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GREEK COINS etc., listed alphabetically

1 ABDERA, Hemidrachm, 385-375 BC, Griffin l./Dionysos head r in square, as S1549

(Hemidrachm, £200); VF, centered a little high so griffin's head off; decent bright silver.

Lgnd below Griffin, "PITEON" (?), rare thus; no examples in online database have a lgnd there.

Starting Bid $120

2 AIGAI, or Thraco-Macedonian, or "Mygdones or Crestones,"

(no, those are not band names); Trihemiobol, c. 510-480 BC, Goat kneeling r, looking back/

4-part square, S1293; EF, well centered & sharp, bright metal with only minor roughness.

Well detailed. (A GVF brought $543, CNG 9/09.) Minimum Bid $85

3 AINOS, Diobol, c.408-406 BC, Hermes head r/Goat stg r, crab under foreleg;

AEF, decently centered, quite good metal with dark tone. Ex CNG 9/01 where sold for $330.

(A GVF brought $920, Triton 1/07.) Opening Bid $150

4 AKANTHOS, Tetrobol, c.470-390 BC, Forepart of bull kneel-ing, star above/square,

as S1369 (£75); F-VF, obv centered & clear, rev somewhat off-ctr, good bright metal.

Scarce symbol. (Same var, VF brought $347, CNG eAuction 10/09.) Min Bid $65

5 AKRAGAS, Æ20x23, Phintias, 287-279 BC, Apollo head r/2 Eagles on hare;

VF/AEF, nrly centered on sl spindle shaped flan, good glossy green patina;

unusually strong feather detail. Thus a very desireable piece. Ex Bertolami auction 2012 as EF.

(Far nicer than a VF but garbled by overstrike bringing $336, CNG eAuc 11/08.)

Starting Bid $110

6 AMISOS, Ar Siglos or Drachm, 435-370 BC, Tyche head l./ Owl, H-Gamma-H under wings,

sim. S3633 (£160); VF-EF, obv somewhat off-ctr but head virtually complete,

rev well centered for this with owl virtually complete & detailed; decent bright metal.

(Same type, diff letters, GVF "roughly cleaned" brought $1265, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $120

7 APAMEIA (Phrygia), Æ21, 133-48 BC, Zeus head r/Cultus statue of Artemis Anaitis, S5121;

AEF/VF, nrly centered, glossy dark greenish patina with touch of roughness mainly on rev.

Splendidly detailed head of Zeus. (A VF brought $190, Pegasi 11/09.) Starting Bid $45

8 APOLLONIA PONTIKA, Drachm, 450-400 BC; Anchor, VF, sl off-ctr on unround flan,

face fully clear; decent metal. (A GVF, this style, brought $920, CNG 5/11.) Starting Bid $30

9 ARADOS, Æ16, 2nd cent BC, Zeus head r/galley ram, Phoenician inscription

(fully clear on this specimen), S6001; Choice VF, obv sl off-ctr but head complete,

smooth dk greenish patina with sl earthen hilighting. (A VF brought $74, CNG eAuc 1/10.)

Starting Bid $18

10 ASPENDOS, Stater, 465-430 BC, Warrior adv rt with spear & shield/

triskeles in incuse square, S5381 (£750). Ex CNG as VF, and it is,

somewhat crude tho less so than most with warrior fully clear; rev somewhat off-ctr;

good fresh silver; technically almost as struck.

Previously almost never seen, there's been a hoard of this type; get one while still available.

(An AVF with weak obv brought $990, NFA 12/87.) Starting Bid $180

11 ATHENS, Tet, 449-413 BC, Athena head r/owl stg r, S2526; Choice Virtually Mint/EF,

obv quite nicely centered with much of helmet crest present; rev nrly centered.

Perfect fresh metal and well struck with the obv hair waves sharp. That's what I look for on these.

Most of the numerous examples from recent hoard lack this.

(An EF brought $9200, Triton 1/12; GEF $17,000, NAC 10/08.) Starting Bid $1000

12 Another, Choice EF, well centered (tho E off on rev)& very sharply struck;

excellent lustery metal. Athena's hair waves are razor sharp. Ex Pars Coins as "Ch Unc."

(Compare a GVF sold at $4600, CNG 9/12.) Starting Bid $850

13 Same but later style, 300-262 BC, S2547; Choice VF-EF,

quite well centered for this on nearly round flan, obv head nrly complete with profile not crowded,

owl complete; decent metal with lt tone. Far nicer than usual.

(A GVF brought $1100, Hess-Divo 10/08.) Starting bid $250

14 BAKTRIA, Antimachos I, 171-160 BC, Drachm, Nike adv l./ King on horse r, S7546;

VF, centered with full lgnds, sl crude, sl uneven obv tone.

(A VF moderately coarse brought $116 in my 10-/09 sale; F+/VF $243, iNumis 3/09.)

Starting bid $25

15 Eukratides I, 171-145 BC, Obol, Helmeted head r/caps of the Dioscuri with palm branches,

S7578; EF, well centered & struck, strong details, good metal with tone. Excellent quality for this.

(A VF realized $885, Gorny 3/11.) Starting bid $120

16 Tet, Helmeted head r/Conjoined heads of Heliokles & Laodike, monogram behind,

S7572 (£2500); rare dynastic issue; EF/VF, obv bright & bold, fully sharp;

rev a little crude with sl smoothing, teensy delamination at right edge.

With former NGC slab tag as XF.

(A GVF with deposits, pitting & smoothing brought $5000, CNG 5/19.) Starting bid $1000

17 Menander, 160-145 BC, Drachm, Helmeted bust r/Athena stg l; S7601;

EF, nrly centered, sl lgnd crowding, faint rev scrs but good metal with luster & lt tone.

(An EF realized $520, Gorny 10/05.) Starting bid $100

18 Tet, Helmeted bust r/Athena stg l, S7597 (same monograms, £200);

VF/AVF, sl off-ctr, surface problems mainly on rev, obv bold & pleasant.

(A VF with rough rev brought $244 in my 9/95 sale.) Starting bid $110

19 Antialkidas, Drachm, Helmeted bust r, /Zeus std l, elephant forepart; S7630;

AEF, centered with complete lgnds, ltly toned, pleasing.

(A GVF brought $253, CNG 5/08; EF 750, Gorny 10/05.) Starting bid $100

20 Apollodotos II, 110-80 BC, Drachm, head r/Athena stg l, S7672; F, sl off-ctr,

lgnds almost complete & clear; good metal, bright from cleaning.

(A F brought $62, Triskeles 3/19.) MB $18

21 Zoilos II, 75-50 BC, Drachm, Bust r/Athena stg l, S7709;

VF-EF, well centered with virtually full lgnds, good metal, sl crudeness.

(A VF sold for $345, CNG 9/06.) Starting bid $75

22 Hermaios, 40-1 BC, Drachm, Bust r/Zeus std l, S7740;

AVF, well centered with complete lgnds, decent metal with moderate tone, a bit misty on rev;

good for this. (A VF brought $160, Emporium Hamburg 5/14.) Starting bid $20

23 BITHYNIAN Kingdom, Nikomedes II, 149-128 BC, Tet, His head r/Zeus stg l,

S7273 (£400); AEF/VF, obv off-ctr with profile crowded but complete,

a few sl marks or flan flaws, almost unnoticeable;

rev has a couple dark areas of flan imperfection. Portrait quite well detailed with accentuating tone.

(A GVF brought $5055, Gorny 3/10; VF-EF $4368, Kunker 10/13.) Starting bid $250

24 CAPPADOCIA, Ariarathes V, 163-130 BC, Drachm, Head r/Athena stg l, Year 33, S7286;

EF, obv centered a bit low with sl shortness of flan at bottom right,

but head complete with unusually sharp detail; sl die break across brow; decent metal.

(An EF/VF brought $260 in my 1/19 sale; Near EF $460, F&S 10/05.) Starting Bid $120

25 Ariarathes IX, 101-87 BC, Drachm, EF, sl off-ctr mainly on rev,

broad flan with uncrowded portrait having great hair detail. Good metal with lt tone.

(An EF/GVF brought $475, Kunker 9/09.) Starting bid $140

26 Ariobarzanes I, 96-63 BC, Drachm, Head r/ Athena stg l, Date RY24 = 72/1 BC,

"Mint A," S7302; AEF/EF, obv centered sl low with head complete & well detailed;

rev centered & unusually complete & well struck. Good metal. Much above average.

(A GVF brought $345, Triton 1/04.) Starting Bid $80

27 CELTIC, GAUL, Leuci, cast Potin, 15 mm, 1st cent BC, Diademed ("Indian") Head l./

boar stg l, VF, centered on unround flan, appearing as chipped; dark green patina;

minor obv roughness; rev with sm,ooth glossy surface. Starting Bid $20

28 — Senones, cast Potin, 18 mm, Head rt with "wild hair"/ horse l., 2 large dots;

Ex German auction as EF, arguably so for this but I'll grade it Choice VF+,

centered & well cast with clear features, good smooth green-toned surfaces.

(Clearly Stronger than a NEF bringing $177, CGB 6/13.) Start Bid $50

29 CHERRONESOS, Hemidrachm, 400-350 BC, Lion forepart/ rev divided in four,

in one quarter A above pellet, the other a 9-petaled flower

(very clear, none on acsearch with this symbol); EF, somewhat off-ctr, obv to bottom,

but sharp detail on lion's mane; good metal with lt tone.

(A VF-EF of the type brought $160 on $226 bid in my 1/11 sale.) Starting Bid $60

30 EGYPT, PHARAOH NEKTANEBO II, 361-343 BC, Æ15, Leaping ram/scales,

VF, obv off-ctr to left, rev centered with sl die fault at left edge;

dark green patina with earthen hilights. The only coin attributed to Egypt of the Pharaohs

(there's also a very rare gold version) tho some evidence suggests a Syrian issue.

Ex my 11/17 sale bringing $430. (A VF realized $5423, Gorny 3/07.) Starting bid $250

31 Ptolemy II, Tet, Ptolemy I head r/Eagle l, Monogram above A, Svor 365;

F-VF, centered on a sl tight flan, portrait complete & strong; toned;

some very sl rev surface faults. Start Bid $120

32 Ptolemy III, Æ35, Zeus Ammon head r/Eagle l, Chi-Rho monogram betw legs,

Choice VF+, centered & boldly struck, good smooth dark brown surfaces, excellent detail.

(A VF realized $518, CNG 9/06.) Starting Bid $175

33 -- Æ42, Zeus Ammon hd r/Eagle stg l, Sigma-E monogram betw legs; Strong F-VF,

centered, medium grey-brown patina, very sl porosity mainly on rev; much detail.

Big heavy coin; could be a lethal weapon.

(An F-VF brought $211 on $260 bid in my 12/11 sale.) Starting bid $100

34 Ptolemy V Æ17 of Cyprus, Zeus head r/Eagle l, Lotus at left, Svor.843; AVF,

dark brown patina, ltly grainy mainly on rev. Much detail visible. Rare! Starting Bid $15

35 Ptolemy IX, Tet, Ptolemy I head r/Eagle l, LH-Pi-A; VF/F-VF, sl narrow flan,

obv well centered, rev lgnd off at left; good metal, portrait quite nice for this.

(An AVF brought $141 in my 1/99 sale.) Starting bid $90

36 Cleopatra VII, Tet., Head of Ptolemy I rt/Eagle stg l, head-dress of Isis, Year 16;

F-VF, well centered, sl cupped fabric, micro porosity with medium tone, decent for this.

(Compare a VG sold for $250, Berk 10/08; VF $691, Lanz 12/12.) MB $110

37 EION, Trihemiobol, c. 480 BC, Goose r, salamander above, H below, S1293; VF, centered,

sl ragged flan, minimal granularity, good bold features.

(A VF/F brought $500, Lanz 6/11.) MB $65

38 ELYMAIS, Kamnaskires III & Queen Anzaze, c. 82-80 BC, Ar Tet, Conjoined busts left,

anchor behind/Zeus std l., lgnd around, S6171 (£1250); EF, well centered,

rev typically crude with some planchet imperfections; obv beautiful with superb portrait quality.

Rare. (A GVF with lt porosity & weak rev strike brought $4700, Triton 1/14.)

Starting Bid $900

39 Kamnaskires V, 54-33 BC, Ar Tet, Bearded bust l., anchor at rt, star above/

lgnd & bearded bust left, GIC 5884 (£250); Choice VF, centered, silver color with lt tone;

rev crude but much less so than usual with fully clear (tho illiterate) lgnd.

Rare, especially this good. (A Nice VF brought $1725, Triton 1/04) Starting bid $160

40 Orodes I, Æ Drachm, GIC-5892, Bust l.,/Artemis bust r; Choice VF, centered,

smooth patina with strong contrast, rev unusually good with clear lgnd.

(A Nice VF brought $67 on $100 bid in my 11/13 sale.) MB $20

41 Phraates, Æ Drachm, GIC-5899, Bust l./Artemis stg r, Nice VF, rev somewhat off-ctr,

brown patina with green hjilighting, much above average.

(A VF brought $63 on $125 bid in my 6/13 sale.) Starting Bid $17

42 Orodes II, Æ Drachm, GIC-5905, Æ Drachm, Facg bust/ dashes, Choice VF,

nice hilighted green-&-brown patina, good clear portrait.

(A VF brought $33 on $39 bid in my 2/09 sale.) Starting Bid $17

43 EUBOEAN League, Drachm, 369-313 BC, Nymph head l./

bull head 3/4 rt with long earrings, satyr's mask at rt; S2467 (£125);

Choice VF, well centered & struck, excellent metal with lt tone; lovely head of fine style.

(A VF, this exact variety, brought $1000, Vinchon 4/88.) Starting Bid $160

44 HALIKARNASSOS, Hemidrachm, 2nd-1st cent BC, Apollo head r/lyre, S4876 (£140);

VF, nrly centered, good metal, bright with lt tone. (A VF brought $390, Peus 5/08.) Min Bid $110

Most coins will sell above the low starting bids. I hope.

45 HERAKLEIA, Ar Nomos, 281-278 BC, Athena had facg 3/4 rt, in triple crested helmet/

Herakles stg w/club & lion skin; F-VF, nrly centered, decent metal, Athena's face fully clear;

quite scarce with this artistic facing head. (A VF brought $1394, Roma 10/17.) Starting Bid $190

46 HIMERA, Æ16 (Hemilitron), 420-408 BC, Nymph hd l./6 pellets in wreath, S1110;

EF, nrly centered, head complete with strong detail; nice smooth deep green patina.

Small casting sprue protrudes from edge. (Compare a GVF bringing $374, CNG 5/08.)

Starting Bid $80

47 — Same, VF, well centered on flan with quite large panhandle casting sprue;

deep green patina, much hair detail. (A VF sold for $273, Peus 11/10.) Starting Bid $35

48 HIMYARITES, (Arabia), Ar Quinarius, Amdan Bayyin Yanaf, c. 100 AD, Head rt,

symbol behind/Lgnd, small head r, scepter at rt, GIC-5718; Choice EF, deeply cup shaped,

quite well struck with no wkness, good detail on both heads; good metal with medium tone;

sl ragged edge. Top example. (An EF brought $410, Gorny 10/05.) Starting Bid $80

49 — Tha'ran Ya'ub, Ar Quinarius, types as above but large rev head,

as GIC-5721 but variety with oo behind obv bust, none on acsearch with this;

EF, sl cupped, well struck with good details, good bright silver.

(A VF/EF, GIC 5721, brought $159, Heritage Europe 11/13.) Starting Bid $80

50 HISTIAIA, Tetrobol, 3rd cent BC, Nymph head r/nymph std on galley stern, S2496;

Choice EF, obv well centered & struck with lovely detailed head of unusually fine style;

good metal with lt tone, rev centered high but complete. (A VF brought $335, Lanz 12/10.)

Starting Bid $85

51 INDO-GREEK, Kushans, Kanishka, the Knish King, 130-158 AD, Æ18, King stg l/

Mao standing (not the Chinese guy); VF, nrly centered & strongly struck,

smooth dark patina with sl hilighting; far better than usual.

(A VF brought $67, CNG eAuc 2/16.) Starting Bid $20

52 INDO-SKYTHIANS, Aspavarma, c.5-35 AD, Billon Tet, of Taxila, in the name of Azes,

King on horse r/Athena stg r; crude F-VF, sl rough looking, bronze color.

(A dark brown F/VF brought $170, Munz Zentrum 12/13.) Starting Bid $20

53 JUDAEA, Bar Kokhba revolt, 134-35 AD, Æ25 ("Medium bronze") Palm tree/Vine Leaf,

Hend. 1437; AVF/VF-EF, greenish-brownish patina with earthen hilighting, obv a little soft,

tree side particularly bold with good detail. (A VF brought $739, Roma 5/13.) Starting Bid $185

54 KAULONIA, Archaic Stater or Nomos, 510-475 BC, Apollo stg r, stag to rt/similar INCUSE,

7.63 gms, 24x26 mm, sim. S252 (£2500); Noe E,51; AVF, well centered, nice bold strike,

good metal with lt tone, a pleasing bold example. Starting Bid $600

55 KELENDERIS, Stater, c. 400 BC, Naked rider sideways on horse l./Goat l, looking back,

lgnd above, sim. S5527; VF-EF, well centered & struck with types complete,

thus quite good for this (and unlike most in recent hoards); good metal with lt tone.

(A GVF, this exact var., brought $782, CNG 5/04.) Start Bid $400

56 KOLOPHON, Tetartemorion, 520-500 BC, Apollo hd facg/TE in incuse square

(rare instance of the denomination given on an ancient coin); S4343 (£55); F+/VF,

centered sl low, minimally grainy, obv face fuzzy, rev fully clear.

(A VF "a bit porous" brought $179, CNG eAuc 4/11.) Starting Bid $20

57 KRANNON, Æ16, 400-344 BC, Horseman r/Vase on cart, S2073; VF, centered,

glossy dark patina, a little die failure at obv left, right wheel on cart weak. Ex BCD with his tag.

(A VF sold for $301, Savoca 1/19.) Starting Bid $35

58 KROTON, Stater, 510-490 BC, Tripod, heron at left, lgnd rt/incuse of tripod;

EF, obv well centered & nicely struck with only a little crudeness, on large flan, 22 mm;

rev sl off-ctr; good metal with lt golden-grey tone.

(Nicer than a VF+, same type & style, bringing $750, Pegasi 11/10.) Starting Bid $250

59 LARISSA, Hemidrachm, 480-450 BC, Youth restraining bull r/horse forepart r in square,

F+, sl off-ctr, decent metal with only a whisp of granularity; typical die failure at rev top.

(A VF "a bit rough" realized $460, Triton 1/12.) Starting Bid $45

60 Drachm, 450-420 BC, Youth wrestling bull r/horse prancing rt;

VF, nrly centered & well struck, blob of die failure at bull's foreleg; good metal.

Rather decent for this. Ex BCD with his tag. (A VF brought $350 in my 3/06 sale.)

Starting Bid $140

61 Drachm 350-325 BC, Nymph head 3/4 l./ horse rt, lgnd, S2120 (£175); Choice VF,

good metal with lt tone, obv nrly centered & well struck with a beautiful head of fine style;

rev nrly centered with horse head sl crowded. Very attractive.

Not ex BCD & rare thus as he tried to buy all the Larissas in the world.

(A GVF brought $1645, CNG 5/14.) Starting Bid $150

62 Æ19, 4th cent BC, Nymph head 3/4 left/horseman r; S2132; VF, nrly centered,

dark greenish patina, infinitesimal porosity, good clear face. Ex BCD with his tag.

(A GVF brought $391, CNG 9/07.) Starting Bid $35

63 LESBOS, 1/10 Stater, 2 boar's heads face-to-face/4-part incuse square, S3488 (£140);

VF, well centered & fully clear, good metal for this with virtually no porosity & medium tone.

Excellent example. (A F-VF brought $216 in my 12/91 sale.) Starting Bid $70

64 LYCIAN Dynasts, Perikle, 380-360 BC, 1/3 Stater (Tetrobol), Facg lion scalp/

triskeles, facing Apollo head, S5241 (£90); EF, nrly centered on sl squareish flan,

quite well struck for these with lion's head fully detailed, rev lgnd weak; excellent metal.

(Better than a VF bringing $832 + buyer fee, MDC Monaco 12/17; admittedly an outlier.)

Starting Bid $120

65 MACEDON, Philip II, 359-336 BC, 1/5 Stater (Time of Kassander-Demetrios),

Apollo head r/horseman r, club below; S6690; AEF, obv centered a trifle low but head complete;

decent bright metal with lt tone. (A VF-EF of the type brought $630, Gorny 3/08.)

Starting Bid $90

66 Alexander the Great, Tet, of Arados, Herakles hd r/Zeus std l, palm at left,

AP monogram under seat, date in dots (weak) in exergue, Pr.3367, AVF, rev sl off-ctr,

bright silver, minor surface quibbles. Ex Colin Pitchfork collection (the Australian numismatist,

not the British murderer). (Same variety, VF, sold for $400, Berk 9/16.) Starting Bid $125

67 -- Tet, "Uncertain East," Types as last, wheel symbol at rev left,

unpublished but see Price P187-202 for this symbol on issues of Babylon;

VF, centered but on a unusually narrow thick flan, dark patina with earthen hilighting.

(A GVF with sl marks, same variety, brought $661, CNG 5/11.) Starting Bid $110

68 -- Posthumous Tet of Odessos, Theta-E in rev field, monogram under seat, Pr.1181;

VF, centered, decent metal with medium tone, finer style than usual for this mint.

A pleasant bold example. (A VF+ , same variety, brought $433 + buyer fee, iNumis 3/09.)

Starting Bid $160

69 -- Drachm, of Lampsakos, Herakles head r/Zeus std l, forepart of Pegasos left,
monogram under seat, Pr.1393; EF, obv sl off-ctr but head virtually complete, rev off-ctr to rt;

excellent fresh metal with lt tone; sharp portrait of fine style.

(An EF same variety, brought $345 CNG 5/12.) Starting Bid $125

70 -- Hemidrachm, Arados, Pr. 3361; Herakles head r/Zeus std l, Anchor & A at left,

monogram under seat (all clear). AVF, obv centered low, good metal with darkish tone.

Ex Leu as VF. Hemidrachms are much scarcer than obols.

This is the only example of this variety in acsearch database.

(Another Alex III Arados hemidrachm, GVF with lt porosity & scr, brought $385, CNG 5/03.)

Starting Bid $75

71 Philip V, 221-179 BC, Æ14, Shield with Perseus bust r/ Macedonian helmet, S6800;

F+/VF, a little off-ctr, sl rough area at obv lower rt, otherwise smooth brown. Not common!

(A VF brought $155, Rauch 3/17.) Starting Bid $20

72 Time of Phil V to Perseus, 187-168 BC, Tetrobol, MAKE around club in cehter of shield/

Helmet, S1387; EF, obv sl off-ctr, rev well centered, good metal with toning, sharp details.

(A VF of the type brought $415, Peus 4/14.) Starting Bid $100

73 MASSALIA, Obol, 380-336 BC, Youthful hd l./MA in wheel, S72; Nice F-VF/VF,

well centered & struck, perfect bright metal.

(A VF brought $385, Berk 7/09.) Starting Bid $25

74 METAPONTUM, Stater, c.330-300 BC, Demeter head r/ grain ear, MAX & plough at right;

AEF, nrly centered, obv has touch of porosity & smoothing under medium toning,

strong hair detail; good detail also on grain ear.

(Same variety, VF-GVF, brought $678, Bertolami 1/19.) Starting Bid $220

75 Stater, COPY, by Slavei, signed SL in Greek letters at rev bottom! Demeter head r/

grain ear, grasshopper; struck in silver, EF, bright with lt tone; excellent workmanship.

Start Bid $15

76 MILETOS, 1/12 Stater, 6th cent BC, Lion forepart, head l./star pattern in square,

S3532 (£65); Nice EF, nrly centered with complete lion head having sharp detail; good metal.

In ICG slab as EF-45. The earliest affordable coinage.

(An AEF brought $301 on $340 bid in my 1/19 sale.) Starting Bid $100

77 -- Same, EF, good fresh metal with luster hints, sharply struck with strong mane detail,

but somewhat off-ctr crowding lower part of lion head. Starting bid $35

78 -- Same but head right, scarcer, S3533 (£75); Choice EF,

perfectly centered & well struck with complete detailed lion head & leg;

excellent metal with lt tone. Wonderful quality. (An EF realized $365, CGF 6/03.)

Starting Bid $120

79 Drachm, 2nd cent BC, Apollo head left/lion stg left, looking back, star above,

Magistrate LYKOS below; VF/EF, well centered on a smallish flan, excellent metal with lt tone.

(Much nicer than same variety, VF with porosity & redeposited silver (rough rev) bringing $168,

CNG eAuc 6/13.) MB $100

80 NABATAEA, Rabbel II & Queen Gamilath, 71-106 AD, Æ17, conjoined busts r/

lgnd betw cornucopiae, GIC-5706; F-VF/F or so, centered on unround flan,

dark green patina with some hilighting, partly crude/wk, but a fair amount of detail.

Much scarcer than Aretas. (A F brought $42 on $80 bid in my 4/12 sale.) Starting Bid $15

81 Silver Drachm, Aretas & Queen Shaqilath, 9 BC - 40 AD, GIC-5695, Bust of Aretas r/

Conjoined heads r; crude F or so, usual small & very thick flan, partial lgnds,

decent metal with darkish tone. (Comparable to a F bringing $254, Rauch )9/17.) Start Bid $30

82 NAXOS, Drachm, Dionysos head r/Naked Silenos spreading legs & guzzling wine; COPY,

VF+, appears silver with lt tone, fairly nice. Starting Bid $5

83 NEAPOLIS (Macedon), Hemidrachm, 424-350 BC, Facing Gorgoneion/nymph head r,

lgnd at rt, S1417; VF+, obv off-ctr but head complete with good strong face,

rev also detailed & nice style; good metal with lt tone; edge split.

(A GVF brought $879, Kunker 3/11.) Starting Bid $90

84 NEAPOLIS (Campania), Nomos, Nymph head r, grape bunch behind/man-headed bull rt,

Nike above, monogram below; F, nrly centered, generally decent metal,

die failure at obv bottom edge; man-head bull's face complete & clear.

(A VF, this exact variety, brought $1380, CNG 5/11.) Starting Bid $70

85 OLBIA, Arrow shaped coin, 39 mm, VF-EF, well-shaped, darkish green patina,

trace of roughness; nice. (A VF realized $315, Lanz 6/93.) Starting Bid $20

86 PAEONIA, Patraos, 340-315 BC, Tet., Apollo head r/ Horseman spearing foe; S1520;

EF/Virtually Mint, obv nrly centered, some die crudeness in field but sharp hair detail, lt toning;

rev a little off-ctr to top, fresh lustery metal. (A VF sold for $1528, CNG 5/14.)

Starting Bid $240

87 PARION, Hemidrachm, 350-300 BC, Gorgoneion facg/bull stg l, looking back, ivy leaf below,

as S3921 (£85); VF-EF/VF, obv nrly centered, rev a touch off-ctr but complete; quite good metal;

great strong Gorgon face. (A GVF, this same variety, brought $383, Leu 2/19.)

Starting bid $90

PARTHIA By Sellwood numbers, all Ar drachms with bust left/archer rt, unless noted:

88 Phriapatios, 185-170 BC, Hemidrachm (1.77 gm), Sellw. 9.5 (Mithradates I, "Triobol");

bust left in bashliq/archer rt, 2 line lgnd; F/G, considerable roughness, especially rev,

but portrait clear. (A porous F, labeled "extremely rare," brought $759, CNG 9/09.)

Starting Bid $65

89 Mithradates II, 123-88 BC, Æ21 Tetrachalkon, Bust l., M behind/horse stg r,

Sellw. 24.35 var, MP instead of AP above horse, clear; Nice F, dark brown patina,

virtually no porosity, well centered with most of rev lgnd clear.

(Compare same type, Sellw. 24.34, GF bringing $254, Bertolami 3/18.) Start Bid $30

90 -- 26.3, with A in rev left margin, scarce variety; Practically Mint State,

obv centered just sl low, rev well centered; both sides sharply struck; bright lustrous silver.

A superb coin. (An EF brought $414, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $135

Please bid early. Yesterday would be good.

91 -- 27.1, Choice EF, nrly centered & well struck, good bright lustery metal with lt tone.

Well detailed portrait. (A Near EF sold for $405, Noble 11/11.) Starting Bid $100

92 -- 28.5, EF, nrly centered, sharply struck, full rev lgnd,. bright lusterlike silver.

Sl unevennness in obv field as made. (A GVF brought $288, CNG 9/08.)

Starting price $80

94 Orodes I, 31.6, Choice EF, centered, quite well struck with superb portrait detail

and nice strong rev; faint striations in obv field as made; deepish tone.

(A GVF brought $306, Gorny 3/11.) Starting Bid $85

95 Sinatrukes (Used to be Gotarzes I), 33.3, bust in tiara with stags; Choice EF, nrly centered,

sharply struck with crisp portrait detail, complete clear rev lghd; good bright silver.

(An EF brought $460, Triton 1/10.) Starting Bid $110

96 Phraates IV, 54.9 (but symbol behind throne reverted); EF, somewhat off-ctr as typical,

unusually good metal for this with lt tone, sharp hair detail.

(A VF-EF brought $170, Gorny 3/04.) Starting Bid $75

97 Artabanus II, 61.7, EF/VF, obv nrly centered, sm die irregularity at left edge; rev sl off-ctr,

die crack in right margin; bright silver. Very scarce type,

especially with this coin's maximally sharp portrait.

(A Near EF (rev off-ctr) brought $414, CNG 9/11.) Starting Bid $90

98 -- 63.6, Mint State, typical low obv centering on large flan, rev also centered low;

sm edge split; bright lustrous metal; razor sharp portrait. (An EF realized $546, Triton 1/04.)

MB $70

99 Gotarzes II, 65.33 (no royal wart but identifiable by legend); EF/VF,

obv centered low as always, on large unround flan; bright silver;

rev double struck & hence crude & weakish. (A GVF brought $702, NY Sale 1/15.)

Starting Bid $45

100 -- Same but wart on forehead visible; VF+/VF, obv centered sl low, rev nrly centered,

decent metal with tone in recesses; strong portrait detail. Starting Bid $35

101 Vologases I, 70.13, Virtually Mint State, sl off-ctr as usual,

great metal quality with rich old toning; exceptionally nice.

(An EF realized $310, Peus 5/96.) Starting Bid $150

102 Pacorus (or Pakoros) I, 73.11, beardless bust; Choice VF, a little off-ctr as usual,

on oval flan, good metal, excellent portrait.

The beardlessness may signify that Pacorus was underaged; or was "he" actually "she?"

Anyhow this unusual type is quite scarce. (A VF+ actually sold for $990, Malter 6/93.)

Starting Bid $90

103 Vologases III, 78.3, Virtually Mint State, well centered for this with obv only a touch low;

quite sharply struck; excellent bright metal. Superb portrait detail.

(An EF brought $320, Hess-Divo 10/08.) Starting Bid $60

(I mean, come on, only $60 for an ancient silver coin of such quality? How can you not bid?)

104 -- 78.7, EF/VF, somewhat off-ctr, excellent bright metal, lt tone. Scarcer type with archer seat like "Pi."

(An AEF brought $234, NY Sale 1/15.) Starting Bid $40

105 -- 78.5 (archer's seat shown as line), Very choice EF, obv centered only sl low,

rev well centered, both sides perfectly struck; excellent metal with contrasting dark tone in recesses.

Unusually pleasing quality. (An EF realized $234, NY Sale 1/15.) Starting Bid $55

106 Mithradates V (formerly Mith IV, and Baldwin's calls him Mith VI!), 82.1,

VF-EF, nrly centered, good silver, sharp portrait.

Scarce type distinguished by only two pendants on portrait.

(A GVF brought $410, NY Sale 1/15.) Starting Bid $60

107 Vologases IV, 84.132; Virtually Mint State, obv nrly centered & sharply struck,

rev sl off-ctr & typically somewhat crude; good lustery metal with lt tone.

Note, most of the Parthian in this sale are very nice quality. It's my extremely careful buying.

(A GVF brought $146, CNG 3/09.) Start Bid $60

108 Osroes II, c.190 AD, 85.2, EF, obv sl off-ctr, good bright metal,

but moderately crude workmanship. The variety's diagnostic rev pellet fully clear.

(An EF brought $198, Noble 3/14) Starting Bid $45

109 -- 85.3, EF, sl off-ctr, a bit crude but rev less so than usual, Good bright metal

(A GVF sold for $226, Noble 7/15.) MB $45

110 Vologases VI, 88.19, Mint State, rather ragged flan, obv nrly centered, rev sl off-ctr,

very sharply struck, good fresh metal with lt tone. Choice example. Ex Harlan Berk as FDC.

(An EF brought $275, Peus 11/06.) Starting Bid $70

111 Sanabares, 93.1, Æ15 ("bronze drachm"), Bust l./archer rt,

VF/F+, nrly centered on smallish flan, dark brown patina, portrait quite nice for this.

Last type in Sellwood, difficult to find. (Similar (93.3) VF brought $149, CNG 5/13.)

Starting Bid $25