum Bid $70

162 D. Junius Silanus, 337/3, Sy.646, Roma hd r/Victory in biga r; VF+, sl oval flan, obv nrly centered & detailed but somewhat crudely struck, rev somwhat off-ctr to top; bright silver.

(A VF/VF- brought $251, Dorotheum 5/11.) Minimum Bid $60

163 L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi, 340/1, Apollo hd r, behind XVIIII preceded by anchor/horseman r;, XCI above, BA? monogram below; VF-EF, obv centered & decently struck with good detail, minor die break near top of head; rev a touch off-ctr & crudely struck; teensy edge crack; lightly toned. Minimum Bid $80

164 L. Rutilius Flaccus, 387/1, Sy.780a, Roma hd r/Victory in biga r; VF, just a bit off-ctr, obv complete, rev sl crowded at left; good metal with lt tone; bold features. (A GVF brought $246, CNG eAuction 11/11.) Minimum Bid $80

165 L. Farsuleius Mensor, 392/1b, Sy.789, Libertas head r/warrior in biga aiding togate dude, CXIII; VF, good metal with nicely contrasting tone, obv well centered & boldly attractive, rev sl off-ctr losing figures' heads. (A VF brought $300, Kunker 10/12.) Minimum Bid $100

166 Cn. Lentulus, 393/1a, Sy.752, Head of Genius of the Roman People r, GPR/globe betw scepter & rudder; EF/VF, obv nrly centered & well struck with unusually good detail on head; rev sl off-ctr to top; excellent metal with deep old tone. Ex Frank S. Robinson collection, purchased 1987, with his original envelope noting extensive price history. A nice coin with an impeccable pedigree. (A VF-EF realized $650, Rauch 4/08; Near EF $532, Noble 4/12.) Minimum Bid $180

167 L. Roscius Fabatus, 412/1, Sy.915, Juno Sospita head r in goat-skin/girl feeding snake (obv symbol wk but it's a bucket; rev symbol clear but I don't know what it is, looks like a wedding ring, apparently rare); serrate issue; VF-EF, well centered, very sl granularity but nice looking with contrasty tone accentuating features. Obv head well struck and detailed. (A GVF brought $325, Gorny 3/08; VF $465, Lanz 5/08) Minimum Bid $110

168 C. Coelius Caldus, 437/1a, Sy.891 (Rarity 4), Head of Caldus r, inscribed tablet behind/Sol bust r betw oval & round shields; F-VF, obv nrly centered, lgnd partly off, tiny scratch below nose; rev sl off-ctr to NE, bright silver. Rare. (A Near VF with porosity, scrs & graffiti brought $246, CNG eAuc 4/14.) MB $125

The minimum bids are intended to be truly minimal.

169 T.Carisius, 464/2, Sy.982 (Rarity 3), Hd of Juno Moneta rt/ minting equipment: amvil, die, hammer, tongs; VF, obv sl off-ctr with small banker mk on cheek & what seems to be a strange die defect below ear; rev well centered, very sl scr near edge; good metal with lt tone; exceptionally well struck for this issue which almost always comes weak, thus great quality overall. (A VF with weak areas & lt scrs brought $705, CNG 5/13.) Min. Bid $160


170 C. Considius Paetus, 465/2a, Sy.991, Apollo hd r/curule chair; F/AF, obv a bit off-ctr, a few teensy nicks, chair partly wk; gently "frosty" surfaces probably from water; sl dark spots on rev. This coin has a lot "character." (A F with sl mks brought $49 reduced from $130 bid in my 9/09 sale.) Minimum Bid $25

171 P. Clodius Turrinus, 494/23, Sy.1117, Apollo hd r, lyre/Diana Lucifera stg with torches; EF, a little off-ctr but everything com-plete, well struck with no wkness & sharp detail on bust & rev figure; faint scratches under magnification, concealed by a mod-erately dark grey tone. Ex Frank S. Robinson collection. (An AEF realized $498, NAC 4/11; GVF $397, CNG 9/09.) Min. Bid $235

172 IMPERATORIAL. JULIUS CAESAR, Den, Venus head r/ CAESAR, Aeneas carrying Anchises, Cr.458/1; EF/VF, obv centered, traces of smoothing in fields, sharp hair detail; rev sl off-ctr, crude at left edge; overall deep gunmetal tone. (A GVF sold for $1208, Kunker 3/12; VF $1037, Schulman 3/12.) MB $360

173 OCTAVIAN, Cistophorus, of Ephesus, Bust r/PAX, Pax stg with snake atop cista, all within wreath; nice F-VF/F, obv perfectly centered with full clear lgnd, rev off-ctr losing part of wreath; excellent metal free of faults; very bold portrait with some detail. (A VF brought $1265, Coin Galleries 12/09; VF $1955, Gemini 1/13.) Minimum Bid $200


174 AUGUSTUS, Den, Bust r/Caius & Lucius stg with spears & shields; AEF/VF, large flan, obv minimally off-ctr, rev well centered, lgnds complete on both sides (very unusual for this), albeit somewhat crude & blurry. Nicely two-toned with a hint of porosity under magnification. Portrait very sharp & nice. (A GVF with lt porosity brought $1175, CNG 5/13.) Minimum Bid $220

175 Quadrans, C. NAEVIVS CAPELLA around SC/altar; VF-EF, SC side sl off-ctr with tops of some letters off, good dark grey-brown patina; altar side centered with some lt to moderate roughness. (A VF brought $118, Rauch 9/09.) Minimum Bid $30

176 LIVIA, Dup., Livia bust r, as IVSTITIA/SC in lgnd, RIC 46; AEF, perfectly centered, even green-brown patina, a little porosity (maybe somewhat smoothed), more on rev than obv but lgnd completely clear; good appearance overall; very sharp hair detail on portrait. (A VF brought $1800, NAC 5/12; GVF $2355, Kunker 3/10.) Minimum Bid $500

177 AGRIPPA, As, His bust l./SC, Neptune stg l; VF, centered

on a large round flan, well struck, full sharp lgnd, brown patina with an overlay of green, lightly & evenly granular. Portrait & Neptune show much detail. A pleasing coin. (A VF brought $1100, CNG 3/00; GVF $4540, Kunker 11/13, but admittedly that's something of an outlier.) Minimum Bid $120

180 TIBERIUS, As, Laur hd l./PONTIF MAXIM TRIBVN POTEST XXXIIX, winged caduceus; VF, a bit off-ctr on a smallish oval flan, abt half of lgnds clear, lt grey-brown, fairly light porosity. Portrait has sharp hair & laurel wreath detail. (A VF with partial obv lgnd brought $550, Berk 8/06.) Minimum Bid $85

181 DRUSUS, Sest, caduceus betw cornucopiae topped by heads of Gemellus & Germanicus/SC in lgnd; COPY, struck, a nice substantial piece, AEF, toned. There is a tiny amphora in lower rev field, a maker's mark? Minimum Bid $15

182 CALIGULA, Sest, Pietas std l./DIVO AVG, Caligula with 2 sidekicks sacrificing bull before temple; VF, nrly centered, tan-brown patina, lt to moderate roughness in places, devices fully clear with much detail, lgnds essentially all present. Ex Frank S. Robinson collection, bought 1986. (A VF with "some roughness and deposits," looks about equal, brought $3231, CNG 5/14.) Minimum Bid $375

183 Quadrans, Liberty cap betw S-C/RCC with lgnd around (COS TERT); VF+/AEF, obv somewhat off-ctr with some of lgnd off, rev sl off-ctr with tops of some letters off; smooth medium brown (one minor spot of coarseness on obv); quite sharp.

(A VF sold for $217, Rauch 9/11.) Minimum Bid $60

184 CLAUDIUS, As, SC, LIBERTAS AVGVSTA, Libertas stg r, VF-EF, somewhat off-ctr on oval flan, part of lgnds off, dark green patina with much pale orangy hilighting; sharp portrait of good style with every hair boldly visible. (A GVF with lt smoothing brought $1619, CNG 9/08; VF $570, Gorny 3/12.) Min. Bid $110

185 Cistophorus, Pergamon, bust l./ROM ASI, Ruler crowned by Fortuna in 2-column temple, ROM ET AVG on pediment; F-VF, centered, lgnds complete, good metal with lt tone, just a few very lt marks on rev; excellent portrait of fine style. (A GF brought $896, CNG eAuc 11/06..) Minimum Bid $400

186 NERO, Sest, Laur hd r/ROMA std l; VF, centered with full clear lgnd, light olive-green patina with much contrast, thus bold & attractive. Only the slightest trace of porosity (mentioned only to deter some nitwit from returning it saying, "it has porosity." But of course all of my esteemed bidders are paragons of virtue.) A pleasing wholesome sestertius. (A VF with lt corrosion & tooling brought $2600, Rauch 11/06.) Minimum Bid $500

187 As, Bare head rt/ARA PACIS, Altar of Peace; VF/F+, obv sl off-ctr with lgnd partly off at bottom, rev well centered; medium chocolate brown patina, a little smoothed with slight roughness still remaining; excellent portrait with much hair detail; some interior detail visible on altar. Very scarce, not one of the usual types. (An F-VF brought $240 on $300 bid ibn my 4/90 sale; AVF with corrosion $370, Gorny 3/98.) Minimum Bid $135

188 Dup., VICTORIA AVGVSTI, Victory adv l; COPY, cast? (flip says it's a cast of a Slavei, but I cannot confirm); VF+, dark grey-brown patina, thick flan, sl por., fairly nice. Minimum Bid $3

189 Egypt Tet, Bust r/Serapis bust r; F-VF/VF, sl off-ctr, lgnds off at obv left & rev rt, good bright silver with very lt granularity; both portraits strong with much detail. (A VF brought $370, Peus 4/09; VF $250, Berk 7/09.) Minimum Bid $50

190 Antioch Tet, Bust r/Eagle r, on thunderbolt, palm, date BIP•I; VF/AVF, centered with obv lgnd complete (unusual for these), good silver with lt tone, nice portrait with strong detail. (A VF sold for $484, Roma 3/14; only F $250, Berk 3/08.) Min. Bid $120

191 GALBA, Egypt Tet., Bust r, LA/Eirene bust r; AVF, nrly centered on oval flan, lgnds off at right, deep grey tone, decent with only slight coarseness in obv right field; Galba's portrait with strong detail. (A VF brought $222, Gorny 11/07; VF $238, Emp. Hamburg 11/12.) Minimum Bid $75


192 VITELLIUS, Den, PONT MAXIM, Ruler std r; F-VF/AF, centered, obv lgnd complete, lgnd crowded at rev left; nice fault-free metal; bold portrait. With a leading dealer's tag as AVF at $550. (A F brought $300, Berk 11/06; F+ $365, CGF 11/04.)

Minimum Bid $130

193 VESPASIAN, Den, IMP XIX, Sow left with 3 little piglets; VF, obv nrly centered on sl unround flan, lgnd complete though somewhat crude, rev sl off-ctr but complete; slight smoothing??, darkish tone in recesses; good portrait with full laurel wreath, sow nicely defiuned too. Better type. (A GVF brought $1120, CNG eAuction 1/11.) Minimum Bid $90

194 As, SC, Spes adv l; VF, centered, full lgnd, tiny edge splits, basically smooth brown patina with some greeny hilighting; Spes's head soft, portrait quite strong with sharp laurel wreath.

(A VF brought $460, CNG 5/09.) Minimum Bid $75

195 TITUS, Holyland, Decapolis, Æ19, bust r/crossed cornuco-piae, date ZAP above; F/AF, a hair off-ctr, smooth dark patina with a little earthen hilighting, lgnds mostly wk, portrait clear.

(A VF [I'd grade F-VF], same date, brought $276, Gemini 1/12.) Minimum Bid $17

196 DOMITIAN, Sest, IOVI VICTORI, Jupiter std l; VF-EF, well centered & struck, on a large hefty flan, full clear lgnds; dark near-black patina, with underlying orichalcum at high points thus accentuating features; obv basically smooth with just a touch of roughness around edge; rev with lt to moderate granularity in field; outstanding portrait of fine style with bold detail. Ex Stack's, Ebert collection, 1/13. (A VF realized $2850, Num. Genev. 12/08; GVF $4500, NAC 3/10.) Minimum Bid $425

197 As, FORTVNAE AVGVSTI, Fortuna stg l; VF+/VF, well centered, full lgnds, medium brown patina, quite minor roughn ess, nice portrait with sharp hair detail. (A VF+ brought $730, Varesi 4/08; GVF $1380, CNG 5/12.) Minimum Bid $80

198 Antioch Æ19x22, Bust rt/SC in wreath; AEF/VF, sl off-ctr on oval flan, obv lgnd mostly off at left, a little flat struck at bottoms with trace of adjustment marks in that area; dark green patina

with orangy hilighting; unusually sharp hair detail on portrait.

(A GVF (bust left) brought $365, Kunker 3/04.) Minimum Bid $45

199 NERVA, Den., LIBERTAS PVBLICA, Libertas std l; AEF, centered on a smallish flan so tops of obv lgnd off, a few letters off on rev; possibly fourree suggested by a couple of teensy spots, but portrait of quite fine style with sharp detail. Bright silver. Weighs 2.84 gms. (EFs brought $2250 (yes) Kunker 10/12, and $2970 (yes!!) CNG 6/94.) Minimum Bid $130

200 Quadrans, Lgnd around modius/SC, winged caduceus; F, obv centered, lgnd visible but soft; rev sl off-ctr; brown patina with hint of granularity. Very scarce. (VF $615, NAC 5/99.) MB $30

201 TRAJAN, Den, COS V PP SPQR OPTIMO PRINC, trophy with shields; EF, well centered with full (tho sl crude) lgnds, good metal with lt tone, quite sharp detail on portrait & trophy. Better type. (An AEF with scrs brought $376, CNG 5/14; Ch. EF $770, Kunker 10/07.) Minimum Bid $160

202 Den., same lgnd, Felicitas stg l; EF, sl ragged flan, a tiny bit off-ctr, lgnds mostly off at right, bright silver with slightest surface irregularity on rev. Fully sharp portrait. (A GVF brought $336, CNG eAuct 9/11; VF+ $180, Rauch 5/04.) Min Bid $100

203 Quadrans, Hercules bust r/SC, boar r; VF+/VF, well center-ed, full lgnd, dark greenish patina with a little earthen hilighting, good surfaces, bust well detailed. Quite good quality for this, rare thus. (A VF brought $375, Lanz 5/08.) Minimum Bid $60

204 As, SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI, Victory crowning Ruler l.;

VF-EF, obv sl off-ctr losing lgnd at rt, rev well centered; sl uneven reddish-brown patina with hint of coarseness. Portrait has full strong hair detail. Scarce type. (A rough VF-EF brought $316, Coin Galleries 7/00; GVF $411, Spink 11/06.) Minimum Bid $80

205 Egypt, Æ14 (Chalkos), bust r, no lgndHem-hem crown, LIZ; AVF, centered on a ragged flan, dark green patina with strong earthen hilighting; sl crudeness but decent portrait with much detail visible. (A VF/F brought $125, Munz Zent 4/08.) MB $20

206 Tyre, Tet., Eagle facg, hd l., on club; F-VF/F+, well centered, good silver with lt tone, teensy edge splits, small part of obv lgnd wk, portrait nice with much detail. (An AVF brought $151 on $225 bid in my 7/07 sale.) Minimum Bid $45

207 HADRIAN, Den, COS III, Libertas stg l, EF, nrly centered, full lgnds, good metal with lt tone; well struck with nice detail on both portrait & Libbie. Photo doesn't show full detail. (A VF (not a bit better) sold for $374, Coin Galleries 9/08; EF $646, Gorny 10/09.) Minimum Bid $125

208 As, Cos III, Galley; VF/AVF, sl off-ctr, obv lgnd mostly off at rt, dk green patina with lt roughness, strong portrait detail. Ex European auction as VF. Decent & a rare type. (A VF brought $434, Lanz 11/05; GVF $982, Kunker 10/07.) Minimum Bid $75

209 Egypt, Tet., bust r/Pronoia stg l hldg Phoenix, L KB; VF+/VF, obv well centered with full lgnd, rev nrly centered, lgnd crowded; decent lt silver-grey metal; strong portrait detail. (A VF, this exact variety, sold for $592, Kunker 3/11.) Minimum Bid $110

210 Antioch, Tet, Eagle stg r, head l, on animal's leg; Nice VF, nrly centered, lgnds complete with tops of some letters off, good bright silver with some lt tone & some almost invisible scrs. Strong portrait of fine style. (A VF brought $371 on $400 bid in my 9/99 sale; VF with scrs & flan crack, $633,CNG 12/96.) MB $170


211 SABINA, As, bust rt with hair done up in elaborate style/SC, Ceres std l; VF+/VF, well centered, obv lgnd complete tho partly crude/weak, darkish greenish brown patina, faint smoothing marks with some lt roughness remaining; portrait shows great hairdo detail. Very scarce with this bust type. Poor photo. (A VF brought $580, Lanz 5/95; GVF $1254, F&S 10/00.) Minimum Bid $110

212 ANTONINUS PIUS, AS CAESAR, Den, Bare hd r/TRIB POT COS, Concord stg l, VF-EF, obv sl off-ctr with lgnd crowded/wk at rt, rev well centered & struck, excellent metal with lt mellow tone, fine portrait with strong hair detail. Very scarce as Caesar. Ex Frank S. Robinson collection in his distinctive neatly lettered envelope. (A GVF realized $450, Gorny 3/09.) Min Bid $140

213 As Augustus, As, SALVS AVG COS IIII, Salus stg l, snake & altar; VF, nrly centered, lgnds complete, generally smooth dark chocolate brown with only the weensiest pits mainly on rev. Nice. (A VF brought $250, Pegasi 11/10.) Minimum Bid $50

214 Sest, SC, Sow & piglets under tree; COPY, struck in copper, a hefty substantial piece, EF, toned, nice. Minimum Bid $16

215 Sest, COS IIII, Ruler in quadriga l.; VF/AVF, well centered, even dark green patina with only very sl surface impairment; strong portrait; nice, and a scarce type. (VFs sold for $989, CNG 9/04 and $1750, Peus 11/08.) Minimum Bid $200

216 Sest., VOTA SVSCEPTA etc, Ruler sacrificing at altar; F, sl off-ctr, lgnds mostly off at left, sl 2-toned brown patina, not really any porosity but it does sport a little dark green crusting; nice bold portrait. (A VF with lt corr brought $630, Rauch 10/05.) MB $15

217 Egypt Tet., bust left/Nilus recl. l., crocodile; VF/F-VF, lt brownish-grey tone, sl off-ctr, lgnd partly crowded/wk, small pati-na patch obscures year. Nice strong portrait. (A VF sold for $315, Peus 4/05.) Minimum Bid $40

218 Posthumous, Den., DIVO PIO, large altar; AEF, centered,

full lgnds, good bright silver, well struck & all that. (A VF brought $150, Titano 6/06; EF $529, Lanz 6/10.) Minimum Bid $80

219 FAUSTINA SR, Den, AETERNITAS stg l; EF, centered on a sl ragged flan, full lgnds, good strike, bright lustery silver. (A VF+ sold for $200, CGF 11/04; EF $345, Lanz 5/07.) Min. Bid $85

220 Den., AVGVSTA, Ceres stg l; Nice F-VF, well centered & struck, good silver with lt tone; teensy short edge cracks. (An FDC realized $3,680, Gemini 1/06. Now my coin is not FDC, but I just thought I'd mention this because it is such an astonishing price for such a common denarius.) Minimum Bid $20

221 Sest, AVGVSTA, Ceres stg l, with 2 torches; AEF/VF, centered on a large flan, dark green patina, sl roughness on obv mainly at left & rt edges; rev has lt to moderate roughness overall; nice sharp coiffure detail on portrait. Ex Frank S. Robinson collection. (A VF brought $1100, Rauch 5/04; GVF $1380, CNG 6/05.) Minimum Bid $150

222 MARCUS AURELIUS As Caesar, Den, TR POT XIII COS II, Spes stg l; AVF, centered, full lgnds, good metal with medium tone, nice for grade. (A VF (this exact variety), ragged flan [lgnds crude], brought $381, CNG 5/13.) Minimum Bid $25

223 As Augustus, Den., TRP XXII IMP V COS II, Aequitas std l; EF, quite ragged flan; obv sl off-ctr, lgnd at left crowded & crude, portrait sharp; rev has a rather crude area at ragged left edge. Bright silver. (An AEF brought $246, CNG eAuction 11/11.) Minimum Bid $55

224 Sest, TR POT XX IMP IIII COS III, Victory hldg shield inscr VIC PAR; AVF/F, nrly centered on sl oval flan, lgnds partly off & partly wk, sl grainy medium brown patina, full laurel wreath.

(A VF with flan flaw brought $489, Gemini 1/11.) Min. Bid $45

225 FAUSTINA JR, Den, FECVNDITAS stg r; Choice VF+, well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone, nice strong portrait. (

A VF+ brought $285, CGF 4/07.) Minimum Bid $50

226 Posthumous, Sest, AETERNITAS stg by column, hldg Phoenix; AVF/F-VF, centered on a squared flan, lgnds complete tho partly crowded on rev; dark greenish-brown patina, perhaps a little smoothed, color a touch uneven on obv; strong hair detail.

(A VF sold for $950, NFA 1/82.) Minimum Bid $75

227 LUCIUS VERUS, Den, PROV DEOR TRP II COS II, Providentia stg l; EF/VF-EF, centered & well struck, good bright metal with a little tone, great portrait detail. Ex Archer M. Huntington collection. (A VF brought $200, Berk 5/09; EF $720, Gorny 10/09.) Minimum Bid $120

228 Sest, TR POT V IMP II COS II, Mars adv r; VF/F-VF, centered on a sl squared flan, green & brown patina, some mild roughness mainly on rev, lgnds partly wk, nice atrong portrait. Scarce, more so with this dating. (A F+ of this type brought $255, CGB 6/05; VF $719, CNG 9/07.) Minimum Bid $125

229 LUCILLA, As, IVNO REGINA, Juno stg l; what looks like a brontosaurus by Juno was meant to be a peacock; AEF/VF, centered, medium brown patina, only slightest porosity on obv, somewhat more on rev with an erosion spot at Juno's right arm. Portrait has unusually sharp hair detail. (A VF (generously graded) brought $367, Heidelberger 5/12.) Minimum Bid $80

230 COMMODUS, Den, PM TRP XVII IMP VIII COS VII PP, Fortuna Felix stg l; AVF/F+, nrly centered, lgnds complete tho partly crowded, soft on rev; good metal with lt tone. Min. Bid $35

231 Holyland, Decapolis, Gerasa, Tyche stg l, man with spear behind, Spijk. 21; VF, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, lgnds somewhat crude/wk, dark greenish patina with soime slight maroon flecks on obv, touch of roughness, laurel wreath visible. Decent for this & rare. Poor photo. (Nicer than a Near VF bringing $179, CNG eAuc 4/12; VF (looks rough) $250, Pegasi 11/12.) Minimum Bid $60

232 CRISPINA, Den, IVNO, Juno stg l; F+/F, well centered,

good metal with nice old collection toning, nice strong portrait.

(A VF brought $168, Gitbud 8/13.) Minimum Bid $35


233 SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, Den, AEQVITATI AVGG, Aequitas stg l; VF, obv sl off-ctr with lgnd crowded/wk at left, rev well centered, good metal with nice lt tone. Distinctive style of Laodicea mint; scarce. (A Nice VF in my last sale brought $65 reduced from a $240 bid.) Minimum Bid $22

234 Den, MARTI VICTORI, Mars stg r, w/long spear & shield; EF, nrly centered, lgnds complete though somewhat wk/crude, bright lustery metal, very sharp portrait. Quite a scarce type; usually Mars carries a trophy, but this time he forgot it in a taxi. MB $30

235 Den, PM TRP XV COS III PP, Africa stg rt with lion; EF, obv nrly centered & well struck, rev sl off-ctr with lgnd wk/crowded at rt & a bit softly struck. Good metal with luster & lt tone. Scarce with Africa. (A Ch. VF brought $121 in my 1/99 sale.) Min Bid $45

236 Den, VICTORIAE AVGG FEL, Victory adv l, shield set on cippus; Choice VF, well centered & struck on a full round flan with complete lgnds; good metal with dark tone in recesses. (A VF sold for $47 on $85 bid in my 11/06 sale.) Minimum Bid $25

237 Marcianopolis, Æ17, Eagle stg facg; VF+/VF, obv well centered, rev off-ctr to bottom, deep green patina, strong portrait detail. Minimum Bid $20

238 JULIA DOMNA, Den, CERERI FRVGIF, Ceres std l; EF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone & evident luster; just a touch of softness on rev, but unusually nice. (A Near EF brought $276, CNG 9/06; VF+, rev off-ctr $183, CGF 6/04.) Minimum Bid $60

239 Den, DIANA LVCIFERA, Diana stg l with torch; VF+.VF, centered & well struck on a large flan, good metal with old collection toning. Portrait very bold. (A VF+/VF brought $72 in my 6/94 sale; VF $145, Peus 5/08.) Minimum Bid $35

240 Sest, IVNONI LVCINAE, Juno std l; F-VF, centered on a big heavy flan, medium tan-brown, mildly grainy, last 2 rev letters wk, portrait has much hair detail. Rare type; normally Juno is standing, but she finally got tired, hence here she is seated. Banti records only a single example. (A GVF with rough rev brought $863, CNG 9/07; VF $539, Hess-Divo 9/07.) Minimum Bid $85

241 CARACALLA, Den, MARTI PROPVGNATORI, Mars adv l; EF/AEF, centered & well struck, good bright metal, nice bearded portrait. (An EF brought $270, Gorny 3/13.) Minimum Bid $50

242 Den, PM TRP XVI COS IIII PP, Hercules stg l; EF, nrly centered & decently struck with full clear lgnds, good bright silver with hint of tone, bearded portrait. (VF+/VF brought $191, iNumis 10/13; GEF $460 F&S 1/10.) Minimum Bid $55

243 Den, PM TRP XVII COS IIII PP, Serapis stg l; EF, centered, minor lgnd crudeness, sm edge split, bright lustrous silver, sharp bearded portrait. (An EF brought $219, CGB 11/04 .) Min Bid $65

244 Den, VOTA SVSCEPTA X, Ruler stg at altar; VF+, centered & well struck, bright silver, tiny edge splits, strong youthful portrait. (A VF brought $51 on $75 bid in my 8/06 sale.) Min. Bid $28

245 Ant, PM TRP XVIII COS IIII PP, Jupiter stg r; AEF/VF, centered on large flan, sl lgnd wkness, lt grey tone on faintly granular surfaces, sharp portrait, nice. (VFs brought $350, Kunker 9/06 and $240, CGB 11/09.) Minimum Bid $65

246 As, PM TRP XVI COS IIII PP, Serapis stg l; F+/F, obv cent-ered with full lgnd, rev sl off-ctr with lgnd mostly off at left; darkish brown patina with only very sl traces of porosity. Nice bold portrait with much detail. (A VF brought $214, Peus 4/09.) Min. Bid $40

247 Serdica, Æ30, Zeus std l; overall F, portrait better with much detail, centered but lgnds partly wk, glossy deep green patina with minor graininess. Laureate head; K. Candiotti's tag says pub'd only with radiate. Minimum Bid $20

248 CARACALLA & JULIA DOMNA, Marcianopolis, Æ28, busts face-to-face/Homonoia stg l, AVF, nrly centered, dark greenish patina, lgnds complete (a bit of wkness on obv), sl matte surface. Both portraits show reasonable detail. Decent for this & quite scarce. (Compare a F bringing $67, CNG eAuc 3/12; GVF $297, CNG 3/99.) Minimum Bid $55

249 PLAUTILLA, Den, PIETAS AVGG, Pietas stg r; AVF/F+, centered on a sl ragged flan, decent metal with lt tone, nice bold portrait. (A VF sold for $203, Peus 11/09.) Minimum Bid $35

250 GETA, Den, SEVERI PII AVG FIL, sacrificial implements (jug, knife, sprinkler, lituus, simpulum, and paramecium); distinctive style of Laodicea mint; EF/VF, centered, a little lgnd crudeness, good metal with pleasant medium old toning. Nice sharp portrait. Scarcer type. (An EF brought $518, CNG 9/06; GVF $173, CNG eAuc 4/10.) Minimum Bid $50

251 Den, PRINC IVVENTVTIS, Geta stg left by trophy; VF/F-VF, centered on sl unround flan, full lgnds, faintest granularity with lt tone, nice portrait. Previous dealer graded this "AXF/VF++" so you should buy from me instead. (A VF+/VF brought $274, iNumis 10/10.) Minimum Bid $27

252 MACRINUS, Den, SALVS PVBLICA, Salus std l, feeding snake; AEF, well centered on sl oval flan, good metal with nice mellow tone, sharp portrait of short beard type (not to be confused with the shortbread type, issued in Scotland). (An EF/VF brought $420, Varesi 11/05; VF $332, Peus 4/14.) Minimum Bid $150

253 DIADUMENIAN, Den, PRINC IVVENTVTIS, Diad w/3 stan-dards; VF, obv bold & perfectly centered; rev nrly so; bright metal with infinitesimal; granularity. Decent. (A VF+/AVF brought $301 in my 1/01 sale; VF rev die worn, $539, CNG 3/99.) MB $200

254 ELAGABALUS, Den, ABVNDANTIA AVG, Abundantia syg l; EF/VF+, obv sl off-ctr with sl ragged edge & some lgnd crude-ness; portrait sharp; rev well centered & struck. Good metal with

lt tone. (An EF/VF realized $220, CGF 6/07.) Minimum Bid $40

255 Den, VICTOR ANTONINI AVG, Victory adv r; AEF, centered, bright metal with sl granularity & lt tone. Finely styled portrait.

(A VF brought $87, CGF 6/03.) Minimum Bid $30


256 Sest, VICTORIA ANTONINI AVG, Victory adv r; F+/F or so, obv sl off-ctr, some of lgnd partly off, some of rev lgnd worn; dark brown patina with light tan at high points; minor edge crack; sl surface blemishes. Quite good portrait with much detail. Sestertii of this ruler are scarce, this type particularly so. (A Near VF [I'd grade F-VF/F] brought $719, CNG 5/10.) Minimum Bid $100

257 ELAGABALUS & RHESCUPORIS II, Borporus, ELEC-TRUM Stater, Rhescuporis bust r, lgnd; Elagabalus bust r, star, date below, EI-Theta; AVF, well centered, very sl scrs & trace of porosity, pale silver-gold color. (VFs with same date brought $604, CNG 5/23 and VF $623, Gorny 10/05.) Minimum Bid $200

258 JULIA MAESA, Den, PIETAS AVG, Pietas stg l, EF, large flan, obv sl off-ctr but lgnd complete, bright silver, nice portrait with every hair sharp. (An EF brought $141 on $161 bid in my 1/99 sale; EF $280, NAC 5/05.) Minimum Bid $80

259 Den, FECVNDITAS AVG, Fecunditas stg l, child; VF+, well centered, decent strike with just sl obv lgnd softness, portrait sharp; good metal with deep tone. (A Ch. VF brought $72 on $88 bid in my 1/95 sale.)Minimum Bid $45

260 JULIA PAULA, Den, VENVS GENETRIX, Venus std l; EF, centered, good strike with rev better than usual; decent metal with lt tone. Sharp hair detail. Scarcer rev type for this gal. (An EF brought $278 on $455 bid in my 5/01 sale; VF $320, Kunker 9/06.) Minimum Bid $150

261 JULIA SOAEMIAS, Den, VENVS CAELESTIS, Venus std l; EF/VF, nrly centered on a ragged flan, weak & crude at left each side, touches of granularity. Portrait very nice with every hair sharp. (A VF/AEF brought $101 on $110 bid in my 10/96 sale; VF $195, Kunker 3/07.) Minimum Bid $45

262 SEVERUS ALEXANDER, as CAESAR, Æ26, Caesarea ad Libanum, Rad. bust r/Astarte crowned by male figure in shrine with wings each containing female deity, Lindgr.2288; AVF, over-all crude, sl off-ctr on irregular flan, partial lgnds, some flatness at bottom each side, green-brown patina with minimal granularity. Decent portrait with crownband visible. Rare. (A "GVF" [crude, rough, not much better] brought $404, M&M 10/06.) MB $35

263 (As Aug.) Den, PROVIDENTIA AVG, Annona stg at modius; EF, nrly centered & well struck, bright silver with sl matte surface. Lightly bearded portrait. (An EF brought $467, Gorny 10/13.)

Minimum Bid $50

264 As, PM TRP VIIII COS III PP, Justitia std l; VF, perfectly centered & well struck, dark brown patina, very sl surface impefections; decent. Rare. (The only other I found was a F+/VF at $139, CGB, date not given, on acsearch.) Minimum Bid $65

265 Bithynia, Nikaia, Æ21, 3 standards; VF+/EF, well centered & struck on a large round flan with full lgnds; nice medium olive green patina. (A VF fetched $155, Elsen 9/94.). Min. Bid $40

266 ORBIANA, Den, CONCORDIA AVGG, Concord std l; EF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr but complete; bright lusterlike silver, sl granularity mainly on rev. Nice sharp portrait. (An EF sold for $1660, Gorny 3/11; VF $810, DNW 3/07.) Min Bid $290

267 JULIA MAMAEA, Den, VESTA stg l; VF-EF, well centered, obv lgnd somewhat fuzzy, portrait sharp; sl grainy with light toning. (A GVF brought $115, DNW 6/07.) Minimum Bid $20

268 MAXIMINUS I, Den, PM TRP II COS PP, Ruler stg w/2 standards; Mint State, large flan, obv sl off-ctr but complete; both sides sharply struck, every hair crisp; good metal with luster & lt tone. (An Unc brought $420, Gorny 10/04; GEF $360, NAC 3/07.) Minimum Bid $110

269 MAXIMUS, Sest, PRINCIPI IVVENTVTIS, Max stg w/2 standards; Ex European auction as AEF/VF-EF, which is actually correct, tho it does have a touch of surface roughness on obv, a little more on rev; centered with full lgnds; dark brown. Portrait unusually strong with virtually every little hair visible. (Compare an AVF bringing $642, NAC 3/10; GVF $1177, Gorny 10/11; VF+ $2480, Nomisma 5/10.) Minimum Bid $250

270 BALBINUS, Ant, CONCORDIA AVGG, clasped hands; Choice VF-EF, centered, well struck, good metal with lt tone & luster hints. Problem-free & pleasing. (A F sold for $600, Berk 5/12; VF-EF $770, Gorny 10/08) Minimum Bid $350

271 GORDIAN III, Ant, LAETITIA AVG N, Laetitia stg l; EF/VF+, well centered & decently struck, good metal with medium tone, sharp portrait. (An EF/AEF brought $77 on $125 bid, FSR 6/08; EF $225, Titano 10/04.) Minimum Bid $35

272 Ant, PM TRP III COS II PP, Ruler stg r; EF, obv well cent-ered, rev a hair off-ctr, a few letters weak at left each side, other-wise good strike with portrait particularly sharp. Bright silver with minimal graininess mainly on rev. Scarce with TRPIII?? (An EF of this type [TRP II] brought $360, Gorny 10/08. Mini Bid $35

273 Den., PM TRP III COS II PP, Ruler on horse l; AVF, perfectly centered, good metal with lt tone, decent. (A VF sold for $205, Peus 11/05.) Minimum Bid $25

274 Caesarea, Drachm, Mount Argaeus, ET-Delta; VF-EF/EF, obv centered, rev sl off-ctr, lgnds complete, well struck, excellent metal with lt tone. Rare in this quality. A group of these has come on the market; I picked the best with utmost care. (A VF brought $483, Lanz 5/09.) Minimum Bid $140

275 Viminacium, Æ30 ("sestertius"), Moesia stg betw lion & bull, AN III; F-VF, well centered on a thick heavy flan, dark greenish patina with maroon on cheek, strong portrait with laurel wreath visible. (A VF sold for $270, Gal. Numis 11/03.) Min, Bid $40

276 Egypt Tet., Homonoia stg l, LZ; F-VF/F+, centered, full lgnd, grey-brown patina, nice bold features. (A VF with early bronze disease [diff year] brought $213, CNG eAuc. 8/11.) Min Bid $15

277 PHILIP I, Ant, AEQVITAS AVGG, Aequitas stg l; EF, well centered on a full round flan, well struck with a stronger rev than usual; portrait extremely sharp with every hair crisp; generally good silver with only slightest surface misbehaviors. (A VF brought $135, Peus 11/09; EF/VF $550, NFA 5/94, but that can't be true.) Minimum Bid $40


278 Ant, PAX FVNDATA CVM PERSIS, Pax stg l, VF and quite choice for this scarce Antioch issue, well centered on a large flan, good silver with luster & lt tone; technically EF with scarcely any wear but central details softly struck, hence my conservative grade. (A VF, flat rev strike, brought $315, Kunker 3/08.) MB $45

279 Ant, PM TRP II COS PP, Ruler std l; Choice EF, centered, obv quite sharply struck, fine style portrait; rev figure also quite sharp, a few letters could be stronger. Bright silver. (An AEF brought $165, Elsen 3/04; EF $304, Artemide 4/12.) Min Bid $50

280 Egypt Tet, (Oops, this is actually Philip II) LS, Homonoia stg l; VF, nrly centered, full clear lgnd, grey-brown patina, ltly granular on obv, rev a bit more rough. Portrait has strong laurel wreath. (A VF went for $180, Peus 4/13.) Minimum Bid $25

281 Antioch, Tet, Radiate bust r/Eagle stg r, ANTIOXIA SC below; VF+, a hair off-ctr, full lgnds, a little weak at obv bottom, deep grey tone, a little grainy in places; Sharp[ hair & eagle detail. (A VF-EF brought $377, Gorny 3/12.) Minimum Bid $45

282 Viminacium, Æ28, Moesia stg betw lion & bull, AN VIIII; VF/AVF, obv perfectly centered, rev nrly so, full lgnds; nice vivid green patina. (A VF brought $265, Kunker 3/08.) Min Bid $40

283 OTACILIA Severa, Ant, CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia

std l, VF, centered on a large flan, typical rev lgnd crudeness, good metal with medium toning. Nice portrait. (A VF realized $47 on $60 bid in my 1/00 sale.) Minimum Bid $25

284 Ant, PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia std l, EF, sl ragged flan, obv well centered & decently struck with only a little typical lgnd crudeness, sharp portrait; rev sl off-ctr & from a somewhat worn die. Bright lusterlike silver. (An AEF with rev flaw brought $305, Kunker 9/06.) Minimum Bid $40

285 PHILIP II, As Caesar, Ant, PRINCIPI IVVENT, Phil stg r;

EF, sl off-ctr but full lgnds, uncleaned original dark tone on good smooth surfaces. Portrait & rev figure sharp. (An EF sold for $360, Lanz 11/07; EF $215, Gorny 3/07.) Minimum Bid $35

285A As Aug., Egypt Tet, Hermanubis stg r, LE; scarce type; VF, lt brown, full obv lgnd, strong portrait, rev sl off-ctr & a little rough. (A VF with pit on cheek brought $82, CNG eAuc 3/05.) MB $25

286 TRAJAN DECIUS, Ant, DACIA stg l; EF, well centered, obv well struck with sharp portrait & strong lgnd; rev typically soft; bright, faintly grainy but lusterlike metal. (A VF brought $166, Peus 4/14; GVF $145, CNG eAuc 6/12.) Minimum Bid $35

287 Ant, PANNONIAE stg hldg standards; Virtually Mint State, centered, both sides better struck than usual with sharp portrait & rev figure detail. Good bright silver with luster & hint of tone. (EFs brought $235, Titano 3/07 & $370, Dorotheum 5/12.) Min Bid $80

288 Sest, type as last, VF, centered on a sl squared flan with full lgnds (partly wk on rev); dark green patina with touches of roughness. Portrait has sharp hair & laurel wreath detail. (A VF with flaws brought $600, Spink-Taisei 6/94.) Minimum Bid $85

289 HERENNIA ETRUSCILLA, Ant, PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia std l; Virtually no wear but weakly struck in centers with F+ detail, lgnds strong, call it net VF; quite well centered, good metal with luster & lt tone. (A VF brought $125, Hess-Divo 5/96; VF $51 on $71 bid in my 6/93 sale.) Minimum Bid $25

290 HERENNIUS ETRUSCUS, Ant, PIETAS AVGVSTORVM, priestly implements; EF, centered on large, sl ragged flan, well struck for this with only sl crudeness, portrait fully sharp; good bright silver. (An EF realized $630, Aureo & Calico 2/12; AEF [I grade VF] $340, Thesaurus 12/07.) Minimum Bid $80

291 TREBONIANUS GALLUS, Antioch, Tet., Eagle facg, hd r, A below; Virtually mint state, well centered & struck, full strong lgnds, sharp portrait & eagle detail; sl granular but quite lustery silver. (An AEF brought $271 in my 9/10 sale; EF $460, NY Sale 1/04; EF $748, CNG 9/12.) Minimum Bid $140

292 VOLUSIAN, Antiochia Æ23, Aquila betw standards; F/VF, nrly centered, a little crude, obv lgnd wk at left, grey-green patina, sl grainy surfaces. (An AVF brought $71 on $115 bid in my 9/10 sale.) MB $8

293 AEMILIAN, Ant, HERCVL VICTORI, Hercules stg r; EF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, full lgnds (sl crude on rev), decent metal with lt tone & suggestion of luster; portrait of good style & unusually sharp for this. (A VF/VF-EF brought $661, Rauch 11/09; AEF $835, Gorny 3/12.) Minimum Bid $350

294 VALERIAN I, Cilicia, Syedra, Æ35, Ares stg r; AF, centered, lgnds partly wk, medium brown, sl porous, clear portrait. Ex Roma Numismatics 9/12 as F, brought $112. Rare. Minimum Bid $50

295 GALLIENUS, Ant, RESTITVT ORIENTIS, Orient giving wreath to Ruler; EF, well centered & struck with only minor crudeness on rev, portrait quite sharp; ltly toned silvered surfaces. (At least as nice as an EF bringing $173, CNG 5/02.)

Minimum Bid $35

296 Ant, ROMAE AETERNAE, Roma std l; AEF/VF, centered on a sl oval flan, decently struck, silvered surfaces with traces of porosity & medium grey toning. (An EF brought $123, CNG eAuc. 6/10.) Minimum Bid $20

297 SALONINA, Ant, CONCORDIA AVG, Ruler & wife clasp hands; VF-EF/EF, well centered & struck without wkness, decent metal with darkish grey toning; nice bold features. (A VF brought $155, Peus 4/04.) Minimum Bid $28


298 VALERIAN II, Ant, IOVI CRESCENTI, Infant genius on goat; F+, well centered, lgnds typically somewhat wk, very sl surface granularity, medium grey tone, not bad for the grade. (A F sold for $37 on $42 bid in my 9/99 sale.) Minimum Bid $15

299 SALONINUS, Ant, SPES PVBLICA, Ruler & Spes stg; EF/AEF, well centered & quite well struck with no wkness; portrait as sharp as can be with every hair crisp. Very sl grainy but decent surfaces with pleasant medium tone. Truly exceptonal for this.

(An EF brought $681, Kunker 11/13; EF with sl. corr, $527,

Hirsch 9/13.) Minimum Bid $150

300 POSTUMUS, Ant, ORIENS AVG, Sol adv l; EF, virtually as struck, obv centered & complete on a ragged flan, rev somewhat off-ctr but full lgnd; lustery brown surfaces; nice sharp portrait. (An EF sol;d for $345, NY Sale 1/10.) Minimum Bid $50

301 Ant, MONETA AVG, Moneta stg l; EF, well centered on a sl oval flan, good strike with a strong rev; good silver with hint of tone; sharp & finely styled portrait. (An EF brought $165, CNG 5/97.) Minimum Bid $50

302 Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l; EF, sl ragged flan, obv sl off-ctr to top with some lgnd crowded, rev nrly centered & decently struck; portrait very sharp; nice chestnut brown surfaces. (EFs brought $540, Lanz 11/09 and $491, Gorny 3/12.) Minimum Bid $35

303 AUREOLUS, in name of Postumus, Ant, CONCORD EQUIT, Fortuna stg l; AVF, perfectly centered with full tho soft lgnds, especially on rev; smooth medium brown surfaces. (A similar type VF brought $81 on $110 bid, in my 10/08 sale.) Min. Bid $25

304 MARIUS, Ant, SAEC FELICITAS, Felicitas stg l; VF/AEF, centered on an unusually irregular unround flan, parts of lgnds wk or off, good surfaces with tone on evident silvering; much detail on portrait. (A VF sold for $454, CNG 9/07.) Min Bid $150

305 CLAUDIUS II, Ant, FELICITAS AVG, Felicitas stg l; EF, well centered, full lgnds, decently struck with sharp portrait detail; well silvered with touches of speckly tone mainly on lower obv. (Nicer than an EF, not as well struck & also speckly looking, bringing $246, CNG eAuction 7/14.) Minimum Bid $25

306 Egypt Tet, LA, Eagle stg r, hd l; VF-EF, obv well centered, full tho crude lgnd, rev sl off-ctr; smooth dark brown patina with hints of green. Detailed portrait. (This exact variety, VF, brought $240, Peus 4/13.) Minimum Bid $25

307 QUINTILLUS, Ant, MARTI PACI, Mars atg l; Choice EF/AEF, good centering for this with only a few obv letters partly off, smooth medium brown surfaces; outstanding portrait with

wonderful sharp detail. Here is the Quintillus of your dreams.

(An EF brought $451, Rauch 12/12; GVF $179, CNG eAuc 8/13.) Minimum Bid $85

308 AURELIAN, Ant, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Ruler & wife clasp hands, S/XXIQ; Choice EF, well centered & sharply struck on a round flan, silvered surfaces with some lt tone, slight trace of green in letters at obv top. (An EF brought $200, Lanz 11/07.) Minimum Bid $40

309 Ant, ORIENS AVG, Sol stg r, kicking captive (well, it's supposed to be a captive; looks more like a lizard); EF, well centered, minor edge splits, few rev letters wk; silvered surfaces with some moderately speckly toning. (An EF sold for $575, CNG 9/11. I can prove this.) Minimum Bid $25

310 Ant, RESTITVT ORBIS, Female giving wreath to Ruler; EF, well centered on a ragged flan, decently struck with no wkness, silvered surfaces with an uneven chestnut brown tone. Better looking than the picture. (EFs brought $450, Gorny 10/07 and $274, Peus 11/10.) Min Bid $25

I can tell you where your bids stand, if you ask, any time.

311 SEVERINA, As, IVNO REGINA, Juno stg l, peacock; EF, well centered & struck, minor edge splits, dark greenish-brown patina with only minimal graininess mainly on rev, somewhat glossy on obv. Sharp portrait detail. Truly outstanding quality for this scarce issue. (An AEF brought $750, Aufhauser 10/90; EF $834, F&S 6/07.) Minimum Bid $250

312 VABALATHUS, Egypt Tet, His bust, L-E/Aurelian bust, L-B; VF/VF-EF, nrly centered, some of obv lgnd wk/off, full clear rev lgnd; medium brown with nice pale green hilighting; portraits quite strong. Very nice for this. (VFs brought $246, Peus 4/10 and $676, Emporium Hamburg 11/12.) Minimum Bid $70

313 TETRICUS I, Barbarous radiate, PAX AVG, VF or better, centered, smooth medium brown, somewhat crude of course but most of obv lgnd clear & portrait sharp. Minimum Bid $12

314 TACITUS, Egypt Tet, ETOYC A, Elpis stg l; VF+, obv well centered, sm edge split, full lgnd, sharp portrait, brown patina with sl hilighting; rev somewhat off-ctr, with some heavy encrustation mostly on bottom third. If you can clean it off this will be a very nice coin. Of course I never clean coins myself. And I never lie. (A VF, same variety, brought $240, Peus 4/13.) Min. Bid $15

315 FLORIAN, Ant, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Victory giving wreath to Ruler; VF, well centered & decently struck on a sl oval flan; glossy dark brown patina. (A VF+ brought $230, CGF 11/04.) Minimum Bid $60

316 PROBUS, Ant, ABVNDANTIA AVG, Abundantia stg r, EF/VF+, well centered & decently struck on a large round flan, sl uneven silvering & reddish-brown tone, minor traces of granularity mainly on rev, sharp portrait. (An EF brought $161, CGB 10/06.)

Minimum Bid $28


317 Ant, CLEMENTIA TEMP, Jupiter gives globe to Ruler, */XXI; EF, centered, nice strike, silvered with sl dusty tone, contrasting darkening on high points. (A VF/EF brought $76 on $91 bid, FSR 5/09; EF $375, Gorny 10/06) Min Bid $30

318 Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, Q/XXI; Choice EF, well centered & sharply struck, lustery silvered surfaces with medium toning. (An EF sold for $205, Gorny 10/09.) Minimum Bid $45

319 Ant, Helmeted bust left with spear & shield/VIRTVS PROBI AVG, Ruler on horse l, captive, KAB; Choice EF, well centered & nicely struck with no weak spots, darkish but lustery grey-brown tone and traces of silvering peeking through; a nest of robins in its hair; upon whose bosom snow has lain; who intimately lives with rain; catalogs are made by ignoramuses, but only God can make antoninianuses. (An EF brought $430, Gorny 3/08.) Min Bid $45

320 Egypt Tet, Tyche stg l, Year Gamma; AVF/VF, nrly centered, practically full lgnd, smooth reddish-brown patina. (A VF was sold for $65, CNG "Coin Shop" #807202.) Minimum Bid $12

321 CARUS, Egypt Tet, Flaming altar; F+, centered & well struck with full clear lgnds, smooth dark patina. Scarcer type. (A VF realized $570, Peus 4/13.) Minimum Bid $15

322 NUMERIAN, Ant, PAX AVGG, Pax stg l; Virtually Mint, obv well centered & sharply struck, rev sl off-ctr & a mite crude (die break at A of AVGG); lustrous silvered surfaces with some lt reddish-brown toning, sl speckly on rev. Obv particularly sharp & attractive. (An EF/VF [weak rev] brought $165, Munz Zent 4/07; EF $275, CNG eAuction 1/09.) Minimum Bid $75

323 CARINUS (As Aug.), Egypt Tet, LB, Elpis stg l; F-VF/VF, centered, obv lgnd complete tho wk, lt brown patina with some pale green hilighting. (A VF brought $134, Peus 4/11.) MB $17

324 DIOCLETIAN, Ant, IOVI CONSERVAT AVGG, Jupiter stg l; VF-EF, nrly centered on large oval flan, decent strike with only a few letters wk, ltly toned with plenty of silvering, traces of green in recesses mainly on rev. Sharp portrait. Scarcer type. (A GVF brought $94, CNG eAuction 1/10.)Minimum Bid $25

325 Follis, IOVI CONS CAES, Jupiter stg l, ALE; Choice EF, obv perfectly centered, rev nrly so, sharply struck with no wkness; quite lustrous silvery-grey-brown tone. Unusually refined bust style particular to this very scarce type. (EFs brought $315, Elsen 6/04; $400, Nomisma 4/07.) Minimum Bid 140

326 MAXIMIAN, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, KB; Virtually Mint State, centered on a large round flan, nicely struck with no wkness & superb portrait with every little hair jumping out at you. Fully silvered with some lt tone & extremely minor surface imperfections. (An EF brought $310, M&M 11/02; VF+ $380 (!) iNumis 3/10.) Minimum Bid $100

327 Argenteus, VICTORIA SARMAT, Tetrarchs sacrificing before gate; VF-EF, centered on sl oval flan, well struck with no wkness & no flan crack, decent metal with lt tone. (An EF brought $1175, Triton 1/13; VF $420, Peus 11/04.) Minimum Bid $250

328 CARAUSIUS, Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, B-E/MLXXI (scarcer with these markings); Choice VF, obv nrly centered with full clear lgnd, rev sl off-ctr to top, well struck, smooth dark greenish patina. Nice for this; previous dealer called it XF. (A VF of the type brought $300, CGF 6/05.) Minimum Bid $130

329 ALLECTUS, Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, S-A/ML; AEF, well centered & boldly struck, glossy dark green patina, no porosity. Very nice for this. (A VF-EF sold for $897, Gorny 10/12; GVF $800, Berk 5/12.) Minimum Bid $375

330 CONSTANTIUS I, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, no mintmk = London, with its distinctive style; AEF, centered, well struck, medium brown, virtually imperceptible granularity mainly on rev. Nice for this with very sharp portrait. (An EF brought $403, F&S 6/07.) Minimum Bid $50

331 GALERIUS (As Caes), Follis, bust left with eagle-tipped scepter/GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, altar, PLC; virtually no wear & much silvering with lt grey-brown tone, but softly struck in forehead area & body of genius; so will call it a

net VF. Rare with this bust. (An EF, this exact variety, brought $1380, F&S 6/07.) MB $75


332 (As Aug.) Follis, VIRTVTI EXERCITVS, Mars adv r, MKV; Choice EF+, virtually mint state, well centered, obv sharply struck, rev just a bit soft overall; quite lustrous dark silvery-brown surfaces. Very attractive. (An EF brought $375, Lanz 5/06; EF, sl. corrosion, $368, Hirsch 9/07.) Minimum Bid $100

333 SEVERUS II, as Caesar, Post-reform Radiate, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Jupiter giving Victory to Ruler, ALE; Nice VF, nrly centered, lgnds complete with sl crowding mainly on rev; smooth medium brown, strong sharp portrait. (A VF brought $201, Kunker 9/10.) Minimum Bid $50

334 MAXENTIUS, Follis, CONSERV VRB SVAE, Roma in 6-column temple, ST; unusual & scarce short obv lgnd MAXENTIVS PF AVG; EF, well centered & struck, glossy dark brown patina with some tiny surface blemishes mainly on rev. Totally sharp portrait. (An AEF (normal lgnd) brought $564, Rauch 4/11; EF $475, Nomisma 4/09.) Minimum Bid $65

NOTE: PHOTOS OF 334-336 are mixed up!

334 is labelled "335"

335 is labelled "336

336 is labelled "334"

335 Same but Roma, Victory & captive in 4-column temple, Victories at corners, TT; VF-EF, nrly centered on somewhat undersized flan, a little of lgnds off; smooth brown patina; sharp portrait detail. (A VF brought $204, Peus 11/08.) Min Bid $18

336 MAXIMINUS II, As Aug., Red. Follis, SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI, Aquila betw standards, RP?; VF, a little off-ctr, lt brown, sl porosity, good sharp portrait. Now, this type is scarce

for Constantine & Licinius, but when have you ever seen it for Maximinus? Minimum Bid $18

337 LICINIUS I, Reduced Fol, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg l with Victory & eagle, SIS; EF, perfectly centered & sharply struck, medium brown. Very nice. (An EF, this exact variety, brought $292, Lanz 6/12.) Minimum Bid $28

338 LICINIUS II, Æ3, Helmeted bust l./Jupiter betw eagle & captive, SMH-Gamma; AEF, perfectly centered & sharply struck, smooth dark green-brown with hilighting. (An EF brought $1175 (yes) Triton 1/14; VF $160, Loiseau 4/95.) Minimum Bid $30

339 CONSTANTINE I, Æ3/4, GLORIA EXERCITVS, 2 standards betw soldiers, SMANA, Choice EF, obv nrly centered with complete lgnd, rev well centered; sharply struck; smooth dark greenish-brown. Very nice. (A Ch. AEF/VF brought $54 on $80 bid, FSR 11/07; EF $200, Gorny 3/09.) Min Bid $25

340 Red. Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg l, w/Victory & eagle, •SIS•; EF, well centered, "IMP" wk, otherwise sharply struck, lustery dark green-brown patina. (Nicer than an EF bringing $168, CGB 10/08.)Minimum Bid $25

341 Æ3, PROVIDENTIAE AVGG, camp gate, SMANTB; AEF, well centered & struck, medium grey-brown, maybe a tiny bit grainy, but nice.. (An EF sold for $77 on $150 bid in my 11/06 auction.) Minimum Bid $13

342 Red. Fol, SOLI INVICTO COMITI, Sol stg l, TF/PLC; EF, obv nrly centered with full lgnd, rev well centered, pretty good strike with no notable wkness & sharp portrait. Medium brown with green tinge. Do I get bored writing this blather? Yes. (An AEF brought $250, Emp. Hamburg 5/07; only VF $170, Gorny 10/09.) Minimum Bid $28

343 Æ3 or Argenteus, Helmeted bust l., with spear/ VICTORIAE LAETAE etc, 2 Victories etc, ST; EF/AEF, well centered & struck, grey-brown tone with silvering in protected areas; very nice portrait with interesting helmet details. (A VF like this brought $476, iNumis 10/10.) Minimum Bid $35

344 Æ3, VIRTVS AVGG, Camp gate with 4 turrets, star above, ARLP; AEF/EF, well centered & struck, dark green patina, infinitesimal porosity but glittery surfaces especially on rev. Sharp & nice. Not to be confused with the common PROVIDENTIAE 2-turret camp gate, this is a very scarce type. (A VF brought $292, iNumis 10/09.) Minimum Bid $40

345 Æ3 , VOT XX in wreath, lgnd around, ST; AEF/AEF, obv perfectly centered, rev nrly so, sharply struck, every hair on portrait crisp. Light brown. (An EF sold for $56 on $70 bid, FSR 3/06; EF $180, Lanz 5/04.) Minimum Bid $20

346 Posthumous Æ4, Veiled bust r/Ruler in quadriga r, SMHB?; AEF/EF, centered, full lgnds (mintmk crudely struck); smooth dark greenish patina with hilighting. Minor edge crack at bottom. Unusually good quality for this. (A VF-EF/EF brought $101 on $270 bid in my 4/11 sale; EF $350, Lanz 5/06.) Min. Bid $35

347 COMMEMORATIVE, Æ3/4, VRBS ROMA, Roma bust l./ GLORIA EXERCITVS, standard betw soldiers, CONSA; AEF/VF, centered, lgnds complete, glossy brown surfaces with some green accents; very scarce this good. (An AEF/VF brought $71 in my 1/01 sale.) Minimum Bid $25

348 CONSTANTINOPOLIS Æ3, bust l./Victory on prow left, BSIS; AEF, nrly centered, full lgnds, basically smooth dark greenish-brown patina. Good detail. (A VF sold for $96, Schulman 3/12.) Minimum Bid $25

349 HELENA, Æ3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICE, Securitas stg l, SMANT; EF, perfectly centered, obv sharply struck with superbly detailed portrait, lt grey-green tone on underlying silvering; rev has lustery toned silvering but hint of porosity & crude/weak lgnds. Look at that portrait! (An EF brought $211 in my 9/09 sale; EF $748, Stacks 1/09.) Minimum Bid $65


350 FAUSTA, Æ3, SPES REIPVBLICAE, Fausta stg w/babies, PTR-cresc; EF, well centered, good strike with minimal lgnd crudeness; glossy deep brown surfacers. Another fantastic, detailed portrait. (An EF/AEF brought $460, H&A 10/04; EF/AEF $470, Lanz 11/05.) Minimum Bid $100

351 THEODORA, PIETAS ROMANA, Theodora hldg baby; EF, obv nrly centered, lgnd crude, rev sl off-ctr with mintmk off; glossy brown surfaces; excellent portrait with strong detail. (A GVF brought $450, NAC 3/07; VF $274, Gorny 3/11.) Min. Bid $45

352 CRISPUS, Æ3, Bust left/camp gate, R-wreath-T; Choice EF, centered, sharply struck, smooth olivy surfaces with underlying silvering. (An EF brought $165, Rauch 6/12.) Minimum Bid $30

353 Æ3, VOT X in wreath, lgnd around, ESIS-"Sunrise"; Choice EF, centered, well struck, toned silvered surfaces, portrait very sharp. Nice. (An EF sold for $235, Lanz 11/08.) Min.Bid $30

354 CONSTANTINE II, Æ3/4, GLORIA EXERCITVS, 2 stan-dards betw soldiers, SMANS; Superb EF+, well centered & sharply struck, glowing smooth dark brown surfaces. (A Ch EF brought $176 on $250 bid in my 12/11 sale.) Minimum Bid $30

355 Æ3, Bust left/PROVIDENTIAE CAESS, camp gate, SMANT-Delta; Choice EF, well centered on oval flan, well struck, full lgnds; lt grey-brown tone with underlying silvering, especially on rev; great portrait detail.. (EF $145, Lanz 5/02.) MB $25

356 Æ3, VOT X in wreath, lgnd around, RT; EF, well centered & nicely struck with sharp portrait; smooth medium brown, lustery on rev. (An EF realized $203, CGF 6/04.) Minimum Bid $25

357 CONSTANS, Æ4, GLORIA EXERCITVS, standard betw soldiers, ASIS; EF/VF-EF, centered, full lgnds, glossy olive-green patina. (An EF brought $61 on $88 bid, FSR 11/06.) Min. Bid $15

358 Cent., FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Ruler on boat with Victory, TES-Gamma; AEF, obv nrly centered, rev well centered, ltly toned lustery silvered surfaces with hint of granularity. (A GVF brought $145, Artemide 6/14; EF $549, Rauch 4/14.) Minimum Bid $30

359 CONSTANTIUS II (As Caes) Æ3, GLORIA EXERCITVS, 2 standards betw soldiers, •ASIS•; Choice EF, well centered & struck, grey-brown surfaces, very sharp portrait. (An EF brought $42 on $75 bid in my 8/94 sale.) Minimum Bid $25

360 (As Aug), Cent, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, soldier spearing fallen horseman, TS-Delta; EF/AEF, well centered & nicely struck without wkness, lt grey-brown with a little pale green hilighting.

(A VF+ brought $225, iNumis 3/10; EF with sl corr $640, Helios 3/11.) Min Bid $30

361 As last but Ruler on boat with Victory, TS-Delta-star; EF,

nrly centered, full lgnds, well silvered with sl speckly tone & touches of porosity. Sharp details. (An EF brought $558, Kunker 3/09.) Minimum Bid $27

362 VETRANIO, 1/2 Cent, VIRTVS AVGVSTORVM, Vetranio stg r w/captive, ESIS; F-VF, nrly centered on smallish flan, obv lgnd crowded/wk at rt, brown patina with sl earthen hiliting; decent portrait with laurel wreath visible. Scarce type. Minimum Bid $65

363 CONSTANTIUS GALLUS, Æ3, FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Soldier & fallen horseman, BSIS: VF+/F-VF, centered, obv well struck, rev softly struck, smooth deep green patina, sharp portrait. (A VF/AVF brought $51 on $60 bid in my 11/12 sale.) MB $10

364 MAGNENTIUS, Cent, VICTORIAE DD NN AVG ET CAE, 2 Victories hldg shield, SP/RPLC; EF, perfectly centered & well struck, lustrous silver-brown surfaces with traces of green, hint of granularity on rev; fully sharp portrait detail. (A VF-EF brought $308, Gorny 10/08; EF $478, Helios 11/08.) Minimum Bid $80

365 DECENTIUS, Type as last, SV/RSLC; VF, sl; off-ctr, lgnds partly crowded, hilighted pale green & brown patina, good strong portrait. (A VF sold for $356, Lanz 12/12.) Minimum Bid $30

366 JULIAN, Æ1, SECVRITAS REIPVB, Bull stg r, BSISC; F+, nrly centered, some of lgnd wk, medium brown, sl surface imperfections, portrait decent. (A F+ with lt marks & scrs brought $63 on $70 bid, FSR 3/06.) Minimum Bid $25

367 JOVIAN, Æ3, Bust left/VOT V MVLT X in wreath, HERACB; Choice EF, well centered & struck, glossy dark brown patina. Portrait detail exceedingly sharp. (An EF brought $136 in my 5/01 sale; GEF $450, Leu 5/95.) Minimum Bid $75

368 Same but bust rt, BSIRM; VF-EF, well centered on large flan, sage green patina, mattelike surface with minimal granularity. Sharp portrait detail. (A VF+ sold for $275, iNumis 3/10.)

Minimum Bid $35

369 PROCOPIUS, Æ3, bust l./REPARATIO FEL TEMP, Ruler stg, CONS(B?); VF+, obv nrly centered, lgnd partly off at rt, rev centered with complete lgnd, small bit of wkness at bottoms, mostly glossy green patina, nice strong portrait. (Procopius is not beardless! The beard detail failed to show up on photo.) (A VF brought $228 on $450 bid in my 3/04 sale; VF $1050, Loiseau 4/95.) Minimum Bid $110


370 VALENTINIAN I, Æ3, GLORIA ROMANORVM, Ruler dragging captive, BSISC; EF, nrly centered, full lgnds, well struck with strong detail. Smooth chestnut brown surfaces. Pleasing.

(A NEF brought $160, CNG 9/97.) Minimum Bid $25

371 Æ3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE, Victory adv l, Delta-SISC; VF-EF, centered, full lgnds tho somewhat crude on rev, deep green patina. (A GVF brought $207, NY Sale 1/10.) Min Bid $15

372 GRATIAN, Æ2, REPARATIO REIPVB, Ruler hldg Victory, kneeling female, BSISC•; Choice VF, centered, glossy 2-toned brown, rev lgnd wk at right, otherwise quite bold & attractive.

(A VF realized $630, Gorny 3/08.) Minimum Bid $35

373 Æ3, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE, Victory adv l, SMAQP; Choice EF, well centered & unusually well struck, everything sharp, medium brown patina; way above average. (A GVF, same mintmk, sold for $75, CNG "Coin Shop" #815954; EF [ugly] brought $126, CGB 4/10.) Minimum Bid $45

374 VALENTINIAN II, Æ4, VICTORIA AVGGG, Victory adv l, BSIS; AEF/VF, well centered, grey-brown, obv well struck, rev a little crude & a mite rough. Sharp portrait. (A VF brought $46 on $75 bid in my 11/12 sale.) Minimum Bid $12

375 THEODOSIUS I, Æ4, type as last, ASIS; AEF/EF, well centered & struck, the rev much better than usual; grey-brown patina. (An AEF brought $187, Gorny 10/13.) Minimum Bid $22

376 Æ3, CONCORDIA AVGGG, Constantinopolis std, ALE-Gamma; VF+/AVF, nrly centered, some of lgnds crowded, smooth medium brown. (A VF in my 11/13 sale brought $27 on $44 bid.) Minimum Bid $10

377 EUDOXIA, Æ3, SALVS REIPVBLICAE, Victory std r, writing on shield, CONSP; VF-EF, obv somewhat off-ctr on a small & very irregular flan; much of lgnds off; medium brown; sharp coiffure detail on portrait, rare thus. (A VF+/VF brought $151 on $176 bid in my 8/06 sale; VF, mintmk illegible, $499, Hirsch 2/13.) Minimum Bid $70

378 MAGNUS MAXIMUS Æ2, REPARATIO REIPVB, Ruler & kneeling girl, CON, VF/VG-F, centered on an oval flan, obv lgnd partly off, sage green patina with a little whiteish hilighting; portrait quite sharp; rev soft with rather wk lgnd. (A VF/AF with soft rev brought $151 on $170 bid in my 2/05 sale.) Minimum Bid $40

379 OSTROGOTHS, 42 Nummi, 6th cent AD, "XLII" crudely countermarked on Vespasian As (PAX AVGVST); coin F+/AF, brown patina, sl rough in lgnds, portrait strong & nice; counter-mark clear. RARE! (A GF [I'd grade VG] brought $374, CNG 9/09; "VF" [coin F, sl rough] $558, M&M 6/14.) Minimum Bid $150


380 ANASTASIUS I, Follis, S19, large module, offic.E; AVF, a little flatness at right edge each side, brown patina, minor touches of granularity; strong hair detail visible on portrait. (A VF, same officina, brought $780, Argenor 4/05.) Minimum Bid $40

381 JUSTINIAN I, GOLD Solidus, S-140, VICTORIA AVGGG-Theta, Angel stg; EF, centered, somewhat crudely struck with rev lgnd partly wk; clear face on portrait; much mint luster. (A VF+ brought $676, iNumis 11/08.) Minimum Bid $330

382 Follis, S207, Facg bust/KYZ-Xu-A, F+/AVF, huge 42 mm flan, centered, medium brown patina with asstd sl surface imperfections, face more or less visible, rev fairly bold. (An F+/VF brought $83 in my 4/11 sale; VF $640, Lanz 5/09.) Min. Bid $40

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383 JUSTIN II, Follis, S360, Seated rulers/CON-uI-B; F+, nrly centered, sm edge splits, brown patina, sl crude. (A F-VF realized $87 on $95 bid in my 9/10 sale.) Minimum Bid $15

384 Fol, S369, NIKO-X-A; AVF, sl off-ctr on typical ragged flan, a little crude, dark patina with sl hilighting, much detail on figures visible. (A F-VF/VF brought $135 on $150 bid in my 6/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $35

385 MAURICE, Follis, S532, THEUP-UIIII; F-VF/F, centered, sl dull brown patina, touch of rev porosity, face clear. (A F-VF brought $86 in my 4/11 sale.) Minimum Bid $10

386 HERACLIUS, Ar Hexagram, 2 Rulers/cross & globe on steps, S798; VF, nrly centered, quite crude as usual, what appear to be marks at rev top are mostly from striking (overstriking?). See photo. (A F-VF brought $147 on $170 bid in my 3/07 sale; NVF $314, CNG eAuc. 10/11.) Minimum Bid $65


387 3/4 Follis, S812, 2 Rulers/Large lambda, offic A, Yr appa-rently XX; probably F-VF for this but overstruck & very crude. Medium brown patina. Obv figures clear. Rare denomination. (An "AVF for issue" brought $165, F&S 10/00.) Minimum Bid $30

388 CONSTANS II, Follis, S-1109, Sicily; VF, somewhat crude due to over- or double strike, nice olive-green patina, portrait of ruler with strong EF details. (A VF sold for $230, Gemini 1/11.) Minimum Bid $30

389 CONSTANTINE V, Follis, S-1569, 2 busts/1 bust, F-VF or so, centered on what is actually a larger flan than usual, greenish-brown, a little grainy. (An AVF brought $81 on $100 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Minimum Bid $15

390 THEOPHILOS, 1/2 Follis, S1668, Ruler stg/4-line lgnd; VF, better in parts with sharp EF portrait but a bit weak in places mainly on rev; grey-brown patina. Scarce. Ex Pegasi $325.

(A VF brought $205, Gorny 10/09.) MB $60

391 BASIL I, GOLD Semissis, Facg bust/facg bust, S1714 (VF=£175), VF, well centered & struck; Sear says, "normally of very debased metal," this has pale gold color with sl matte surface. (A VF brought $$368, CNG 9/12.) Minimum Bid $160

392 ANONYMOUS Fol, S1793, Christ bust facg/4 line lgnd; VF, brown patina, sl off-ctr on ragged flan, overstruck most noticeably on rev which is garbled; however, Christ's face is fully clear. (An AVF brought $86 on $150 bid, FSR 1/11.) Minimum Bid $30

393 Follis, S1867, Christ bust facg/Virgin orans facg; VF, nrly centered, greenish brown, well struck with no overstrike & both faces visible, thus excellent for these. (A VF but with faces flat brought $364, NY Sale 1/08.) Minimum Bid $65

394 MANUEL I, ELECTRUM aspron trachy, S1974, Virgin std/ Manuel & St. Demetrius; VF, but struck only in centers with peri-pheries flat; several edge cracks; pale silvery-gold color. (A VF with similar peripheral flatness brought $367, UBS 1/08) MB $110

395 ANDRONICUS I, Æ Trachy, S1985, Virgin stg/Christ & Ruler; AEF/VF, brown patina, sm edge crack, well struck for this with figure of Mary well detailed, her face sharp. Scarce & choice. (A VF brought $375, Lanz 6/13.) Minimum Bid $70

396 ANDRONICUS II & MICHAEL IX, GOLD Hyperpyron, S2396, Virgin in city walls/Christ, Andy & Mike; VF, somewhat crude as always but actually less so than usual; good gold color. (Nicer than a very crude VF bringing $270 in my 6/13 sale; another crude VF brought $460, CNG 9/04.) Minimum Bid $160


397 CEYLON, Æ Massa (20 mm), Bhuvanaika Bahu I, 1277-88 AD, Monkey god/monkey god & lgnd; VF, well centered, brown, fully clear, a nice well-made coin. Minimum Bid $4

398 ENGLAND, Withdrawn

399 Edward II, Ar Penny, Canterbury, S1466; VF, obv sl off-ctr, some of lgnds wkly struck, portrait clear, medium tone. (A GVF brought $168, CNG eAuc 5/12.) Minimum Bid $25

400 Henry VI, Ar Groat (27 mm), Calais, rosette-mascle issue, S1859, VF, obv nrly centered, tops of some letters off; rev well centered; good strike with fully clear portrait. Quite nice.

(A VF brought $404, CNG 9/09.) Minimum Bid $135

401 Charles I, Æ Richmond Farthing (17 mm), crown/crowned harp, Peck 171, mm halberd; G-VG/F, crude, sl grainy. MB $7

402 FRANCE, Brittany, Francois II, 1458-88, Ar Gros (30 mm),

6 ermine tails on shield/R in cross etc; VF, typically crude strike with some wkness, good metal with lt tone. (A VF brought $195, Pegasi 11/10.) Minimum Bid $50


403 GERMANY, Hamburg, Ar 4 Schil 1725 (23 mm), 2 headed eagle/castle etc; AF. Minimum Bid $5

404 HUNGARY, Bela III, 1172-96, Arab style follis, 27 mm, pseudo-Arabic ea side; Choice EF, brown, very well struck with no wkness. (An EF brought $140, CNG eAuc 2/10.) Min Bid $40

405 Matthias Corvinus, 1470-90, Ar Denar, Madonna & child,

K-P/shield, VF, a little crude, some lgnd wk. Minimum Bid $5

406 INDIA, Indo-Sassanians, Ar Drachm, "Gadhaiya Paisa," c.800-953 AD, Sassanian style bust/fire altar, Choice EF, well centered & struck, sl darkening on rev, exceptional. (A VF, this exact type, brought $103, Munz Zent 1/12. Minimum Bid $10

407 ISLAMIC, Ghaznavids, Zahir Daulah 1059-99, GOLD Dinar (24 mm, 3.40 gm) VF, crudely struck with typical wkness, sm edge split. (A Near VF looking much like this only more crude & wk brought $179, CNG eAuc 11/11.) Minimum Bid $110

408 SASSANIAN, Ardashir I, 224-41, Ar Drachm, 27 mm, bust r/fire altar; Choice VF, excellent metal with lt tone, well struck.

(A VF brought $403, Ponterio 4/07.) Minimum Bid $160

409 Hormizd II, 302-09, Drachm, 28+ mm, Bust r/fire altar; VF/AEF, perfectly centered & well struck, sl grainy, but nice.

(A VF sold for $604, CNG 9/03.) Minimum Bid $50

410 Yazdgard II, 438-57, Drachm, 30 mm, AVF, typically somewhat crude but clear portrait. Tiny filled hole I overlooked when buying it. (A VF brought $575, Ponterio 4/08.) Min Bid $20

411 Khusru II, Drachm, Balkh, Year 13, 31 mm; Choice EF, quite well struck with no weak spots, portrait in fine style. Good silver with lt tone. (A VF of Balkh brought $690, Ponterio 4/08.) MB $40

412 -- Marv, Year 29, 32 mm, Choice EF, best style & well struck; good metal with lt toning. Marvelous. (An EF, this mint, witrh graffiti, brought $108, Gorny 10/03.) Minimum Bid $40

413 -- Nishapur, Yr.28, 32 mm, Choice EF, sharp strike & fine style. (An EF brought $215, CGF 6/05.) Minimum Bid $40


414 Yazdgard III, 632-51 AD, the last Sassanian ruler, rare; 33 mm, Sakastan, Yr 4; Choice VF, somewhat crude as usual, but excellent lustrous metal quality for this. (A GVF sold for $460, Triton 1/04.) Minimum Bid $80

415 TABARISTAN, Sassanian style Hemidrachm, Sa'id bin Da'laj, 160-63 AH, Choice EF, well struck, good bright silver. Scarce! (A GVF brought $113, Baldwin's 3/09.) Min. Bid $40

416 TRANSYLVANIA, Breitgroschen, 1625-NB, 25 mm, Madonna & child/arms; F, centered & decent though shallow strike, everything clear, sl grainy surface with lt tone. (In my last sale a sl grainy F (1626) brought $82.) Minimum Bid $30


417 Roman, Denarii, 11 asstd, crappy condition, but at least all but one or two are clearly silver. Minimum Bid $45

418 -- 19 asstd, 3rd-4th cent, all identified in flips, all decent F or better, some VF. Minimum Bid $70

419 Pre-1800 dated coins, 28 diff, identified (10 are Neth E. Indies), lower grades, generally AG-VG. Minimum Bid $40

420 Mexico, 13 silver coins, all but one pre-1800, incl 7 1/2R, 5 1R, 1 2R; 3 are pillar types; all have visible dates. Low grades, a couple make G. Minimum Bid $35

421 7 display boxes, each 3/4 inch deep, black pasteboard borders with glass windows & fluffy white stuff inside for backing, held together with pins: 8x6", two 5+x6+", 4-1/2x5-1/2" and three 4+x3+" one of the latter with stickers on front; otherwise generally OK. Would be good for small artifacts. Minimum Bid $5


422 LANZ Auction catalogs (Germany), 73 diff from 1973 to 2006; about 1/3 are non-ancient coins; condition used on older, mint on newer ones; some have PRLs, most do not. Nice catalogs with good plates. Weight 55+ lbs. Shipment from NH. MB $150

423 Sotheby's HUNT collection sales, 4 catalogs, 1990-91: "Highly Important Greek & Roman Coins" I & II, with PRLs; "Important Greek & Roman Coins" II, no PRL; these 3 hardcovers; plus "Important Byzantine Coins II," softcover, w/PRL. All in excellent condition. Highly desirable catalogs of one of the greatest collections. Shipment from NH. (A group of 7 from this series brought $575, CNG 6/06.) Minimum Bid $120

424 Stevenson, A Dictionary of Roman Coins, Seaby, 1964 reprint of 1889, 929 pp, hardcover w/dj; incredible book with an amazing amount of fascinating information. (A VF reprint brought $110, CNG 3/96.) Minimum Bid $20

425 Harlan J. Berk, 14 diff auction catalogs 2011-14, nice color plates, most have the "status sheets" showing which coins were sold. Minimum Bid $5

426 Noble (Australia), 4 hefty auction catalogs, 2013-14, world & ancient coins, color plates, with PRLS, weight 18 lbs! Min Bid $8

427 David, The Egyptian Kingdoms, 152 pp, hardcover; Tyldesley, The Mummy, 128 pp; Boston Museum of Science, Ramesses The Great, 215 pp; these softcovers; all 3 oversized & loaded with beautiful color plates. Minimum Bid $5

428 Erman, Life in Ancient Egypt, 570 pp; Shaw, The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, 525 pp; Vercoutter, The Search for Ancient Egypt, 206 pp, well illus; softcovers. Minimum Bid $4

429 Natl. Geog. Soc., Everyday Life in Bible Times, 448 pp; Moorey, The Making of the Past: Biblical Lands, 151 pp; both large hardcovers w/djs, many color illus; plus Albright, The Archaeology of Palestine, 271 pp, softcover, some illus. MB $4

430 Adkins, Handbook to Life in Ancient Greece, 472 pp; Zimmern, The Greek Commonwealth, 487 pp; hardcovers; plus paperback, Ehrenberg, The Greek State, 279 pp. Min. Bid $4

431 Goodman, Rome & Jerusalem, 598 pp; Hadas-Lebel, Flavius Josephus, 269 pp; hardcovers w/djs. Minimum Bid $4

432 Sheridan, Romans - Their Lives & Times, 202 pp; Bailey (ed.), The Legacy of Rome, 512 pp; hardcovers; plus softcover, Carcopino, Daily Life in Ancient Rome, 342 pp; Minimum Bid $4

433 Wolff, The Origins of Western Art - Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Aegean, 207 pp, hardcover; Aldred, Egyptian Art, 252 pp; Wheeler, Roman Art & Architecture, 250 pp; these softcovers; all with illustrations, some in color. Minimum Bid $5


Multiples available. Order now or add to bids.

434 Frank S. Robinson, Angels And Pinheads: A Guide to Which is Which and What’s What, 226 page book packed with 146 essays on a wide range of topics (selected from my blog), with something sure to offend everybody. Only $9.95

435 – Love Poems. Some serious, some sexy, some silly, some sappy, some Spanish. Slim little book. $3.99

436 AKANTHOS, Ar Tetrobol, c.400 BC, Forepart of kneeling bull/4-part square, S1369; F-VF, good bright silver. $79.50

437 APOLLONIA Pontica, Ar Drachm, 450-400 BC, Anchor & crayfish/Facg Gorgoneion, S1655; VF, good bright silver, minor wkness, good faces (A VF brought $488, CGB 4/10) 39.75

ELYMAIS, Æ Drachms, 2d century AD, nice F to VF, generally with attractive highlighted green patinas, picked from hoard (catalogued by Sear, “Greek Imperial Coins”):

438 Orodes I, GIC-5892, bust left/Artemis bust r, $11.95

439 -- GIC-5895, rev anchor & dashes, 9.95

440 -- GIC-5896, rev dashes, 9.45

441 Phraates, GIC-5899, bust left, rev Artemis stg r, 9.95

442 -- GIC-5902, rev dashes, 9.45, 3/26.50

443 Orodes II, GIC-5904, bust facg/Artemis bust, 8.95, 3/$24.95

444 -- GIC-5905, rev dashes 8.95, 3/24.95

445 Orodes III, GIC-5907, facg bust/Artemis bust, scarce 9.95

446 — GIC-5910, rev dashes, 8.50, 3/23.95 10/69.75

447 Lot of 11 diff types F-VF 89.50

448 Mixed types, F-VF 3/22.95, 10/65.00

449 – VG-F, generally attributable, 3/11.95, 10/35.95, 20/$67

450 MILETOS, 600s BC, Ar 1/12 Stater, S3532 (£65), lion forepart left/star pattern; VF or better, good metal, strong mane detail, but somewhat off-ctr. Earliest cheap Greek coin. 42.50

451 PERSIS, Ar Hemidrachm, “Uncertain king” c.1st cent AD, bust l./diadem, GIC-5956var (no triskeles); VF, good silver, strong portraits, quite nice for these, 32.95 (VF brought $112, Peus 4/94)

453 INDIA, Bahawalpur, Square Paisa, Y8, sl crude VF or better (VF cat $20) 3.85, 3/9.50, 10/28.95, 30/76.50, 100/$229

454 TABARISTAN, Ar Sassanian style hemidrachm, “Afzut” 786-809 AD, Virtually mint state with luster & well struck for this, selected quality. (An EF [looks VF] brought $101, CNG eAuc 9/11.) 27.95, 3/$76, 10/$239

455 CHINA, Ancient pottery cowrie substitutes, with much detail, decent, SEE PHOTO $5.75, 3/14.95

456 Ancient bridge money, c.100-130 mm, green patina 19.50

457 Ancient fish money, COPY, patinated, 2.45, 3/5.95


458 Early square-shoulder spade coins, Hartill 3.184 & 3.226, COPIES, patinated & nice, each 2.99

469 VIETNAM, Cash coin, Schj. 32, 1453-59, (Toda 56 cat $18), nice substantial coin VF-EF with lovely 2-tone green patina 2.99, 3/7.95, 10/24.50

470 Schj.34, 1460-97, scarce AEF very nice 5.50

471 Zinc cash, C36, 1739-66, rare, VG-F (KM VG=$18, wrongly listed as copper) nice for this 4.95, 3/13.50

472 FR. INDOCHINA, 1/4c 1942, always with corrosion (F cat $8), typical average pcs, not bad 3/1.99, 10/5.35

473 Same, 1943, scarce, F or better (F=$15) 2.85, 3/6.95

474 BRITISH Empire, fantasy crown patterns of various lands, in various metals, dated 1808, 1830, 1840,1887, 1897, prooflike BU, extremely nice, 3 diff 10.95; 10 diff $36

490 SUDAN, 50G 1972 KM56.1 crown size Unc (cat $7.50) 2.99, 3 for 7.99

491 -- Scarcer KM56.2 Unc (cat $20) 5.95, 3/16.50,10/$49

492 UZBEKISTAN, 100S 2004 BU (cat $15) 3.65, 3/9.95

493 SOMALIA, 25 SH 2004, crown size, Pope JPII, set of 3 KM-155-57, BU (cat $21) 10.95, 3 sets 29.75

494 UKRAINE, 5 Hry, crownsize, plane, 2004, KM362,

PL Unc (cat $13) 5.50, 3/14.95

495 7-pc type set 2009-11 BU (cat $15.25) 3.75, 3/9.95

496 LITHUANIA, 1991 6-pc set, 1 to 50C, BU 2.99, 3 sets 7.95, 10 sets 24.95

497 LIBYA, 1979 6-pc set UNC (cat $32) 12.95, 3/33.95

498 DJIBOUTI, 1999 10-20-50F, BU (cat $9 each, 1800 minted for sets only) all 3 for 11.95, 3 sets $33, 10 sets $99

499 UGANDA, 10 Sh 1987 BU (cat $4.50) 1.55, 3/4.25

500 MADAGASCAR, 6-pc sets 1996-2005, 1-2-5-10-20-50 Ariary, BU (cat $37.50) 11.50, 3 sets 29.95, 10/89.75

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