The Case for Rational Optimism
By Frank S. Robinson

Here is the ultimate “feel good” book – but much more. It not only shows how life and the state of the world are good and getting better, but explains the reasons, and why they will continue toward a bright future. This comprehensive "big picture" analysis brings in evolutionary biology, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, economics, and a keen sense of history. A fun read, down-to-earth with dashes of humor, it challenges many commonly held ideas.
The book covers both the philosophical basis for optimism and the world's reality, including discussions of human nature, the development of morality, the economy, science and technology, social dynamics, government, geopolitics, the environment, and even sex. Unifying all this are some central ideas: why we are more good than bad, how we can control our destiny, and how we make a better world by valuing human life and empowering all people to flourish in ways they freely choose.
Much of modern pessimism's litany is directly answered. One example is war: many believe we are incurably violent, and war is worsening. The Case for Rational Optimism examines the facts, and finds that in reality, humans are fundamentally cooperative, the world is becoming increasingly peaceful, and the causes for it are growing ever stronger. 

This refreshing, inspiring book will lift your heart and change your thinking.
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"A WONDERFUL BOOK!" -- STEVEN PINKERAuthor of THE BLANK SLATE and other seminal books. 

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“Publisher of Record in International Social Science.”
Hardcover, 340 pages, $39.95

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About the Author:Frank S. Robinson

Frank S. Robinson is a graduate of NYU Law School and served for two decades
as an administrative law judge. He is the author of four previous books: one about machine politics; a novel; a coin collect- ing guide; and Life, Liberty, and Happi- ness, which won the Spooner Award in 2006.

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More Praise for The Case for Rational Optimism

"A powerful treatise that may offend overly sensitive people,  The Case for Rational Optimism applies the heavy weight of objective analysis to a variety of current issues, leaving no room for lightweight subjective sentiments. Slaying sacred cows like a medieval knight wasting mythical dragons, Robinson . . . marches into the fray armed with reason, logic and optimism and ruthlessly dispatches the emotionally-based fear so rampant in today's modern society. . . . Robinson's book provides an excellent introduction for anyone interested in a cogent approach to the modern world."

   -- Randy Brich, Book Review in Nuclear Power Industry News. (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW)

"So many skeptics and humanists have a pessimistic perspective on the world because we tend to be bombarded with all the nutty and dangerous things that people believe, and this understandably leads to the view that we humans are a hopeless species. But it isn't so, and now we have a manifesto that demonstrates why, in fact, we should be optimistic. The Case for Rational Optimism will show you that reason and rationality are not grim tasks to get down to in facing the real world, but the glorious triumph of the human spirit. Frank Robinson is a fresh voice."
    - Michael Shermer
               Publisher of Skeptic Magazine, columnist for Scientific American, author of Why People Believe Weird Things, The Science of Good and Evil, and other books

"A great author and a great thinker."  
      - Prof. Terry Lovell
Yavapai College, and KYCA Radio host

"I surely approve of rational optimism and I say Bravo to Frank Robinson for emphasizing its importance as a needed antidote to the naysayers in our midst!"
    - Prof. Paul Kurtz
              State University of New York, Chairman of the Council for Secular Humanism, the Center for Inquiry and Prometheus Books, and Editor-in-Chief of Free Inquiry Magazine


“Splendid book.”
    - Prof. Martin Seligman
               Former President, American Psychological Assn., author of numerous books including Learned Optimism

"The Case for Rational Optimism . . . represents a far more serious effort at rational choice theorizing [than Ridley's The Rational Optimist]. . . . My hope is that [it] becomes the standard effort in explaining the strong connection between maximizing returns, innovative technologies, and the exchange of goods and services. I strongly believe that will be the outcome."
- Prof. Irving Louis Horowitz
Hannah Arendt Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey; author of over 25 books

“Frank Robinson is dripping with the American spirit, what has made this great country so great in the first place. When he writes, I read.”
    - Adam Shepard
                Author of Scratch Beginnings

"I was and am amazed. My compliments! You wrote a unique book." -- Maurice Crijns

"Certainly one of the greatest books I have ever read! ... Can only make the world a little better place." -- Crawford Blakeman

"A great attitude adjustment by a brilliant mind . . . Chock full of interesting perspectives. A must read." -- John Denune

"Congratulations on a terrific book. It is very well done and interesting." -- Lawrence Malone, former General Counsel, N.Y. Public Service Commission

"You're ornery and you're brilliant and one hell of a writer. You're actually shifting [my viewpoint] and it feels good!" -- Gregg Millett, Chairman, Singles Outreach Support

Reader Acclaim for

"An absolutely magnificent book."
    - Scott Perlman
"A fierce intelligence ... reminds me of Emerson and Montaigne."
    - Robert Blank
"One of the most important books I've read in 20 years."
    - T.R. McIntosh
            Educator, historian, philanthropist
"A very moving, very sensible, very uplifting book . . . one of the world's great writers who has influenced me no end."
    - Dr. Alan Walker
            Director, Nomos Numismatics, Switzerland

"Wonderful and interesting book ... you created a book of interest to everyone."
     - Bobbi Sherman
"Delightful ... I'd like to order a dozen more copies."
    - Q. David Bowers
            Former President, American Numismatic Association
"It's really, really good ... You really have a great thing here!"
    - Bill Bortis
"A profound book about life."
    - Kristina Krawchuk
            TV News Anchor
"Truly great!"
    - Samara Choit
"I love this book."
    - Jeffrey Cook
"What a gem!"
    - Holly Nolan
            Ex-President, Capital District Humanist Society