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GREEK COINS etc., listed alphabetically

1 R ABYDOS, Æ11, 3rd cent BC, Apollo head r/Eagle r, bow & arrow; AEF/VF+, dark brownish patina,

well centered, strong detail on head & eagle. (A VF brought $155, CNG eAuc 9/12.) Starting Bid $55

2 ACHAEAN LEAGUE, AIGION, Hemidrachm, 196-146 BC, Zeus head r/Monogram & lgnds in wreath, S2973;

F-VF, sl off-ctr, crudely struck with some wkness mainly on obv, head not bad, good metal with lt tone.

(Much better than a corroded VF sold for $90, CNG eAuc 5/11; a GVF brought $604, CNG 5/08.) Starting Bid $30

3 AKANTHOS, Tetrobol, 450-400 BC, Forepart of bull kneel-ing, floral ornament above/4-part incuse square;

early type, much scarcer than the usual later ones; F+, centered, bright metal with minimal granularity.

(A VF with some granularity brought $173, CNG eAuc 5/18.) Starting Bid $40

4 AKRAGAS, Hemidrachm, 413-406 BC, Eagle on hare rt/ crab, tunny below, S751 (£350);

F-VF, well centered tho tunny nevertheless mostly off; a touch rough but fully clear bold features.

(A F+ with sl porosity brought $158 on $235 bid in my 11/05 sale.) Starting Bid $65

5 AMISOS, Æ20, c.100 BC, Zeus head r/Eagle on thunderbolt, S3644; VF-EF/AVF, brown patina,

obv well centered with a strong detailed head. (A VF brought $200, Roma 12/19.) Starting Bid $30

6 R APAMEIA , Æ19, c.69 BC, Zeus head r/Elephant rt, S5867, BMC5; VF+/AVF, nrly centered on oval flan,

good brown patina with sl earthen hilighting. Nice. Bought 1979.

(A VF, appears same var, brought $981, Kunker 3/12.) Starting Bid $60

7 ARKADIAN League, Triobol, 175-168 BC, Zeus head l./ Pan std l., on rock, eagle on knee, at rt delta above lambda;

VF/VF-EF, obv off-ctr to rt, rev well centered, faint traces of obv porosity.

(Same variety, GVF, brought $418, CNG eAuc 9/20.) Starting Bid $80

8 ASPENDOS, Stater, 465-430 BC, Warrior adv rt with spear & shield/triskeles in incuse square, S5381 (£750).

VF, quite well centered & struck for this, good bright metal, very nice example.

This early type was never seen till recent hoard. (At least as good as a VF bringing $1119, Roma 6/15.)

Starting Bid $200

9 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2526; Choice Mint State, perfectly centered,

good lustrous metal with some nice toning. Sharply struck with the obv hair waves totally crisp.

That's what I look for on these. Most examples from recent hoard lack this.

(An EF brought $9200, Triton 1/12.) Starting Bid $1000

10 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2526; EF, very well centered (on a slightly tight flan),

light grey toning. Well struck with, again, Athena's hair waves fully sharp.

(Compare a GVF bringing $4600, CNG 9/12.) Starting Bid $750

11 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/Owl stg r; bought from Heritage attributed as Egyptian local coinage,

citing P. Van Alfen, AJN 14, 2002, pl.11, 2. Coins on the market similarly attributed are extremely close in style to

regular Athenian ones. This specimen I've puzzled over a lot and I doubt Heritage is correct, looks to me like normal Athenian.

It is EF, well centered on somewhat unround flan with full Athena head. And, yes, those hair waves are sharp as heck,

the way I like them. Starting Bid $750

12 ATHENS, Later type Tet, 300-262 BC, Athena head/owl, S-2547; AEF/VF, quite well centered for these,

on an elongated flan, with Athena's head complete; good metal with a few tiny marks, lt tone.

(A GVF brought $1100, Hess-Divo 10/08.) Starting Bid $250

13 BAKTRIA, Eukratides I, 171-135 BC, Obol, Diademed head r/caps of the Dioscuri with palm branches, S7577;

EF, a tiny bit off-ctr, sl touch of porosity mainly on rev; good detail, nice for this.

(At least as good as an EF [I'd grade VF+] bringing $405, CGB 6/13.) Starting bid $95

14 BAKTRIA, Menander, 160-145 BC, Tet, Diademed bust r/ Athena stg l, S7596 (£175); F-VF, minimally off-ctr,

lgnds virtually complete; good metal with lt toning. Bold & decent.

(An F-VF brought $176 in my 9/00 sale; NVF with crack, $347, CNG eAuc 5/08.) Starting bid $110

15 BAKTRIA, Apollodotos II, c.110-80 BC, Drachm, Bust r/ Athena stg l, S7672; VF-EF, quite well centered & struck,

good metal with moderate toning, unusually nice for this (nearly all seen are well worn).

(An AEF brought $485, Kunker 3/18.) Starting Bid $45

16 BOSPOROS, Pharnakes II, 63-47 BC, Ar Stater, His head r/Apollo std betw tripods, BECKER forgery,

with deep test mark diagonally across obv, with corresponding rev flattening, otherwise AVF.

(A VF of this Becker brought $142, Peus 5/08.) Starting Bid $15

17 R BRUNDISIUM, Æ19 (Triens), c. 2nd cent BC, Neptune head r, Nike behind/Youth on dolphin hldg Nike & lyre;

4 pellets each side; VF+/VF, obv nrly centered, rev somewhat off-ctr to top but virtually complete;

brown patina with minor graininess; strong detail on head. (A GVF sold for $502, CNG eAuc 1/20.) Start bid $85

18 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes IX, 101-87 BC, Drachm, Bust r/ Athena stg l, T left, B below; F-VF, centered,

thick dark patination with slight cleaning mks; portrait shows much detail. Seems to be rare with these controls,

and of course everybody is madly collecting these by control marks. Starting bid $30

19 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes IX, 101-87 BC, Drachm, Bust r/ Athena stg l, variety as S7297 but Year B;

VF+, obv off-ctr to bottom but head complete & nice; good metal with pleasing tone.

(A GVF of the type brought $368, CNG 9/06.) Starting bid $60

20 CAPPADOCIA, Ariobarzanes I, 95-63 BC, Drachm, Young Head r/Athena stg l, Year B; VF-EF, centered,

decent brightish metal. Way scarcer than older bust types, as he was not young for very long —

actually a basic truism about human life. (A VF sold for $210, Heidelberger 11/14.) Starting Bid $65

21 R CARIAN Satraps, Pixodaros, 341-335 BC, Trihemiobol, Apollo head facg 3/4 rt/Ornamented star with lgnd, S4968;

AEF, obv sl off-ctr but head complete with sharp clear face; good metal with darkish original patina.

(A GVF brought $354, Naumann 12/17.) Starting Bid $100

22 R CELTIC, GAUL, Leuci, cast Potin, 19 mm, 1st cent BC, Head l., with diagonal band/boar stg l, crosslike symbol below,

LaT 9078var; Choice VF, nrly centered, glossy darkish greenish patina, blush of maroon on rev, features fully clear.

(A GVF brought $254, UBS 9/08.) Starting Bid $65

23 CELTIC, Eastern Europe "Sattelkopf" Tetradrachm, 2nd cent BC, a much abstracted imitation of Philip II, head/horse;

VF/F-VF, obv head more intelligible than usual. (A VF brought $358, CGB 11/04.) Starting Bid $75

24 DYRRHACHIUM, Drachm, 3rd-2nd cent BC, Cow rt with calf below, corn ear left, moneyer ZENON/

backgammon board pattern; F, somewhat off-ctr & partly weak strike mainly on rev.

With very old tag, proving it's no modern fake. (An F-VF brought $111 on $130 bid in my 3/07 sale.) Starting Bid $15

Bidding on many lots improves your chance of success. You can bid with alternate choices, or a budget limit.

25 R EGYPT, Ptolemy II, 285-246 BC, Æ20, Zeus head r/Eagle stg l, club to left, Svor 709; Choice VF+, nrly centered,

sl lgnd wkness, head & eagle strongly detailed; dark greenish patina with some earthen hilighting.

(A VF (Æ18) sold for $121, CNG 3/96.) Starting Bid $60

26 R EGYPT, Ptolemy III, Æ43, Zeus Ammon head r/Eagle stg l, PX monogram betw legs; Choice VF,

well centered & boldly struck with strong detail; warm reddish-brown patina with minor darker areas

(A GVF (Æ44) brought $1568, Gorny 10/18.) Starting bid $200

27 EGYPT, Ptolemy X, Tet, Ptolemy I head r/Eagle l, Year 11, Svor. 1677; AVF/VF, obv minimally off-ctr,

rev perfectly centered, decent metal with lt tone, not crude as usual. (A VF, same variety, brought $346, CGB 10/10.)

Starting bid $100

28 EGYPT, Cleopatra VII, Æ13 of Cyprus, Her bust r/corn-ucopiae; F-VF/AF, nrly centered on unround flan,

rev partly flat struck, dark green patina with strong earthen hilighting; quite nice portrait of the famous queen

with some detail. (A F brought $226 on $305 bid in my 2/16 sale.) Starting bid $75

29 ELAIOUSSA-SEBASTE, Æ21, 1st cent BC, Zooce head r/Nike stg l, monogram; VF, brown patina,

centered, nicely detailed head. (A VF, same variety, brought $140, CNG eAuc 11/08.) Start bid $25

30 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires III & Queen Anzaze, c. 82-80 BC, Ar Tet, Conjoined busts left, anchor behind/Zeus std l.,

lgnd around, S6171 (£1250); VF+, obv well centered, rev nrly so, sl surface roughness mainly on rev,

partially ameliorated by lt smoothing; strong portrait detail Dark tone in fields. Rare.

(A GVF with lt porosity & wk rev strike brought $4,700, Triton 1/14.) Starting Bid $450

31 R ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires V, 54-33 BC, Ar Tet, Bearded bust l., anchor at rt, star above/lgnd & bearded bust left,

GIC 5884 (£250); VF+, obv well centered & struck with loads of detail, rev sl off-ctr & typically crude but lgnd mostly

reasonably clear & the head is not a mess as is usual. Definitely silver with lt brownish tone.

(A Nice VF brought $1725, Triton 1/04) Starting bid $150

32 ELYMAIS, Orodes I, Æ Drachm, GIC-5892, Bust l., anchor/Artemis bust r; Choice VF, brown patina with lt green

hilighting, rev particularly good for this, centered with clear lgnd. (A Nice VF brought $67 on $100 bid in my 11/13 sale.)

Starting Bid $18

33 ELYMAIS, Orodes I, Æ Drachm, GIC-5896, Bust l., anchor/ dashes, Choice VF, centered, lt brown patina with

green hilighting. (A Ch. VF brought $42 on $47 bid in my 11/13 sale.) Starting Bid $15

34 ELYMAIS, Phraates, Æ Drachm, GIC-5902, Bust l., anchor/ dashes; VF, nice 2-toned green patina.

(A VF realized $120, Peus 4/13.) Starting Bid $15

35 ELYMAIS, Orodes II, Æ Drachm, GIC-5905, Facg bust/ dashes, Nice VF, highlighted green patina, good strong portrait.

(A VF brought $33 on $39 bid in my 2/09 sale.) Start Bid $15

36 R EPHESOS, Æ13, 350-288 BC, Bee/kneeling stag r, magistrate XAPMINO(S), as S4402; AEF, just sl off-ctr,

choice dark green patina, mostly glossy with tiny bit of crusting on rev. (An AEF realized $360, Kunker 10/07.)

Starting Bid $55

37 EPHESOS, Tet, 390-325 BC, Bee/Stag kneeling rt, palm behind, as S4372 (£500); F+/AF, centered,

minor surface imperfections, contrasting dark tone in recesses, fairly bold features, magistrate's name not visible.

(A F or better with faults brought $575, Stambuliu 1/07.) Starting Bid $100

38 EPEIROS, Pyrrhos, Tet., COPY, as rare Didrachm, Helmeted Achilles head l./Thetis on hippocamp, struck,

looks silver tho I won't guarantee it, EF+, teensy obv porous spots. Appealing artistic piece. Starting Bid $10

39 HIMERA, Æ17x19 (Hemilitron), 420-408 BC, Nymph hd l./6 pellets in wreath, S1110; VF+,

sl off-ctr on an unusually large ragged flan with big casting sprue; nice green patina with hilighting, good detail on head.

(A GVF brought $374, CNG 5/08.) Starting Bid $45

40 HISTIAIA, Tetrobol, 3rd cent BC, Nymph head r/Nymph std r on galley. as S2496; AVF, well centered,

smallish flan; old toning, very sl surface imperfections in fields. (A VF of the type brought $335, Lanz 12/10.)

Starting Bid $25

41 INDO-GREEKS, INDO-SKYTHIANS, Azilises, c.85-45 BC, Ar Drachm, Horseman r/City goddess stg l, Senior 56.12,

AVF, sl off-ctr, minor crudeness, good silver with lt tone, actually rather decent for this.

(A VF, same var., brought $113, Heidelberger 11/14.) Starting Bid $20

42 INDO-GREEKS, KUSHANS, Heraios (or Kujula Kadphises), Ar Tet, various dates given c. 1st cent AD, Bust rt/

King on horse rt, "SANAB" betw legs; AVF, good silver, only very sl surface imperfections, ltly toned, quite bold & nice.

A rare & very intriguing coin, highly desirable. (A VF, same variety, brought $3360, CNG eAuc 8/13.) Starting Bid $350

43 ISTROS, Stater, 400-350 BC, Two male heads facing, left inverted/Eagle on dolphin, A below, S1669 (£225);

AEF/VF, well centered, several small edge splits, obv well struck with good detail on heads, rev has lt porosity.

The identity of the heads has been debated; some scholars say The Dioskuroi, others say Bert and Ernie.

(A VF brought $320 on $386 bid in my 8/91 sale; VF+ $926, CGB 11/11.) Starting Bid $125

44 R JUDAEA, John Hyrcanus I, 134-104 BC, Lgnd in wreath/Double cornucopiae, clear monogram A at 9:00 left,

Hend. 1133var; VF/VF+, well centered for this, darkish green patina with a little crustiness.

(A VF brought $264, Kunker 3/20.) Starting Bid $40

45 JUDAEA, Alexander Jannaeus, 103-76 BC, Double cornucopiae/Hebrew lgnd in wreath, generally as Hen.1145 and

AJC Ha2 but lgnd a little different, deserves more study; VF, nrly centered on sl unround flan, strong pale green hiliting,

strong features with lgnd fully clear. Starting Bid $30

46 JUDAEA, Pontius Pilate (famous physical fitness impresario and friend of Bigus Diccus), 26-36 AD, Prutah, Ladle/

3 grain ears, Hen.1341; VG, centered, smooth dark patina with sl hilighting, lgnd very wk, design features visible tho weak.

A not terrible budget Pilate. (A G brought $31 on $39 bid in my 6/93 sale.) Starting Bid $15

47 KATANE, Ar Litra, 461-450 BC, Silenos head l./Winged thunderbolt betw shields, lgnd around; Jameson 536;

ex Naville auction as VF, and it is VF, centered, uncleaned original dark patina, unusually strong detail on obv head.

A very desirable coin.

(Same variety, same obv die? "splendid style & elegance," GVF with rough surfaces brought $695, Nomos 10/14.)

Starting Bid $130

48 KIOS, Hemidrachm, c.350-300 BC, Apollo hd r/Prow, magistrate PROZENOS, as S3757; F-VF/VF, nrly centered,

good clean metal, a little wkness at top of head but still has a lot of detail.

(Same variety, GVF, brought $345, CNG 9/09.) Starting Bid $40

49 KOLOPHON, Tetartemorion (5 mm, .18 g), 530-500 BC, Archaic Apollo head left/4-[part incuse square,

VF, centered, with a clear detailed head. Scarce early type. (A GVF brought $312, CNG eAuc 10/07.) Starting Bid $40

50 KOLOPHON, Æ13, 4th-3rd cent BC, Apollo head r/lyre in square, lgnd, VF, nrly centered, dark brown patina,

some mild surface disturbances, strong details. Scarce. Starting Bid $30

51 KOS, Didrachm, 4th cent BC, Herakles head r/Veiled female hd l, S4988 (£600); F-VF centered, sl roughness,

dark tone in recesses, thus bold features. Rare coin. Ex my 4/11 sale bringing $330 on $411 bid.

(A VF realized $1955, Triton 1/10.) Starting Bid $200

52 KRAGOS Lycian League Hemidrachm, c. 48-20 BC, Apollo head r/K-P, lyre in incuse square, no symbol; S5267;

VF+/EF, obv centered, flatly struck at top, rev sl off-ctr but complete & well struck; good metal.

(A VF brought $344, iNumis 3/09.) Starting Bid $45

53 KROTON, Stater, 530-500 BC, spread flan type (25 mm), Tripod, QPO left, heron rt/Incuse tripod, QPO left, TON rt;

normally with heron or nothing at rev right, this configuration apparently unrecorded for spread flan issues;

VF, obv well centered, rev nrly so, some rather minor surface imperfections, otherwise good metal with dark tone in recesses;

obv nicely bold. (Same variety, GVF brought $2530, CNG 6/06.) Starting Bid $400

54 KYME, Æ14, 250-200 BC, Head of Amazon Kyme r/Horse forepart r, vase to left, magistrate LESBIOS, as S4189;

F-VF, rev centered sl high, nice green-brown patina, pleasant. Starting Bid $15

55 R LARISSA, Æ17, 360-325 BC, Nymph head r/Horse grazing rt, S2129; VF+/AEF, centered, greenish brown patina,

minimally thick on obv, good detail on nymph's hair & on horse. (A GVF brought $617, CNG 5/14.) Starting Bid $75

56 LESBOS, billon Diobol or 1/10 Stater, 1.34 gms, c.500-450 BC, 2 boar hds face-to-face/incuse square, S3488 (£140);

VF, perfectly centered & well struck, original dark patina with hilighting, quite bold & nice for this.

Lesbos is where the word Lesbian comes from. (A F-VF brought $216 in my 12/91 sale.) Starting Bid $90

57 LYCIAN Dynasts, Perikle, 38-360 BC, Tetrobol or 1/3 Stater, Facg lion scalp/triskeles, lgnd, S5241 (£90),

VF, bright silver, well struck but moderately off-ctr. (A VF, also somewhat off-ctr, brought $265, Peus 11/12.)

Starting Bid $35

58 LYDIA, Uncertain, Satrap Gamerses, 380-360 BC, Æ12, His head r/Zeus stg r; F, nrly centered, darkish green patina,

sl grainy, reasonably clear portrait of Gamerses. Scarce. (A GVF brought $291, CNG eAuc 12/10.) Starting Bid $20

59 MACEDON, Philip II, 1/5 Stater, Artemis head facg 3/4 left/Youth on horse r, Pegasos below, S6692 (£350);

F-VF/F, nrly centered, bright metal with very slight porosity, clear face. Rare type!

(A VF with test cut brought $1150, Triton 1/06.) Starting Bid $100

60 MACEDON, Alexander the Great, Tet, of Tyre, Herakles hd r/Zeus std l, at left date in tiny Phoenician letters

(not entirely legible?); F+/VF, obv centered somewhat low, rev well centered, slightest hint of granularity; ltly toned.

(A VF brought $408, CNG eAuc 12/17.) Starting Bid $120

61 R MACEDON, Alexander the Great, Drachm, of Lampsakos, Herakles head r/Zeus std l, KI left, NO monogram under seat;

Pr. 1398; Choice EF, centered on oval flan, good strike with nicely detailed head; quite lustrous.

(Same variety, EF, realized $999, Nomos 10/15.) Starting Bid $160

62 MACEDON, Alexander the Great, Æ18, Herakles head r/ bowcase & club, VF, well centered,

good dark green patina with sl hilighting, some very sl surface imperfections, but nice on the whole.

(An F-VF/VF realized $63 in my 7/12 sale; GVF $449, CNG 5/08.) Starting Bid $25

63 MACEDON, Alexander the Great, Posthumous Æ23, His head r/Alex on horse r; F/AF, centered, full lgnds,

lt orichalcum tan with darker tone in fields, head quite bold, rev weak on figure.

Note this type was the model for 1920s Albanian coin. (A Fine brought $150, CNG eAuc 2/18.) Starting Bid $15

64 MACEDON, Autonomous, 187-168 BC, Tetrobol, MAKE around club in center of shield/Helmet surrounded by

3 monograms & thunderbolt, as S1387; SNG Cop 1282 var; EF, centered, sharply struck, good metal with lt tone.

Very nice, and a rare variety, apparently unpublished. (Same variety, EF, brought $884, Roma 9/17.) \

Starting Bid $140

65 MACEDON, Autonomous, 187-168 BC, Tetrobol, MAKE around club in center of shield/Helmet. 3 monograms

(diff from previous), as S1387; EF, nrly centered, quite sharply struck, good metal with lt tone.

(Same variety, VF, brought $384, Kunker 3/11; EF $690, NY Sale 1/12.) Start Bid $140

66 THE MALIANS, at Lamia, 400-344 BC, Æ13, Athena head r/Philoctetes stg r, shooting bow, quiver at rt; S2142;

F-VF, centered, dark brown patina, only vaguely rough, bold & decent. Ex BCD with his tag. Rare.

(A Near VF with crack & sl porosity brought $259, CNG 9/08.) Starting Bid $20

67 R MASIKYTES, Lycian League Hemidrachm, c. 27-20 BC, Apollo head r/M-A, Lyre, plectrum, in incuse square;

Choice EF, rev somewhat off-ctr but complete, tiny edge splits, good metal with lt tone. Superb sharp detail on head.

(A Near EF, same variety, realized $358, CNG eAuc 10/11.) Starting Bid $190

68 MASIKYTES, Lycian League Hemidrachm, c. 27-20 BC, Apollo head r/M-A, Lyre in incuse square, no symbol;

EF, somewhat off-ctr, obv to bottom affecting lower part of face, Sharp hair detail; good silver.

(A GVF brought $290, Gorny 3/08.) Starting Bid $50

69 R MENAINON, Æ18 (Tetras), after 210 BC, Demeter head r/crossed torches, S1129; VF+, obv well centered,

rev nrly so, dark patina with very lt roughness mainly on rev; head nicely detailed.

(A VF sold for $308, Peus 4/10.) Starting Bid $50

70 MESSENE , Æ19, c. 180-150 BC, Æ19x21, Demeter hd r/ Zeus adv r, tripod; F+/AF, centered, dark brown patina,

somewhat rough mainly on rev, obv bold. (A F brought $134, CNG eAuc 5/09.) Starting Bid $10

71 METAPONTUM, Nomos, 330-300 BC, Demeter head r DAI under chin/Corn grain, plow above leaf at right,

MAX below; VF, centered, ltly porous mainly on rev, plow & MAX indistinct. Quite a nice detailed head.

(Same variety, VF with areas on wk strike & sl flaws brought $590, CNG eAuc 9/20.) Starting Bid $140

72 R METROPOLIS, (Ionia), Æ12, 1st cent BC, Kybele head r/Pine cone, S4499; Choice VF, nrly centered,

hilighted olive-brown patina. Rare!

(Nicer than Sear plate & nicer than a VF bringing $87, M&M 10/04, the lone example on acsearch.)

Starting Bid $30

73 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th cent BC, Lion forepart, head l./ star pattern in square, S3532 (£65);

EF, obv centered low with bottom of lion head off, but most of it is there and is very sharply struck. Quite good metal.

This is the earliest coin you can get at a reasonabl;y cheap price. (An AEF brought $301 on $340 bid in my 1/19 sale.)

Starting Bid $75

74 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th cent BC, Lion forepart, head l./ star pattern in square, S3532 (£65);

VF, obv sl off-ctr crowding top of lion head; good metal with lt tone. (A VF/AEF brought $156 in my 7/07 sale.)

Starting Bid $40

75 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th cent BC, Lion forepart, head left/star pattern in square, S3532 (£65); VG-F, sl off-ctr,

original dark patina, features reasonably visible. With nice pre-1900 German tag from Bruder Egger. Starting Bid $18

76 MYRINA, Æ16, 2nd cent BC, Apollo head r/Amphora, lyre rt, S4220; F+/F, centered, medium brown patina,

a pleasant bold coin. (A VF sold for $79, Leu 12/17.) Starting Bid $10

77 NABATAEA, Silver Drachm, Malichos & Queen Shaqilath. 40-70 AD, Bust r/bust r, conservatively graded F/AF,

nrly centered on a typically narrow & quite thick flan, much of lgnds present; very sl scr on rev.

(A Near VF of the type with sl metal flaws, hardly better, realized $575, CNG eAuc 7/17.) Starting Bid $40

78 NEAPOLIS (Macedon), Hemidrachm, 424-350 BC, Facing Gorgoneion/nymph head r, lgnd at rt, S1417;

EF, nrly centered & well struck with strong detail, bold Gorgon face; good metal with lt tone; fine style.

(A GVF brought $879, Kunker 3/11.) Starting Bid $200

79 OLBIA, Arrow shaped coin, c. 550-450 BC, 37 mm, EF, well formed, even dark green patina, very nice example.

The story is that they made these little arrows but found they didn't work too well as weapons so utilized them

as currency instead. (A VF realized $315, Lanz 6/93.) Starting Bid $20

80 OLBIA, Another, 38 mm, VF-EF, part of one of the fins missing, probably metal didn't fill the mold.

Otherwise nicely formed, good dark green patina. Starting Bid $15

81 The ORRESKIOI, Stater, 500-480 BC, Centaur carrying nymph/incuse square in clear swastika pattern,

S1325 (£750); F+, well centered, only faintest porosity, good clear features accentuated by dark tone in recesses. Rare!

(A VF with rough surfaces realized $2242, CNG eAuc 2/18.) Starting Bid $375

82 PANORMOS, Litra, 405-380 BC, Young male head l./Man-headed bull l, S889 (£150); VF, obv nrly centered,

rev off-ctr to bottom losing hindquarters; bright, with a few minor surface disturbances;

excellent head with sharp hair detail. Quite good for this. (A Near VF brought $239, Naumann 5/17.)

Starting Bid $75

83 PARION, Hemidrachm, 400-300 BC, Bull stg l., hd turned back, round shield below/Facing Gorgoneion, as S3919;

Choice VF-EF, well centered & struck, good metal with lt tone. Wonderful sharp gorgon face.

(A VF-EF of the type brought $918, Tradart 12/14, the auction house of choice for refined connoisseurs who don't know

what coins are really worth.) Starting Bid $100

84 PARTHIA, Phriapatios, c. 185-170 BC, Æ14 (Chalkos), Bust in bashliq left/elephant r, Sellw. 8.3,

AVF, darkish brown patina, obv sl off-ctr to left, with a little roughness at left edge, but portrait clear & detailed,

elephant also fully clear. Rare. (Much better than a VF bringing $104, Triskeles 12/17.) Starting Bid $50

85 R PARTHIA, Mithradates II, 123-88 BC, Drachm, Sellw 28.6, Choice EF, perfectly centered & sharply struck,

good metal with lt tone. Very luscious. (An EF brought $390, Elsen 3/04; only VF $295, Peus 10/14.)

Starting Bid $130

86 PARTHIA, Mithradates II, Drachm, Sel.28.7, Mint State, perfect centering & wonderful strike with superb

portrait detail. Bright lustrous silver. (An EF realized $775, CGB 11/09) Start Bid $150

87 R PARTHIA, Orodes I, 90-80 BC, Drachm, Sellw 31.5, EF, well centered & struck, good metal with deep tone.

(An AEF realized $936, NY Sale 1/15.) Starting Bid $85

88 PARTHIA, Orodes I, Drachm, Sel.31.6, AEF/VF, obv centered just sl left, rev centered with sl crudeness;

good bright silver. (A GVF brought $306, Gorny 3/11.) Starting Bid $65

89 PARTHIA, Sinatrukes (Used to be Gotarzes I), Drachm, Sel. 33.3, bust in tiara with stags; EF/VF, nrly centered,

good metal with lt tone, minor rev crudeness, excellent sharp portrait. (A VF sold for $180, Peus 4/06.)

Starting Bid $75

90 PARTHIA, Sinatrukes, Drachm, c.75 BC, Sel. 33.4, bust in tiara with stags; Mint State, obv centered just sl low,

rev perfectly centered; quite sharply struck, the rev in particular crisper than usual; and of course the portrait is

very sharp too. Good bright silver.

(An EF brought $620, Spink 3/09; one only choice VF realized $384, Goldberg 6/18.) Starting Bid $120

91 R PARTHIA, Sinatrukes, Drachm, Sellw 33.5, Nice bold VF, well centered & struck, good metal with mellow

old toning. Seems rather scarcer than other varieties of type 33. (A VF realized $130, Peus 4/95.) Starting Bid $50

92 R PARTHIA, Sinatrukes, c.75 BC, Æ17 (Dichalkon), Bust l, anchor behind/Horse r (Sellw says Pegasos,

but no wing!), Sellw.34.9; VF, well centered, dark greenish brown with maroon traces, sl roughness, much detail. Rare!

(An AVF realized $155, Agora 1/15.) Starting Bid $65

93 R PARTHIA, Orodes II, Æ16, Bust l./camel std r, Mithradatkart mintmk; Sellw 45 type but this rev unlisted;

VF, centered, brown patina, a little grainy, rev lgnd somewhat crude/wk, strong portrait detail. Rare.

(Better than a VF sold for $207, Agora 6/14.) Starting Bid $70

94 PARTHIA, Phraates IV, Tet, Sellw.52.6, Rev Athena & Std ruler, date all in exergue; AVF/F+, not badly centered,

good metal, minor surface fault at rev bottom affecting date but enough remains clear for firm attribution.

(An AVF/F of the type brought $163 on $300 bid, FSR 7/12.) Starting bid $90

95 PARTHIA, Artabanus II, 10-38 AD, Drachm, as Sel.63.15 but retrograde N in NI and different symbol behind archer

similar to Sellw. 54.12; unlisted variety; VF+, crude provincial issue, minimally grainy, obv centered, rev off-ctr to top.

(A Near VF, regular 63.15, brought $229, CNG eAuc 7/09.) Starting Bid $40

96 PARTHIA, Gotarzes II, 40-51 AD, Drachm, Sel.65.33 (no royal wart but identifiable by legend);

EF/VF, usual low obv centering, minor edge irregularity, good bright silver, portrait very sharp,

obv has appearance of mint state. (A GVF brought $702, NY Sale 1/15.) Starting Bid $55

97 PARTHIA, Vologases I, 51-78 AD. Drachm, Sel.71.1, VF+, obv centered somewhat low as always, tone in recesses,

decent bold example. (A VF realized $286, CNG 12/92.) Starting Bid $45

98 R PARTHIA, Pakoros II, Æ11, Chalkos, Sellw.73.16, Beardless bust l./amphora; VF, a touch off-ctr good brown patina,

fully clear including the beardlessness. This may indicate Pakoros was underaged. Or was trans? RARE!

(A FINE sold for $279 + buyer fee, Jacquier 9/13.) Starting Bid $65

99 PARTHIA, Vologases III (now he wants to be called Pakoros I), 105-147 AD, Drachm, Sel. 78.3,

EF, unusually large flan with obv nrly centered, thus decoration at bottom of bust visible, almost never seen.

Rev somewhat off-ctr & a little crude. Portrait very sharp. (An EF brought $320, Hess-Divo 10/08.) Starting Bid $50

100 PARTHIA, Vologases III (or Pakoros I), Drachm, Sellw. 78.4, AEF/VF+, sl off-ctr, good bright metal, nice sharp portrait.

(An EF realized $253, Triton 1/10.) Starting Bid $40

101 PARTHIA, Vologases III (or Pakorus I), Drachm, Sel. 78.5 (archer's seat shown as line), Choice EF, sl off-ctr as usual,

quite sharply struck with superb portrait detail; lustery with unusual coppery tone on obv.

(An EF realized $234, NY Sale 1/15.) Starting Bid $55

102 R PARTHIA, Osroes I, AD 109-29, Æ10 Chalkos, Sellw.80.29, bust left with round hair bunch/griffon rt;

VF, only sl off-ctr, medium brown patina, quite clear & decent for this, and rare. (A VF realized $221, Triton 1/04.)

Starting Bid $65

103 R PARTHIA, Vologases IV, Æ13, Dichalkon, Bust l./ Tyche bust r, Sellw. 84.144 etc, date off flan; VF, centered,

dark patina with some earthen hilighting, good surfaces, both heads with much detail.

(More than on a VF sold for $367, Bertolami 3/18.) Starting Bid $60

104 PARTHIA, Osroes II, c.190 AD, Drachm, Sel.85.2, VF+/VF, sl off-ctr, rev typically crude,

decent bright metal with trace of graininess on rev. Unusual helmet details with upside-down V in place of line of dots,

and eye-like feature instead of parallel bands. (A Near VF 85.2 actually sold for $238, Bertolami 3/18.) Start Bid $35

105 PARTHIA, Osroes II, c.190 AD, Drachm, Sel.85.3, EF, a little crude, obv nrly centered, rev somewhat off-ctr;

bright silver. (A GVF brought $226, Noble 7/15.) Starting Bid $45

106 PERGAMON, Eumenes I, 263-241 BC, Tet, Bust of the eunuch King Philetairos rt/Athena std l,

A on seat, bow at right, ivy leaf left; VF+, well centered, good metal with lt tone, forceful portrait with high-relief hair detail.

Cf same variety in CNG "Web Shop," saying new evidence puts this during the reign of Philetairos himself;

VF reported sold for $1450. Starting Bid $325

107 PERSIA, Siglos, 485-420 BC, King rt with spear & bow/ punch, S4682 (£75); F, well centered but

somewhat misty & grainy albeit bright. Reasonably clear design. (A F brought $63 in my 6/08 sale.) Starting Bid $20

108 R PERSIS, Bagadates I, Early 3rd cent BC, Drachm, Head rt in kyrbasia/fire altar, etc, Alram 516;

VF, well centered & struck for this with rev fully clear; generally good metal with only sl surface faults in obv field,

somewhat hidden under darkish toning. Good strong portrait of the first Persis king. Rarer than the expensive tets!

(A VF sold for $616, Roma 8/18.) Starting Bid $235

109 PERSIS, Autophradates (Vadfradad) II, 2nd cent BC, Tet, Head r wearing kyrbasia & diadem/

Fire temple betw king & standard, above half-figure of Ahura-Mazda; S6193, Alram 546; VF-EF/VF, well centered &

good strike for this with rev less crude than usual, portrait nicely detailed & in fine style. Excellent bright silver.

Four Persis kings struck tetradrachms, all fairly rare, but this is much the rarest & a superior example.

(GVFs brought $10,200, CNG 9/17 and $7794, Leu 5/18..) Starting Bid $1400

110 PERSIS, Autophradates (Vadfradad) II, 2nd cent BC, Hemidrachm, Head r in satrapal headgear, eagle atop/

fire altar etc, S6197 (Darius I), Alr. 547; VF-EF, centered, good bright metal, nice clear coin with rev not typically crude.

(A GVF sold for $315 + buyer fee, VAuctions 9/11.) Starting Bid $70

111 PERSIS, Artashir (Artaxerxes) II, c.60-50 BC, Drachm, King with 3-pronged crown, monogram &

star & crescent behind/King at altar, S6212, Alr 570; VF+, obv well centered, surface imperfection in front of bust,

rev sl off-ctr & crude, unusually large 24 mm flan; bright silver. Ex Pars Coins as Choice AEF.

(A VF realized $332, Peus 10/07.) Starting bid $100

112 PERSIS, Pakor I, 1st cent AD, Obol, Bust l./triskeles & lgnd. Alr. 598, GIC-5946; VF, well centered,

several small edge splits, somewhat crude but features fully clear. Good metal.

(A "bold VF" brought $129, Album 1/14.) Starting Bid $30

113 PERSIS, Pakor II, 1st cent AD, Obol, Bust left/similar, Alram 594 (Pakor I); VF-EF/VF, centered,

somewhat crude but clear features, obv (?) actually quite detailed. Nice metal. (A VF brought $201, Heidelberger 11/14.) Starting Bid $35

114 PERSIS, Namopad, 1st cent AD, Obol, Bust l./king stg left facing star & crescent, as Alr 602 but apparently

unpublished with rev type to left; VF, nrly centered, good metal, somewhat crudely struck of course but quite clear.

No sale record found. Starting bid $35

115 PERSIS, Napad (a/k/a Kapat), 1st cent AD, Obol, bust in tiara l./ Diademed bust l, Alr.614, GIC-5952;

VF, nrly centered, good metal, crude as usual but much detail visible. (A GVF brought $224, Bertolami 9/19.)

Starting Bid $30