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GREEK COINS etc., listed alphabetically

1 AETOLIAN LEAGUE, Æ17, 250-150 BC, Athena head r/ Herakles stg w/club;

F-VF/VF, centered, deep green patina with some earthen hilighting. Pleasant.

(A VF brought $108, Savoca 2/21.) Starting Bid $10

2 AMISOS, Æ19, c. 85-65 BC, Zeus head r/Eagle, monogram left; S3644;

AEF, well centered & struck for this, great detail on head; medium brown patina.

(A VF-EF realized $117 in my 9/09 sale; $200, Roma 12/19.) Starting Bid $70

3 ANTIOCH, Æ21, "Pseudo-Autonomous", 1st cent BC, Zeus head r/Zeus std l,

hldg Nike; AEF/VF, rev sl off-ctr, dark green patina with some earthen

hilighting; wonderful detailed head. (Same variety, GVF, brought $310, Roma 2/15.)

Start Bid $25

4 ARMENIA, Tigranes II, 96-56 BC, Æ22, Bust in high tiara r/Tyche std r; S7208;

F-VF, dark green patina with some earthen cover, nice clear portrait.

(A VF sold for $875, Kunker 9/17.) Starting Bid $40

5 ARMENIA, Tigranes II, Æ18, type as last; F-VF, smooth dark brownish patina

with pale hilighting; a decent bold coin with strong portrait. Starting Bid $35

6 ASPENDOS, Stater, 38-325 BC, 2 Wrestlers, B-Lambda betw/Slinger rt, triskeles in

field, as S5396; AVF, nrly centered & decently struck for these, bright silver with

lt tone. (A F-VF of the type brought $360 on $440 bid in my 5/00 sale.)

Starting Bid $150

7 ATHENS, Tet, c. 455 BC, Transitional Style, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2521;
distinguished by owl head tilted rt; Choice EF, nrly centered & quite well struck,

with several edge splits due to the strength of the hammer blow; Athena's hair

waves sharp; excellent metal quality.

(A GVF brought $9750, Kunker 10/12; EF $21,000, Rauch 4/13; GVF.)

Starting Bid $1200

8 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/Owl stg r, S2526, Choice EF, good

centering & strike; Athena's hair waves exceptionally sharp, which is what I like to

see on these. Bright silver.

(An EF realized $9200, Triton 1/12; GEF $17,000 NAC 10/08.) Starting Bid $850

9 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2526; EF, centered on sl

oval flan, good metal; sharply struck with again fully crisp hair waves.

Starting Bid $700

10 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2526; EF, centered on

sl triangular flan, good metal; boldly struck with again fully sharp hair waves.

Starting Bid $650

11 ATHENS, New Style Tet, 119-118 BC, Athena hd r/Owl on amphora in wreath,

at rt Helios in facg quadriga; below, Sigma-Omega; VF, centered, good bright silver.

(No sale record found with Sigma-Omega; one otherwise identical, VF, sl off-ctr,

brought $1140, CNG 5/20.) Starting Bid $200

12 BAKTRIA, Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Obol, Helmeted hd r/caps of the

Dioscuri, S7578; AEF/VF, well centered & struck, good metal, quite nice.

(A VF sold for $885, Gorny 3/11.) Starting bid $85

13 BAKTRIA Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Obol, Diademed hd r/caps of the Dioscuri,

rare monogram HP below, Bop 3C; Choice VF-EF/VF, well centered & struck, good

metal; ex Pars Coins as Choice EF.

(Same variety, VF+, sl porosity, realized $160, Pegasi 5/16.) Starting bid $80

14 BAKTRIA, Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Drachm, Diademed head r/Dioscuri

on horseback, A left, H monogram at rt (rare), fourree, F+, centered, fairly bright

metal with only relatively slight coppery core exposure; good strong portrait.

(A VF of the type brought $1082, Roma 5/22.) Starting Bid $45

15 BAKTRIA, Heliokles, c.145-130 BC, Drachm, Diademed Bust r/Zeus stg l, Delta

below, S7638; F, centered on large flan, darkish tone, faintly bendy, minor

surface imperfections. Rare.

(Same var., heavily scratched & lt porosity, brought $976, Obolos 3/23).

Starting bid $40

16 BAKTRIA, Menander, 160-145 BC, Drachm, Bust r/ Athena stg l; S7600; EF,

quite sharply struck on good metal with lt tone; obv well centered with full lgnd &

crisp portrait; rev somewhat off-ctr.

(An EF brought $472, F&S 6/08; VF $292, Peus 4/10.) Starting Bid $100

17 BAKTRIA, Apollodotos II, c.110-80 BC, Drachm, Diademed head r/Athena

stg l, S7672, Bop2A; EF/VF, obv a touch off-ctr, rev well centered; good metal with lt

tone; strong detailed portrait. Unusual quality for a coin mostly seen well worn.

(A Ch. EF/VF+ brought $301 in my last sale; AEF $485, Kunker 3/18.)

Starting Bid $100

18 BIRYTIS, Æ11, c. 350-300 BC, Kabeiros head l/Club & BIPY in wreath; S4057;

VF, nrly centered, dark green patina with some hilighting, strong detailed head.

(A VF-EF realized $270, Gorny 10/09.) Starting Bid $25

19 BYZANTION, in alliance w/Kalchedon, Æ24x26, c.200 BC, Demeter head r/

Poseidon std r, Delta-A in field, Turk.A2a; Choice AEF, well centered, flatly struck at

edges but head & rev figure sharply detailed; dark patina with only traces of

roughness. Quite nice for this.

(Same var., VF with pitting & short flan brought $826, CNG eAuc 2/22.)

Starting Bid $100

20 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes V, 163-130 BC, Drachm, Bust r/ Athena stg l,

2 monograms, Gamma-Lambda below; S7286; VF, sl off-ctr to top, good metal,

nice strong portrait. (A F brought $207, Downie 10/09.) Starting bid $50

21 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes IX, 101-87 BC, Drachm, Bust r/ Athena stg l, Lambda

over N monogram, Year 13, S7297; EF/VF, centered on large flan, good metal with

lt tone, terrific sharp portrait. (An EF/GVF realized $475, Kunker 9/09.)

Starting bid $160

22 CAPPADOCIA, Ariobarzanes I, "the Zany," Drachm, bust r/Athena stg l; Year

Lambda; F, well centered, good metal with lt tone. Older portrait.

(A F+ brought $106 in my 3/13 sale.) Starting Bid $20

23 CARTHAGE, Æ16, 3rd cent BC, Tanit head l./Horse stg r, palm tree behind;

Choice EF/VF, well centered & struck, glossy dark brown patina, head unusually

well detailed.

(A Ch. VF+/VF brought $311 on $340 bid in my 2/21 sale; GVF $719, CNG 5/08.)

Starting Bid $110

24 CHERRONESOS, (in Crimea, namesake for Ukraine's Kherson), Hemidrachm,

c.357-320 BC, Lion forepart r, head l./rev divided in 4, in one sunken quarter a pellet,

the other a pellet & I (seems rare); VF, centered, good metal, detailed lion, decent

for this. (A VF of the type brought $212, CGB 10/08.) Starting Bid $45

25 EGYPT, PHARAOH NEKTANEBO II, 361-343 BC, Æ16, Leaping ram/scales;

F-VF, sl off-ctr, sl crude, dark green patina with some earthen hilighting. The only

non-gold coin attributed to Pharaonic Egypt — tho a more prosaic Syrian attribution

may be likelier. Take your pick.

(A VF sold for $5423, Gorny 3/07; F-VF $371 in my 2/23 sale.) Start bid $85

26 EGYPT, Ptolemy III, 246-221 BC, Æ38, Zeus Ammon head r/Eagle stg l, looking

back at cornucopiae, E betw legs; AVF, centered, darkish brown patina, only

slightest roughness, decent, with much detail.

(A rough F+ brought $106 on $141 bid in my 3/13 sale.) Starting bid $80

27 EGYPT, Cleopatra VII, 51-30 BC, Æ11, of Paphos, her head r/Double

cornucopiae, VG, centered, dark brownish patina, sl coarse, portrait hazy but visible.

(A VG brought $151 on $175 bid in my 1/15 sale.) Starting Bid $30

28 EION, Obol, c. 500-437 BC, Goose stg r, head left/rough incuse; .90 g; VF+,

centered, only minimally grainy, strongly detailed. Ex Naumann 5/16 as GVF

bringing $158. (A GVF sold for $748, Gemini 1/11.) Starting Bid $65

29 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires V, 54-36 BC, Ar Tet, Bearded bust l., star above anchor/

lgnd & bearded bust l, monogram below chin (rarer thus, not in Alram); Choice EF,

sl off-ctr, good bright silver with minor surface imperfections & sl smoothing in

fields; both portraits quite sharply detailed.

(An EF brought $2,280, CNG 5/19.; Ch. EF (no monogram) $1075 on $1400 bid in

my last sale.) Starting Bid $350

30 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires VI, c.100 AD, Tet, Bust l, cresc above anchor rt/Bearded

bust within lgnd, GIC-5888 (£150); Choice VF, centered, good brown surfaces, rev
much better struck than usual with good lgnd & portrait looking almost human.

(A VF+/F-VF brought $175 on $200 bid in my last sale; VF $344, Peus 4/06.)

Starting Bid $90

31 ELYMAIS, Phraates, Æ Drachm, GIC-5899, bust l., anchor/ Artemis stg r, VF,

lt brown, well centered with full rev lgnd!

(A VF brought $63 on $125 bid in my 6/13 sale.) Start bid $17

32 ELYMAIS, Orodes II, Æ Drachm, GIC-5904, Facg bust/ Artemis bust facg; AVF/VF,

lt brown, somewhat off-ctr. Starting Bid $15

33 ELYMAIS, Orodes II, Æ Drachm, GIC-5905, Facg bust/ Dashes, AEF, well centered

& struck, medium brown patina, exceptional quality for this.

(A VF+ (I grade AVF) brought $130, Pegasi 11/09.) Starting Bid $25

34 ELYMAIS, Orodes III, Æ Drachm, GIC-5910, Facg bust/ dashes, EF, well struck,

brown patina, exceptionally detailed portrait.

(An AEF brought $170, Gorny 5/00.) Starting Bid $35

35 HERAKLEIA, Didrachm, 281-278 BC, Athena head r, Skylla on helmet/

Herakles crowning self, aplustre, SNG ANS 84; ex DNW 3/04 as VF, it is Choice VF,

well centered & struck (sl flatness on helmet plume) on broad ovoid flan; good metal
with lt tone; quite nice &
rare. (Same variety, VF+ brought $1320, CGF 6/05.)

Starting Bid $400

36 HIERAPOLIS, Æ16, 2nd-3rd cent BC, Athena head r/ Nemesis stg; AVF, well

centered, glossy deep green patina with sl roughness but clear lgnd & features.

(A VF realized $622, Roma 3/14.) Starting Bid $20

37 HIMERA, Æ17, 420-408 BC, Hemilitron, Nymph head l, 6 pellets/6 pellets in

wreath, S1110; Choice VF-EF, obv well centered & struck on broad flan, rev sl

off-ctr, glossy deep olive patina. (A GVF sold for $374, CNG 5/08.) Start Bid $75

38 HIMYARITES, (Arabia), Tha'ran Ya'ub, 2nd cent AD, Ar Quinarius, Male

hd r, monogram behind/Head r, lgnd around, GIC-5721; Mint State, well struck with

only sl crudeness in rev lgnd, both heads sharp; bright lustrous silver.

(An EF realized $235, Peus 6/20.) Starting Bid $100

39 INDO-GREEK, YUEZHI (Central Asia), Sapalbizes, 1st cent BC, Ar Hemidrachm,

Bust r/Lion stg r, cresc & Lambda above, NANAIA left & rt, Alram 1259; VF/F,

crude, especially the rev, sl grainy silver, but portrait strong & king's name actually

clear. (A NVF brought $429, CNG eAuc 7/17.) Starting Bid $25

40 KAMARINA, Æ14 (Onkia), 420-405 BC, Facing Gorgon head/Owl stg r hldg

lizard, 1 pellet, S1064; AEF/F, rev off-ctr & somewhat crude; dark brown patina;

Gorgon face quite sharp. (A VF brought $300, CGF 6/07.) Starting Bid $30

41 KATANE, Æ10, Onkia, 415-404 BC, River God Amenanos hd l./winged thunderbolt,

Ex Roma as VF, which is, with much detail, but has noticeable depression on cheek;

sl rough dark patina. (A VF brught $248, Bertolami 3/22.) Starting Bid $15

42 KRANNON, Æ18, 4th cent BC, Poseidon head r/horseman r; AVF, obv well

centered & bold, rev sl off-ctr & crude; glossy dark patina.

(A GVF realized $671, Roma 5/23.) Start Bid $30

43 KROTON, Stater, broad flan type, c.500-480 BC, 25 mm, Tripod, lgnds rt & left/

Eagle flying rt, HN Italy 2095; Nice VF, well centered & struck, good metal with

mellow tone. Rare! (Much more so than the smaller flan issues with eagle rev)

(A VF brought $6490, CNG eAuc 3/19.) Starting Bid $500

44 KUSHANO-SASANIANS, Vahram I, 330-365 AD, Æ Unit, 13 mm, Bust r/

Deity emerging from Fire altar; VF, sl off-ctr, dark green patina with pale green

hilighting; portrait unusually well detailed.

(A GVF sold for $288, CNG eAuc 2/16.) Starting Bid $20

45 LARANDA, Obol, 324-323 BC, Herakles head facg, w/club/wolf forepart r, star

above; AEF, nrly centered, decent metal, strong face.

(A VF ("very rare") brought $309, Peus 11/12.) Starting Bid $40

46 LEONTINI, Tet, c.450 BC, Apollo head r/Lion head, 4 barleycorns; COPY, EF,

appears struck, in silver, with contrasty tone; very attractive quality.

Starting Bid $20

47 LESBOS, 1/12 Stater or Diobol, 1.15 gram, c.500-450 BC, 2 boar hds face-to-face,

M above/incuse square, F-VF, centered, ltly toned, clear. RARE variety with M. A nice

little Lesbian coin. (An F-VF (no M) brought $216 in my 12/91 sale.) Starting Bid $50

48 LYDIAN Kingdom, Kroisos, 561-546 BC, 1/24 Stater (6 mm, .41 g), Lion &

bull foreparts face-to-face/rough incuse; Choice VF+, centered, well struck &

detailed, good metal, unusually good quality for this.

(A VF sold for $900, Helios 4/08.) Starting Bid $200

49 MACEDON, Philip II, 359-336 BC, 1/5 Tetradrachm, Apollo head r/Horseman r,

club below, EF/AEF, well centered & struck, decent metal, good detail.

(Same variety, VF, brought $587, Naumann 1/22.) Starting Bid $170

50 MACEDON, Alex the Great, 336-323 BC, Tet, of Amphipolis (issued by

Kassander), Herakles head r/Zeus std l, torch & lambda left, Pr.443; ex Roma as VF,

I grade AVF/F+, obv somewhat off-ctr, mildly porous overall with rev exfoliation

flaw at upper rt edge. (Same var., Fine, brought $390, Album 1/22.) Start Bid $120

51 MACEDON, Alex the Great, Drachm, Kolophon, Herakles head r/Zeus

std l, monograms, Pr. 1783, VF, well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone,

bold & pleasant. (Same variety, GVF, worn dies, sold for $510, CNG eAuc 2/21.)

Start Bid $90

52 MACEDON, Philip V, 221-179 BC, Æ15, Macedonian shield/MAKEDONON in

3 lines (in Greek, of course; English hadn't been invented yet, unfortunately)

VF, dark patina with sl roughness, strong detail on shield. Seems Rare, no sale

record found. Starting Bid $30

53 MACEDON, Autonomous, 187-168 BC, Tetrobol, MAKE around club in

center of shield/Helmet betw N & Delta-I, below monogram & thunderbolt

(unpublished variety); EF, nrly centered, well struck, good metal with lt tone.

(Same variety, AEF brought $288, Agora 9/14.) Starting bid $135

54 MACEDON, Under Rome, Aesillas, 90-75 BC, Tet, Alexander head r, Theta

behind (scarcer thus)/Club, money-chest, chair, in wreath; as S1439; VF+/VF,

centered, good metal, wreath partly wk, head quite boldly detailed.

(Same var., VF-EF, brought $2030, Gorny 3/17.) Starting Bid $180

55 MASSALIA, Drachm, c.250 BC, Artemis bust r/Lion stg r, Delta-T below; VF+,

rev sl off-ctr, good metal & strike with lt tone, decent for this. RARE variety.

(Same type, VF, brought $1080, CNG eAuc 9/21.) Starting Bid $150

56 METAPONTUM, Nomos or Stater, 540-510 BC, Barley grain, META to rt/Barley

grain incuse, spread flan type, 30 mm; with NGC photo-certificate graded VF edge

chips; it is VF, it is a little short of flan at lower left obv edge; faintly grainy;

strong features with a particularly well defined rev.

(A GVF brought $2760, CNG 1/19.) Starting Bid $250

57 METAPONTUM, Nomos or Stater, 47-440 BC, types as last, dumpy flan type,

in NGC slab as CH VF scratches; it is VF, I see no scratches but it's a tiny bit grainy;

rev off-ctr, barley grains clear.

(An AVF/VF+ realized $360 on $525 bid in my 10/08 sale.) Starting Bid $200

58 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th cent BC, Lion forepart, head left/star pattern in

square, S3532 (£65); EF, well centered & struck on odd-shaped flan, strong detail;

good metal with deep tone. Earliest coin in a modest price range. This piece actually

has just lion head, not forepart, style a bit unusual, possibly barbarous??

(An AEF brought $301 on $340 bid in my 1/19 sale.) Starting Bid $110

59 MILETOS, Same as previous; VF+, obv notably off-ctr to bottom, but much

detail on lion's mane. Starting Bid $22

60 MYLASA, Hemiobol, c.420-390 BC, Lion forepart r/facg lion head, legs at sides,

Ex Naville auction as EF, it is nearly EF, well centered & struck, decent metal with

lt tone, well derailed & nice for this. (A GVF brought $1336, Nomos 5/23!)

Starting Bid $70

61 NABATAEA, Aretas IV & Queen Shaqilath, 9 BC - 40 AD, Æ16x18;, Conjoined

heads r/crossed cornucopiae & lgnds, GIC-5699; Choice VF+, well centered, dark

green patina with earthen hilighting, well detailed with excellent portaits.

(A VF brought $145 on $200 bid in my 9/09 sale.; GVF $551, M&M 5/11.)

Starting Bid $65

62 NABATAEA, Rabbel & Queen Gamilath, 71-106 AD, Æ18, Conjoined heads r/

crossed cornucopiae & lgnds, GIC5706; VF/F, sl off-ctr on irregular flan, dark

green patina with earthen hilighting, rev somewhat crude, portraits unusually

good for this. (A Nice VF realized $212 in my 9/09 sale.) Starting Bid $40

63 NEAPOLIS (Macedon), Hemidrachm, 424-350 BC, Facing Gorgoneion/nymph

head r, lgnd around, S1417; F-VF, rev centered somewhat low, good metal with

darkish tone, clear strong Gorgon face. Ex Naville auction as VF.

(An F-VF brought $264 on $450 bid in my 5/10 sale.) Start Bid $85

64 PANTIKAPAION, Æ13, c.310-304 BC, Satyr head r/bowcase & lgnd; VF+/VF

well centered, mildly rough dark patina, strong detail on head.

(A GVF realized $169, Roma 2/20.) Starting Bid $30

65 PARTHIA, Phriapatios (or Mithradates I), 185-170 BC, Æ12, Sellw.8.3, Bust l,

in bashliq/Elephant; F or so, obv sl off-ctr, portrait reasonably clear tho has a

depression in center; rev crude; medium brown patina, sl grainy. RARE.

(A F with pitting brought $108, CNG eAuc 6/21.) Starting Bid $20

66 PARTHIA, Mithradates I, 185-170 BC, Drachm, Sellw. 10.1, bust in bashliq,

archer std r; VF-EF, centered, bright lusterlike silver with touches of porosity;

sl crudeness but portrait well defined. (A GVF brought $863, Triton 1/13.)

Starting Bid $200

67 PARTHIA, Mithradates II, 123-88 BC, Æ18, Sellw.27.7, Bust l./ Pegasos flying r;

VF-EF, nrly centered, dark brown patina with some smoothing & lt roughness

remaining. Portrait with unusually strong detail for Parthian Æ, & rev lgnd mostly

clear. Ex Pars Coins as Choice EF. (A GVF sold for $360, CNG eAuc 11/22.)

Starting Bid $75

68 PARTHIA, Mithradates II, Drachm, Sellw.28.1, EF, nrly centered, well struck,

good bright silver; well detailed portrait.(An EF brought $867, Gorny 10/21.)

Starting Bid $100

69 PARTHIA, Mithradates II, Drachm, Sellw.28.7, Bust l./ archer std r, ex

European auction as "Lustrous Mint" which is more or less true, typical low obv

centering, rev centered, quite sharply struck with crisp portrait detail.

(An EF realized $775, CGB 11/09. In addition to collecting coins, I also collect

amazing auction records.) Starting Bid $120

70 PARTHIA, Mithradates II, Æ15, Sellw.28.8, Bust in tiara/ Pegasos flying r;

VF+/F, centered, khaki green patina, portrait has excellent detail, rev crude & rough

in lgnds. Ex Pars Coins as Choice EF.

(A porous VF sold for $123, CNG eAuc 1/11.) Starting Bid $30

71 PARTHIA, Orodes I, 90-77 BC, Drachm, Sellw 31.6 ("Unknown King");

VF-EF/AEF, good centering, minor crudeness, decent metal, detailed portrait.

(A GVF brought $306, Gorny 3/11.) Start Bid $50

72 PARTHIA, Orodes II, Drachm, Sell.47.9; Choice EF, usual low obv centering,

portrait with exceptionally sharp detail; rev well centered, somewhat double struck;

good bright silver. (An EF brought $318, Lanz 12/17.) Starting Bid $85

73 PARTHIA, Orodes II, Æ12, Bust l./Fort, Sellw 47.37, VF+/F, obv centered

with unusually sharp portrait detail; rev crude & wk; olive patina with hilighting.

Ex Pars Coins as Ch. EF. (A F/VF, scrs, brought $58, Triskeles 6/17.) Start Bid $25

74 PARTHIA, Phraates IV, Drachm, Sellw 53.7, AEF/VF, sl off-ctr as usual, portrait

quite sharp, good metal with moderate tone. (A GVF sold for $253, Triton 1/10.)

Starting Bid $60

75 PARTHIA, Phraatakes, 2 BC - 4 AD, Drachm, Sellw.56.6, Choice EF, nrly centered

& well struck for this, on good metal with lt tone. Rare this nice.

(An EF realized $432, CGB 4/12.) Starting Bid $95

76 PARTHIA, Phraatakes, Tet., Sellw 57.5, bust betw Nikes/ King std r, hldg

bow; AEF/VF+, nrly centered on smallish unround flan, Nikes crowded, rev

edge irregularity; but good metal & sharp bust detail. Rare type.

(Same var., GVF with minor scrs brought $1309, CNG 5/17.) Starting Bid $145

77 PARTHIA, Artabanus II (or now bumped up to IV), Drachm, Sellw.63.6, EF,

somewhat off-ctr as usual on a large flan, good bright silver, portrait fully sharp.

(An EF brought $546, Triton 1/04.) Starting Bid $60

78 PARTHIA, Artabanus II, Drachm, Sellw. 63.13, crude provincial issue, VF-EF,

obv centered low as usual for this, decent metal with greenish-grey tone. Much

portrait detail. (A NVF sold for $95, Naumann 2/17.) Starting Bid $45

79 PARTHIA, Artabanus V (current numbering; wish these guys would just pick

a number & stick with it), Drachm, Sellw.74.6; VF-EF, usual low obv centering, sl

ragged flan, minimally grainy. Scarce issue identified by bottom line of rev lgnd.

(A VF brought $347, Kunker 10/20.) Starting Bid $45

80 PARTHIA, Pakoros II, 78-105 AD, Drachm, Sellw.77.8, Bust in tiara with

hooks, EF/VF+, only sl off-ctr, well struck, excellent metal with medium tone.

Very nice quality & quite scarce. (A VF brought $290, Peus 11/05.) Starting Bid $100

81 PARTHIA, Pakoros I (former Vologases III), 105-147 AD, Drachm, Sel. 78.7,

scarcer variety with footstool below archer; AEF, rev sl off-ctr, nice bright metal.

(An AEF realized $234 in NY Sale 1/15..) Starting Bid $55

82 PARTHIA, Mithradates IV (or V), 140 AD, Drachm, Sellw. 82.1; scarce issue with

only 2 diadem ties & top rev line in Parthian script; EF, usual sl low obv centering,

minor crudeness, bright lustery silver.

(A VF+ brought $166 on $180 bid in my 11/04 sale; GVF $410, NY Sale 1/15.)

Starting Bid $100

83 PARTHIA, Vologases IV, Drachm, Sell.84.132, EF, good centering & strike, rev

less crude than usual. Nice metal. (A GVF realized $146, CNG eAuc 3/09.)

Starting Bid $55

84 PARTHIA, Osroes II, c. 190 AD, Drachm, Sel.85.1, EF, nrly centered, good

bright silver, rev sl crude but decent for this, sharp portrait.

(An AEF brought $376, Kunker 10/20.) Starting Bid $55

85 PARTHIA, Osroes II, Æ9, Sellw. 85.5, rev horned sheep, the only Æ type Sellw

lists, but maybe something else, I'm not sure; VF, rev somewhat off-ctr, dark patina

with earthen hilighting. Quite good portrait detail. Ex Pars as Ch. EF/GVF.

(A Near VF realized $186, Bertolami 3/18.) Starting Bid $25

86 PARTHIA, Vologases VI, Drachm, Sellw.88.19, Virtually Mint State, only sl

off-ctr, quite sharply struck (rev much above usual). Enchanting chasmic expanses

of lustrously coruscating silver, accentuated with overtones of autumnal mauve,

amber, russet-peach, and sun-kissed glimmer. This supremely covetable coin

will doubtlessly be met with avid bidder enthusiasm, perhaps bordering on

madness. (Excuse my plagiarism from a Heritage auction catalog.)

(An EF, rev double struck, brought $245, Kunker 3/08.) Starting Bid $75

87 PARTHIA, Artabanus VI, 216-24 AD (Final Parthian King), Drachm, Sellw.89.1,

In NGC slab as Mint State, Strike 4/5, Surf 3/5; it is virtually mint state, quite

sharply struck, rev less crude than most, lusterlike metal with lt tone. Rare.

(A "somewhat porous" EF brought $1076, Leu 12/22.) Start Bid $350

88 PERSIA, 1/3 Siglos (1.81 g), c. 500-485 BC, King kneeling rt, shooting bow/

incuse punch; Choice VF+, good metal with glossy dark patina, figure fully bold.

RARE!! (A VF brought $199 + buyer fee, Bucephalus 6/22.) Starting Bid $100

89 PERSIS, Vadfradad (Autophradates) II, 2nd cent BC, Tet., Bust r in satrapal

headgear, Eagle atop/Fire altar betw King & eagle atop standard, Ahura-Mazda

above, Alram 546; Choice VF-EF, only sl crudeness, high relief, good metal with

moderate tone; almost unnoticeable test notch on edge. Ex Roma as EF.

(An AEF/AVF realized $7352, Nomos 5/17.) Start Bid $1200

90 PERSIS, Napad (a/k/a Kapat), 1st cent AD, Hemidrachm, Bust l., in Parthian tiara/

Bust l., Alr.613; EF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, good metal with moderate

toning, good strike with both portraits nicely defined.

(A VF-EF sold for $248, Hirsch 9/13.) Starting Bid $65

91 PHOKAIA, Diobol, c.521-478 BC, Archaic female head l./ 4-part incuse;

F-VF, reasonably centered with nice clear head.

(A VF sold for $310, Davisson 10/11.) Starting Bid $30

92 RHODES, Hemidrachm, c.125-88 BC, Radiate Helios head facg 3/4 r/ Rose in

incuse square, Magistrate Diognetos, prow rt; VF-EF, rev sl off-ctr but complete,

good metal, very nice detailed head.

(Same magistrate, but rev control unclear, VF, brought $338, Naumann 1/21.)

Starting bid $90

93 SAMOS, Æ14, c. 408-366 BC, Hera head l./facg lion scalp, SNG Cop 1694 var;

F, centered, sl rough dark patina. Frankly I would not have thought this much a coin,

but in fact it is ex Roma Auction 6/22 (as AVF) where it realized $1134! Zeus bless

the internet where one can find such facts. Start bid $20

94 SELGE, Obol, 350-300 BC, Facing Gorgon head/Athena hd r, astragalos in front

(rare variety, normally it's behind); F+, centered, fully clear, strong face.

(Same var., VF, brought $138 + buyer fee, Bucephalus 2/23.) Starting bid $25

95 SINOPE, Drachm, 365-322 BC, Nymph Sinope head l, aplustre left/Eagle on

dolphin, magistrate THEOTI, as S3697; VF, obv sl off-ctr, touches of porosity mainly

on rev; moderately toned.

(Compare a VF with big test cut, same variety, sold for $190, CNG eAuc 6/13.)

Starting bid $100

96 SMYRNA, Æ21, c. 105-95 BC, Apollo head r/Homer std l, magistrate Apollonios;

VF, nrly centered, good strike with virtually full lgnd, much detail on obv, Homer's

head just a trifle weak, but c'mon, man, it's silly to mention. Nice dark green patina.

(A VF brought $308, Solidus 9/21) Start Bid $70

97 SPAIN, CASTULO, Æ20, Male head r/Bull stg r, crescent above; VF, centered,

sl crudeness, dark greenish patina.

(An AVF/F+ brought $101 on $110 bid in my 10/08 sale; F/VF $205, Teutoburger 12/03.)
Starting bid $35

98 SYRACUSE, Tet, 405-367 BC, Chariot l./Arethusa head l, dolphins; COPY,

appears struck, in silver, pleasantly toned, attractive. Starting bid $20

99 SYRACUSE, Hiketas, 288-279 BC, Æ22, Zeus Hellanios hd l,/Eagle l, S1212; VF,

nrly centered, glossy dark green patina with minor surface disturbances, excellent

detail on head & eagle (A VF realized $341, Kunker 9/11.) Start bid $40

100 SYRACUSE, Hieron II, 275-215 BC, Æ26, His head l./ horseman r, Sigma

below foreleg, S1221; VF, centered, medium brown patina, pleasant.

(A VF brought $782, Gorny 3/22.) Starting bid $95

101 SYRIA, Antiochos II, 261-246 BC, Tet, Head r/Zeus std l, betw monograms,

Seleukia on Tigris Mint, F-VF, centered, vaguely grainy, ltly toned.

(Same variety, NVF, roughness & scrs, sold for $360, CNG eAuc 2/21.)

Starting Bid $100

102 SYRIA, Antiochos III, 223-187 BC, Æ13, Apollo head r/ Apollo std l; VF/F-VF,

well centered, smooth dark patina with orangy hilighting, obv head quite strong.

(A VF brought $93, CNG eAuc 9/05.) Starting bid $15

103 SYRIA, Antiochos IV, 175-164 BC, Tet, His head r, AB monogram behind/Zeus

std l, hldg Victory w/wreath, Ake mint; EF, well centered & struck, minor smoothing
mainly in rev field, toned. Superb portrait of outstanding style!

(A GVF realized $2785, Leu 12/22; AEF $7781, Num. Genevensis 11/21.)

Starting Bid $600

104 SYRIA, Alexander I, 150-145 BC, Tet, of Tyre, Bust r/ Eagle stg l, club, to rt

Gamma-Xi-P/AC; AVF, sl narrow flan, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, excellent metal

with lt tone. (Diff date, GVF, lt faults, brought $960, CNG 6/22.) Start Bid $125

105 SYRIA, Demetrios I, 162-150 BC, Æ16 Serrate, Horse hd l./elephant head r,

S7028; AVF, smooth dark patina with strong earthen hilighting, rev sl off-ctr.

(A GVF smoothed ("very rare") realized $283, CNG eAuc 5/18.) Starting bid $20

106 SYRIA, Antiochos VII, 138-129 BC, Tet, His head r/ Athena stg l, wreath

around; AVF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone, decent for the grade.

(A VF of the type brought $995, Kunker 3/14.) Starting Bid $110

107 SYRIA, Antiochos VIII, 121-96 BC, Æ18, Radiate head r/Eagle stg l, S7154,

Choice VF/AVF, nrly centered, smooth dark patina with strong orangy hilighting.

Common coin but unusually nice for this. (A VF realized $350, Nomos 8/22.)

Starting Bid $25

108 SYRIA, Aulus Gabinius, Proconsul, 57-55 BC, in name of Philip Philadelphus,

Tet., Philip's head r/Zeus std l hldg Victory, Gabinius monogram at left; EF,

centered, sharply struck, a bit of minor roughness around Phil's face, ltly toned.

(A VF+ brought $585, CGB 2/13.) Starting Bid $150

109 TENEDOS, Obol, c.500-400 BC, Janiform heads/axe, T-E: S4151 (£90); AF,

centered, clear, decent for grade. Starting Bid $20

110 THASOS, Stater, 463-411 BC, Naked ithyphallic Satyr & struggling nymph/

4-part square, S1746; VF, well centered & struck, bold archaic style; minor rev

porosity; cut mark at top edge hardly noticeable. The scene depicted sparked an

investigation & the Satyr lost his job.

(A VF brought $755 on $850 bid in my 2/23 sale; VF $4500, Peus 10/07.)

Start Bid $200

111 THESSALIAN League, Stater, 196-146 BC, Zeus head r/Athena stg r,

Magistrates Menekrates & Alexandros; VF+, obv centered to left but head complete

with bold detail; good metal with lt tone.

(Same magistrates, GVF with scrs, sold for $480, CNG eAuc 11/21.)

Starting Bid $150

112 THRACE, Lysimachos, GOLD Stater, of Istros, c.88-86 BC, Alexander Head r

with horn/Athena std l; SNG Cop 1094; Mint State, obv centered, some strike flatness

at edge, head quite well detailed; rev a good bit off-ctr. Rich lustrous gold.

(Same var., EF, brought $4148, Gorny 3/14.) Start Bid $850

113 TYRE, Æ16, c.100 BC, Tyche head r/Palm tree, lgnds; VF, dk green patina,

some earthen hilighting. Starting Bid $20