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GREEK COINS etc., listed alphabetically

1 ACHAEAN League, Megara, Ar Hemidrachm, 196-146 BC, Zeus head r/

lyre above monogram in wreath; VF, sl off-ctr, minor wkness at bottom, excellent metal with old toning.

(A VF brought $230, CNG 9/07.) Starting Bid $45

2 AKANTHOS, Tetrobol, c.470-390 BC, Forepart of bull kneeling, Pi-E above/square,

as S1369 (£75); F-VF, well centered, good bright metal.

(Same var, VF brought $190, CNG eAuction 7/12.) Starting Bid $55

3 AMASTRIS, Æ22, c. 100 BC, Gorgon head on aegis/Nike adv r, S3675 var;

VF+/F-VF, sl off-ctr, sl crudeness on rev; lt orichalcum color; Gorgon face fully sharp, thus good for this.

(A NVF with roughness brought $67, CNG eAuc 2/10.) Starting Bid $25

4 AMISOS, Drachm or 1/2 Siglos, c. 2nd cent BC, Tyche head l./facing owl,

F-VF, sl off-ctr on small thick flan, good metal. Magistrate name below owl, LINOPHILOY;

rare, could not find in online databases. Starting Bid $45

5 APOLLONIA PONTIKA, Drachm, 450-400 BC; Anchor, crayfish/Facg Gorgon head,

with hair in round ringlets, sim S1655 (£90) ; AEF, well centered, good bright metal, strong face.

(A VF, this style, brought $315, DNW 3/07.) Starting Bid $45

6 ARMENIA, Tigranes II, 95-56 BC, Æ15, Bust r in tiara/ Cornucopiae; F-VF, centered,

"desert" patina with strong beige earth-en highlighting, portrait quite bold.

Rare, especially when, as here, not overgraded. (A GVF realized $707, Leu 5/18.) Start Bid $45

7 ARPI, Æ21, 3rd cent BC, Zeus head l./boar r, club above, S569; VF/F+,

well centered, medium brown, minimally misty, but quite nice.

(A Near VF brought $213, CNG eAuc 5/14.) MB $45

8 ASIA Minor Uncertain, Obol (.78 g), 5th cent BC, Lion forepart r/lion head left in incuse square,

VF-EF, nrly centered, good metal for this, well detailed; unpublished and very rare. Start Bid $45

9 ASPENDOS, Stater, c.465-430 BC, Warrior r with spear & shield/triskeles in incuse square;

sim. S5381 (£750); VF, actually almost as struck with luster, sl off-ctr & somewhat crude as always;

quite rare, virtually never seen until recent hoard, get one while you can.

(A VF brought $2185, CNG 5/11.) Start Bid $200

10 Stater, 3rd cent BC, 2 wrestlers, E betw; Slinger in round circle, triskeles & club at rt,

O betw legs; S5399; VF, only sl off-ctr, nice bold strike on good metal. Scarce.

(A GVF, this exact variety, brought $1149, Roma 9/14; ditto, $1265, CNG 9/10.) MB $160

11 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2526; EF+, quite well centered & struck,

good metal with luster, sharp high relief detail. Very pleasing example of the classic "owl."

Note: A lot of these on the market lately. What I look for is sharp hair detail below Athena's helmet.

Most don't have it. This one does. (Compare a GVF sold at $4600, CNG 9/12.) Starting bid $999

12 Another, EF/VF-EF, well centered on triangular flan, Athena's nose crowded,

but she has quite sharp detail, including the hair. Deeply toned, especially on rev.

Some tiny shallow pockmarks on rev, not really worth notice. Opening bid $465

13 Same but later style, 300-262 BC, S2547; VF+, unusually good centering for this on nearly round flan,

good two-toned metal. (A GVF brought $1100, Hess-Divo 10/08.) Start bid $265

14 Drachm, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/Owl, S2527; AF, perfectly centered, simply well-worn,

problem free; lt tone. (A F with lt scrs sold for $483, Stack's 4/08.) Starting bid $35

15 BAKTRIA, Menander, 160-145 BC, Drachm, Diademed bust r/Athena stg l, S7600;

EF, nrly centered with full lgnds, sharply struck with well-detailed portrait of fine style.

Good metal with lt patina in recesses. (An EF brought $472, F&S 6/08.) MB $95

16 Same but heroic bust left, thrusting spear, S7604; VF+/AEF, well centered,

two-toned metal with only slightest traces of granularity. (A VF+ realized $295, CGB 4/10.)

Starting bid $40

17 Zoilos II, c. 75-50 BC, Æ26x28 square, Apollo stg r/tripod, S7711var;

VF, dark green patina with hilighting, well centered with full bold lgnds;

minor touch of roughness on rev; obv highly attractive. Rare!

(Far nicer than a Near VF with deposits (rough) bringing $179, CNG eAuc 7/13.) Starting bid $75

18 Hermaios, Æ Tet, Bust r/Zeus std l; VF, somewhat off-ctr, brown patina, much hair detail on portrait.

(A VF brought $75 on $150 bid in my 9/10 sale.) Starting bid $25

19 BIRYTIS, Æ11, c.300 BC, Kabeiros head l./club in wreath; Choice EF,

nice green patina with hilighting, sharp detail on head. (An EF realized $575, NY Sale 1/09.)

Starting Bid $60

20 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes V, 163-130 BC, Drachm, Head r/ Athena stg l, Year 33, S7286;

EF/VF, well centered & struck with strong portrait in fine style, excellent metal.

(A VF-EF brought $269, Gorny 10/12.) Starting Bid $100

21 Ariarathes VII, 116-101 BC, Drachm, Head r/Athena stg l, Mexico city mintmk, Year Theta;

EF/VF, well centered & struck, good metal with deep toning. Lovely portrait of fine style.

(A VF-EF realized $325, Gorny 3/08.) Starting Bid $100

22 CARIAN Satraps, Hekatomnos, 391-376 BC, Tetartemorion (.15 g), Facing head/lion head l;

VF, somewhat off-ctr, toned, face clear. Rare. (A VF brought $191, Peus 11/04.) Min Bid $20


23 CARTHAGE, Billon Tridrachm, 264-241 BC, Tanit head l./ Horse stg r, palm behind;

S6494 (£250); AVF, centered tho horse head partly off, brownish tone, a few tiny crust spots on rev.

Nice detailed head. (A VF brought $381 in my 1/99 sale; VF soft strike, few pits, $500, Berk 10/07.)

Starting Bid $135

24 CELTIC, GAUL, Leuci, cast Potin, 18 mm, 1st cent BC, Diademed ("Indian") Head l./boar stg l,

fleur-de-lis thing below, LT 9078; Nice AVF or better, centered & a clear casting,

smooth darkish greenish patina. (A GVF, this exact variety, brought $254, UBS 9/08.) Starting Bid $30

25 -- Bituriges, cast Potin 17 mm, 1st cent BC, Helmeted head l. "(tete casquee")/bull r, Delta above;

F-VF or better, greenish patina with hilighting, a little rough & crude as usual but quite clear for this.

Very Rare! (A F+, not better, sold for 130 Euros, CGF 9/02.) Starting Bid $40

26 -- Rhone Valley, Ar Denarius, Roma head r/horseman r, "COMA," LT 5820;

VF-EF, off-ctr as these normally are, good bright silver. (A VF+/VF brought $362, CGB 6/06.)

Min Bid $40

27 BRITAIN, Atrebates, Epaticcus, 35-43 AD, Ar Unit, Herc hd in lion skin r/Eagle facg, Van Ar 580;

VF, obv off-ctr but head complete, good bright silver. Ex Gorny as GVF.

(A GVF brought $511, Baldwin's 9/07.) Starting Bid $95

Earn valuable brownie points by bidding early.

28 CHERRONESOS, Hemidrachm, 400-350 BC, Lion forepart/ rev divided in four, in one quarter a pellet,

the other off flan; VF-EF; obv well centered & struck with strong detail; excellent metal with medium tone.

(A VF of the type brought $212, CGB 10/08.) Starting Bid $40

29 CORINTH, Stater, c.375-300 BC, Pegasos l, Q below/Athena hd l, laurel on helmet,

AP below, plough at rt; VF+/VF, well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone, very nice.

(A VF, this exact variety, brought $568, Roma 11/15.) Starting Bid $195

30 DYRRHACHIUM, Drachm, 229-100 BC, Cow & calf, magistrate Meniskos/backgammon board pattern,

as S1900; At least VF, actually almost as struck but a little off-ctr with sl wkness as usual;

good bright metal. (A VF, same var., brought $101, Agora 3/14.) Starting Bid $25

31 EGYPT, PHARAOH NEKTANEBO II, 361-343 BC, Æ15, Leaping ram/scales; F-VF, a little off-ctr,

ram's head weak; dark greenish patina with earthen hilighting. Ex Gorny as VF.

The ONLY coin of Egypt of the Pharaohs (there's also a very rare gold version),

tho some evidence suggests a Syrian issue.

(A GVF brought $4313, Triton 1/05; VF $5423, Gorny, 3/07.) MB $125

32 Ptolemy III, Æ46, Zeus Ammon hd r/Eagle l, head r, E betw legs; AVF/F+, centered,

warm brown patina, a little crude with touches of roughness, much head detail.

A really really big coin! (A VF, not much better, brought $767, CNG 10/18.) MB $110

33 Ptolemy IV, Æ35, Zeus head r/Eagle l, Sigma-E monogram betw legs; VF/AVF, well centered & struck,

nice smooth medium brown, fine style head, very nice quality for this.

(A VF brought $251, iNumis 6/14.) Starting Bid $90

34 Ptolemy VIII, Æ13, Zeus Ammon hd r/Eagle l, lotus in field; VF, sl off-ctr on sl unround flan,

somewhat crude of course, but reasonable detail on head & full rev lgnd. Scarce. Start Bid $18

35 Cleopatra VII, Tet, Hd of Ptolemy I rt/Eagle l, Isis headdress, LIH-Pi-A; VF, sl unround flan,

rev sl off-ctr & weak at bottom, some flan imperfections on obv. (A VF brought $891, Lanz 12/12.)

Starting Bid $100

36 Cleopatra VII, Æ13, Cyrprus, Her bust r/Cornucopiae, F/G, obv centered, rev off-ctr,

greenish-brown patina, clear portrait of the famous queen. Prominent flan casting sprue.

(A VG brought $151 on $175 bid in my 1/15 sale.) Starting Bid $35

37 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires III & Queen Anzaze, 82-72 BC, Ar Tet, Conjoined busts l,

behind PK monogram above anchor, c/mk Nike stg l in rectangle/Zeus std l, lgnd around;

F/AVF, centered, good silver, some crudeness mainly on rev, portraits clear, c/mk muddled.

Very rare type, but extremely rare with obv monogram. Unusual budget grade!

(Same, with monogram & c/mk, VF with lt scrs, brought $4,888, Triton 1/04.) Starting Bid $250

38 Kamnaskires V, 54-33 BC, Ar Tet, Bearded bust l., anchor at rt/lgnd & bearded bust left,

GIC 5884 (£250); VF+/AEF, silver color with lt tone, rev head & lgnd unusually strong.

Ex Pars Coins as Choice EF. Far better than GIC plate coin. Rare.

(A Nice VF brought $1725, Triton 1/04.) Starting Bid $295

39 Orodes I, Æ Drachm, GIC-5892, Bust l.,/Artemis bust r; Choice VF, light brown with some green hilighting,

rev a little off-ctr but with full lgnd, more clear than usual.

(A Nice VF brought $67 on $100 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Starting Bid $15

40 Orodes II, Æ Drachm, GIC-5904, Facg bust/facg Artemis bust; Nice VF,

brown with some green hilighting, clear obv face & full rev lgnd. Scarcer type.

(A Ch. VF in my 6/13 sale realized $65 on a $100 bid.) Starting Bid $15

41 -- GIC-5905, rev Dashes, Nice VF, green-&-brown patina with strong contrast, fully clear face.

(A VF+ [looks F-VF] brought $130, Pegasi 11/09.) Starting Bid $15

42 Orodes III, Æ Drachm, GIC-5910, Æ Drachm, Facg bust with bushy hair/dashes,

Choice VF, nice hilighted patina, good clear portrait.

(A VF brought $48 in my 3/04 sale; GVF (rev very wk) $101, M&M 11/13.) Starting Bid $15

43 GELA, Tet, 480-470 BC, Quadriga r, Nike above/Forepart of man-headed bull r,

sim. S785 (£750, remember these prices were done in 1978); VF, nrly centered, sl crudeness,

Nike wk but otherwise everything clear with good detail on rev creature.

Ex Pegasi auction 5/12 where it realized $1,950. Starting Bid $950

44 HALIKARNASSOS, Hemiobol (.42 g), c. 400-340 BC, Ram head r/Male head r, A at rt;

F+/VF+, obv off-ctr to bottom, rev nrly centered with quite strong detail on head; darkly toned.

(A VF brought $150, Lanz 11/06.) Starting Bid $20

45 HERAKLEIA, Ar Nomos, 281-278 BC, Athena had facg 3/4 rt, in triple crested helmet/

Herakles stg w/club & lion skin; F-VF, nrly centered, decent metal, Athena's face fully clear;

quite scarce with this artistic facing head. (A VF brought $1394, Roma 10/17.)

Starting Bid $195

46 HIMERA, Æ17 (Hemilitron), 420-408 BC, Nymph hd l./6 pellets in wreath, S1110;

VF, centered on a sl ragged flan, dark green patina with earthen hilighting, strong detail on head.

(A VF sold for $273, Peus 11/10.) Starting Bid $38

47 Same but EF, nrly centered & well struck, nice jade green patina, wonderful sharp detail on head.

(Compare a GVF bringing $374, CNG 5/08.) Starting Bid $110

48 HIMYARITES, (Arabia), Ar Quinarius, Amdan Bayyin Yanaf, c. 100 AD, Head rt within torque/

Lgnd, head r, scepter at rt, GIC-5717; EF/VF, full lgnd, bright metal, minor crudeness.

(An EF/VF brought $146 on $300 bid in my 9/09 sale.) Starting Bid $70

49 -- Amdan Bayyin, Quinarius, Head r in beaded circle, trident behind/lgnd, small head r, scepter at rt,

GIC-5718; Virtually Mint state, sharply struck with strong details even on the little rev head; bright silver.

Exceptional specimen. (An EF realized $410, Gorny 10/05.) Starting Bid $110

50 INDO-PARTHIANS, Drachm, 1st cent AD, imitating Vardanes I of Parthia,

with c/mk helmet in circle at obv bottom; crude F-VF, good silver, c/mk clear.

(Better than a F bringing $146, CNG eAuc 9/12.) Starting Bid $80

51 INDO-SKYTHIANS, Maues, c.125-85 BC, Æ29, Elephant head r/caduceus, monogram;

AVF/VF, centered, medium brown patina, maybe a touch of smoothing on rev; pleasant bold coin.

(A "Nice VF, couple of scrapes," same monogram, was reported sold at $795, CNG Web Shop #730799.)

Starting Bid $75

52 ISTROS, 1/4 Stater, 400-350 BC, 2 Male heads, right inverted/Eagle on dolphin l. monogram below,

S1670 (£75); Choice EF, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr, bright lusterlike metal,

both heads with sharp detail in high relief. Exceptional & rare this quality.

(Nicer than an EF with one face partly off bringing $966, CGB 11/11.) .) Starting Bid $150

53 JUDAEA, Herod the Great (more like Herod the Horrid), 40-4 BC, Æ Prutah,

Anchor & lgnd/double cornucopiae, Hend.-1188; F/F-VF, sl off-ctr,

green patina with some whiteish hilighting; lgnd weak.

(An F-VF brought $88 on $95 bid in my 3/13 sale.) MB $20

54 KAMARINA, Æ20, Trias, 413-405 BC, Facing Gorgoneion/ Owl hldg lizard, 3 pellets below,

S1062 (£30); AEF/F, centered on incredibly large flan for this with small casting sprue;

green-brown patina; rev soft hence my careful split grade. Fully sharp Gorgon face.

(A VF brought $305, CNG 5/08.) Starting Bid $100

55 KELENDERIS, Stater, 400-333 BC, Naked rider sidesaddle on horse/goat kneeling rt,

looking back, lgnd above, T below; Strong VF, quite well centered & struck for this with everything on flan.

Very rare variety with T, not published (SNG France 71 has T-Lambda).

(Same variety, GVF with "somewhat smoothed surface" brought $5,231, NAC 4/11.) Starting Bid $375

56 KINDYA, Tetrobol, c. 500 BC, Head of Ketos (sea monster) left/incuse with kaleidoscope pattern;

VF, well centered, good metal with tone in recesses, bold features.

(A GVF sold for $565, LHS 4/07.) Starting Bid $75

57 KNIDOS, Drachm, 330-250 BC, Aphrodite head r/Lion forepart r, S4847 (£175);

Nice VF, well centered & struck, good metal with accentuating tone in recesses, strong detail. Rare.

(A GVF brought $1,553, CNG 9/03.) Starting Bid $220

58 KYME, Æ10, 350-250 BC, Eagle stg r/K-Y, Vase with handle; S4186; VF, nrly centered,

dark greenish-brown patina, very sl porosity, bold sharp features; nice. Starting Bid $15

59 LARISSA, Drachm, 400-360 BC, Thessalos restraining bull left/Horse leaping r, S2111 (£225);

F-VF, sl off-ctr, horse head partly off; faint porosity, lt tone. Ex BCD with his tag & photos.

(An F-VF sl off-ctr realized $196 on $271 bid, FSR 9/14.) MB $90

60 Drachm 350-325 BC, Nymph head 3/4 l./ horse rt, S2120;

AVF, minimally off-ctr, complete, good bright silver. NOT ex-BCD & rare thus,

since he seems to have bought all the Larissas in existence. (A VF brought $800, Peus 11/06.)

Starting Bid $110

61 As last but horse with foal, scarcer, S2122 (£225), F+/AVF, obv sl off-ctr,

good metal with accentuating tone, nice face.

(A VF brought $1232, CNG eAuc 9/13.) Starting Bid $65

62 Obol (yes, Basil, an Obol), Nymph head 3/4 left/horse r; VF, nrly centered, sl grainy, toned,

nice strong head of fine style. Ex BCD with his handwritten tag & photos.

(A VF, ltly corroded, brought $167, Kunker 3/05.) Starting Bid $40

63 LYCIAN Dynasts, Vekhssere II, c. 410-390 BC, Ar 1/3 Stater or Tetrobol, Facg Lion scalp/

triskeles with 2 letters in center, S5218 (£140); VF+, centered on sl triangular flan, excellent metal,

good strike for this with only sl crudeness. Ex Pars Coins as Ch. EF. Rare.

(A GVF brought $207, Naumann 1/18.) Start Bid $120

64 Perikle, 380-360 BC, 1/3 Stater (Tetrobol), Facg lion scalp/ triskeles, S5241 (£90);

EF, nrly centered, well struck for this, excellent metal with luster. Ex Pars as Choice GEF.

(A GVF brought $311, Naumann 4/18.) Starting Bid $135

65 LYCIAN LEAGUE, KRAGOS, Hemidrachm, after 168 BC, Apollo hd r/Lyre in inucuse square, K-P,

S5267 (£65); VF-EF, well centered on oval flan, mis-(double?)-struck at top of obv head, but nice detail;

good metal with old toning. (A VF brought $344, iNumis 3/09.) Starting Bid $70

66 MACEDON, Philip II, Tet, Zeus head r/Youth on horse r, fly & aphlaston below; Choice AEF,

obv centered a touch to rt, sl crowded but head complete & in quite fine style with great detail;

rev well centered; excellent metal with lt tone.

(Stronger detail than on an AEF, same variety & identical centering, sold for $952, Agora 3/15.)

Starting Bid $495

67 Alexander the Great, Tet, of Amphipolis, Herakles head r/ Zeus std l, lambda above race torch,

monogram below seat, Pr.465; Choice VF, well centered & struck, good metal with accentuating tone,

a pleasantly bold coin. (A GVF with lt porosity, this exact var., brought $518, CNG eAuc 6/17.)

Start Bid $170

68 -- Tet of Sardes, star at left, X below seat; according to CNG a Celtic issue from Eastern Europe

but good style with nice high relief portrait; VF+/VF, well centered on a sl tight flan, lt tone.

Starting bid $160

69 -- Posthumous Tet of Odessos (mint name at rev bottom, EKA at left, star below throne;

EF, almost as struck with moderate crudeness, rev somewhat off-ctr, good metal with luster, Pr. 1197.

(A GVF, same var., brought $784, CNG eAuc 4/13.) MB $170

70 -- Posthumous Tet of Aspendos, A-Sigma/I-Theta (Year 19) at left, Pr.2898; Choice EF,

well centered & struck, good bright metal; portrait well detailed & in fine style.

Removed from NGC slab with label as Ch AU, strike 5/5, Surf 4/5.

(An EF, this exact variety, realized $3,382, Gorny 10/11.) Starting Bid $425

You can bid with alternates or a budget limit.

71 -- Drachm, Asia Minor Uncertain, Herakles head r/Zeus std l, elephant head left

(possible ref to "Battle of Elephants" 269 BC); unpublished; in NGC slab as CH XF*, Strike 5/5, Surf 5/5;

it is perfectly centered & well struck, great metal with lt tone; lovely coin.

Ex Gemini 1/05 where it sold for $690. Starting Bid $295

72 -- Drachm, of Chios, Monogram above grapes at left, Pr.2317; Choice VF, well centered & struck,

good metal, lt tone. Ex Gorny as VF-EF. MIN BID $65

73 -- Drachm, Lampsakos, "NO" monogram & Pegasos at left, COPY, by Slavei (I think), struck, in silver,

EF+ toned, great detail, a beauty. Starting Bid $10

74 Demetrios Poliorketes, 294-288 BC, Tet, His head r/Poseidon stg on rock, betw monograms,

S6764 (£650); VF, well centered, niggling little surface imperfections, nothing remotely serious;

certainly NO COLLUSION!; nice portrait in high relief; lt tone.

(A VF realized $2645, Triton 1/03.) Starting Bid $375

75 Philip V, Æ22, Herakles head r/Lgnd & harpa in wreath, DI monogram above; VF-EF/AVF,

nrly centered, a little crudeness mainly on rev; dark brown patina; very strong head.

(A GVF, this exact var., equal quality, brought $190, CNG eAuc 9/13.) MB $45

76 MASSALIA, Obol, 380-336 BC, Youthful hd l./MA in wheel, S72; Choice AEF,

good centering on very sl ragged flan, excellent metal with lt tone, head of unusually fine style.

Ex Coin Galleries 2004 as EF. (A VF brought $385, Berk 7/09.) Starting Bid $95

77 METAPONTUM, Stater, c.290-280 BC, Demeter head r/grain ear, 2 amphorae at rt;

EF, good centering with just a touch of crowding at obv top;

well struck with full detail on grain ear & superb detail on Demeter. Only insignificant imperfections.

(Same variety, Near EF, brought $2,976, Roma 7/16.) Starting Bid $425

78 Stater, c.400-340 BC, Demeter head l./Grain ear, ivy leaf at right; VF, perfectly centered,

sl soft obv strike but excellent bright metal, pleasant. Rare with ivy leaf.

(A GVF with ivy leaf & rev corrosion brought $7,777, Nomos 5/18.) Starting Bid $225

79 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th cent BC, Lion forepart, head l./star pattern in square, S3532 (£65);

AEF, nrly centered with lion head complete, much detail on mane; rev centered, good metal with lt tone.

The earliest affordable coin. (An EF brought $489, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $70

80 Same but head rt, VF+, somewhat off-ctr with lion's face partly off, good metal & mane detail.

(A VF brought $110 on $160 bid in my 5/10 sale.) Starting Bid $30

81 MOTYA, Æ11, 413-397 BC, Female head facg sl rt/crab; VF,

obv somewhat off-ctr but head complete with clear face; rev much off-ctr & ill-struck; dark brown patina.

RARE. (A Near VF realized $474, Naumann 8/17) Starting Bid $45

82 NABATAEA, Aretas IV, 9 BC - 40 AD, Æ15, Conjoined heads of Aretas & Queen Shaqilath r/

crossed cornucopiae & lgnd, GIC-5699; AVF, rev sl off-ctr, dark greenish patina with orangy hilighting,

portraits quite strong. (A VF brought $145 on $200 bid in my 9/09 sale.) Starting Bid $20

83 Rabbel II & Queen Gamilat, 71-106 AD, Ar drachm, King's bust r/Queen's bust r, GIC5705;

at least F for this, better in parts but some wkness, usual tight flan, partial lgnds, good silver,

Far scarcer than Æ. (A F/F-VF brought $298, Rauch 9/17) MB $35

84 NEAPOLIS (Macedon) Hemidrachm, 424-350 BC, Facing Gorgoneion/nymph head r, lgnd at right,

S1417var; Strong VF, centered, well struck, good metal. Nice strong Gorgon face.

(A GVF brought $879, Kunker 3/11.) Starting Bid $100

85 ODESSOS, Mithradates VI of Pontos, Tet, Alex the Great type, Herakles with features of Mithradates/

Zeus std l, Lambda-A at left; VF, centered, good metal, somewhat crude strike but a decent portrait.

(A GVF brought $935, CNG 9/96.) MB $195

You can check with me any time how your bids are doing.

86 PANORMOS, Litra, 405-380 BC, Young male head l./man-headed bull l., as S884 (Head rt, £175);

AEF, somewhat off-ctr, profile crowded, rev head off; good metal with uncleaned original darkish patina.

Great obv hair detail. (Compare a VF bringing $470, Leu WebAuc 6/17.) Starting bid $60

87 PANTIKAPAION, Æ21, 4th cent BC, Pan head r/Griffin fore-part l, sturgeon below, S1700;

Choice VF, centered, smooth rich brown patina, very nice (A GVF brought $443, CNG 9/07) MB $50

88 Ar Hemiobol, Facing lion scalp/4-part square; VF, nrly centered, decent & rare.

Ex Pars as Choice GVF. (A GVF, porous, brought $588, CNG eAuc 2/14.) Starting Bid $50

89 PARION, 3/4 Drachm, 4th cent BC, Facing Gorgoneion/ cruciform pattern, S3917 (£200);

F-VF, obv sl off-ctr, softly struck as usual but face quite clear; good metal.

(A VF brought $131 on $256 bid in my 3/06 sale.) Starting bid $25

90 Hemidrachm, 350-300 BC, Gorgoneion facg/bull stg l, looking back, S3919 (£85);

Choice EF, centered & sharply struck, bright lustery silver; Great staring Gorgon face.

(An EF brought $774, Triton 1/17.) Starting bid $150

PARTHIA By Sellwood numbers, all Ar drachms with bust left/archer rt, unless noted:

91 Phriapatios, 185-170 BC, Æ18, head l/horse r, Sellw 8.2 (Mithradates I); F-VF, centered,

dark green patina with some earthen hilighting in recesses; quite good for this with strong portrait & horse.

Rare. (Better than a F bringing $132, CNG eAuc 1/07; Ch. VF $852, NY Sale 1/16.) Starting Bid $80

92 Phraates II, 16.11, TAM behind bust (Tambrax mint), EF, well centered, good bright metal,

very nice for this & rare. (A GVF brought $423, CNG 5/13.) Starting Bid $225

93 Mithradates II, 123-88 BC, 24.10, EF, well centered, sharp, good bright silver.

(A VF-EF realized $443, Gorny 3/11.) MB $100

94 -- 26.3, A behind archer, EF, obv sl off-ctr, rev well centered, minor crudeness, bright silver.

(A Near EF realized $345, Triton 1/10.) Starting Bid $90

95 -- 28.3, bust in high tiara, Choice EF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone, superb portrait detail.

(An EF sold for $731, NY Sale 1/16.) Starting Bid $120

96 -- 28.5, Choice EF, nearly as struck, well centered & quite sharp; lt tone. Rare with this tiara design,

with extra squiggly line, not in Shore. (A GVF brought $288, CNG 9/08.) Starting Bid $130

97 -- 28.7, EF, nrly centered, good metal with lt tone, well struck, sharp portrait detail.

(An EF brought $775, CGB 11/09.) MB $90

98 Orodes I, 31.5, VF-EF, nrly centered, good strike, ltly toned. (A VF brought $165, Downie 7/09.)

Starting Bid $40

99 Sinatrukes (Used to be Gotarzes I), 33.4, bust in tiara with stags; Mint State, obv just sl off-center,

sharply struck, good lustrous silver. (An EF brought $620, Spink 3/09.) Start Bid $165

100 "Darius?" (now called Phraates III), 35.14, Æ19, Tetrachalkon, facing bust/Horse stg r;

Choice VF, obv well centered on a broad flan, rev sl off-ctr, nice deep green patina with earthen hilighting,

good surfaces, clear face on portrait. Rare. (A F brought $156, CNG eAuc 7/08.) Min Bid $100

101 CORRECTED attribution: Mithradates III,  40.2, with segmented necklace & B behind archer's head.
VF, centered, decent metal with tone in recesses, nice strong portrait. Rare. (A VF realized $345, Kunker 3/10.)
MB $40

102 -- Tet, 48.1, Bust l./King std l, hldg Victory; VF+/VF, nrly centered, good bright silver,

touch of smoothing in obv field; portrait very bold. Scarce type.

(A GVF with sl porosity sold for $1,840, CNG 9/09.) Starting Bid $150

103 Phraates IV, 52.16, Laodicea mint, Choice EF, practically mint state, obv well centered, rev sl off-ctr;

quite sharply struck; excellent metal with lt tone. (An EF brought $374, Triton 1/10.)

Starting Bid $100

103A Artabanus II, 63.6, VF-EF/AVF, usual low obv centering on large flan, good metal with tone,

a few hard-to-notice scratches. (A GVF brought $276, Triton 1/10.) Min Bid $30

104 Gotarzes II, 65.33 (no royal wart but identifiable by legend); EF/VF, usual low obv centering,

rev well centered, good metal with lt tone. (A GVF brought $702, NY Sale 1/15.) MB $45

105 Vardanes II, Tet, Sellw 69.9 var, month DECIO; AEF/VF, centered, month clear (rare thus),

silver color, minor surface imperfections, strong portrait detail.

(A GVF with month uncertain brought $1,287, NY Sale 1/15.) Starting Bid $150

106 Vologases I, Æ10, Sellw.70.16, Rev Horse head r, A to rt; F-VF, rev sl off-ctr,

somewhat thick pale green patina, features reasonably clear. Rare. Starting Bid $25

107 -- Drachm, 70.13, VF, obv much off-ctr to bottom, rev centered,

good metal with accentuating tone in recesses. (An F-VF/F brought $56 in my 3/04 sale.)

Starting Bid $35

108 Vologases III, 78.4, Choice EF, virtually as struck, obv centered only sl low, sharply struck, ltly toned.

(An EF brought $253, Triton 1/10.) Starting Bid $55

109 -- Same, Choice VF, obv only sl off-ctr, excellent metal with nice toning.

(A VF+ brought $51 in my 6/93 sale.) Min Bid $25

110 -- 78.6, scarce variety with 2 dots as archer's seat, AEF, only sl off-ctr on oval flan,

good metal, sharp portrait. (A GVF brought $107, CNG eAuc 5/13.) Starting Bid $45

111 Parthamaspates, 116 AD, 81.1, Roman puppet ruler in headgear unique to this short reign,

VF/AEF, obv sl off-ctr, good bright silver, much portrait detail. Scarce.

(A VF brought $341, Kunker 9/10.) MB $110

112 Vologases IV, 84.131; Nice EF, nrly centered, obv very well struck,

rev less crude than usual with only sl double striking at top; good metal with lt tone.

(An EF brought $184, Triton 1/10.) Starting Bid $60

113 Osroes II, c.190 AD, 85.3, EF, nrly centered on ragged flan, somewhat crude, especially the rev as usual;

bright silver. (A GVF sold for $226, Noble 7/15.) Starting Bid $45

114 Vologases VI, 88.18, EF, obv only sl off-ctr, rev more so; well struck; pleasant medium toning.

(An EF with rev double struck brought $245, Kunker 3/08.) Starting Bid $50